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Homoeopathy is a specialized system of therapeutics, developed by Dr. Samuel Christian Friedrich Hahnemann, based on the natural law of healing; "Similia Similibus Curantur" which means " Likes are cured by Likes".

Thus Homoeopathy is a system of treating diseasesby the administration of drugs which possess' power of producing similar sufferings in a healthy human being.

Before and during Hahnemann's time, the physicians used to use various violent methods of treatment like venesection, cauterization, leeching, blistering, etc, which were more painful for the patient than the natural disease itself. Hahnemann condemned such methods and despite being an allopathic physician he refused to follow such treatment which was suppressive rather than curative. He indulged himself in translating various medical books and accidentally he discovered the law of similia. Based on this law he did various experiments and formed completely new system which he called HOMOEOPATHY.

Homoeopathy believes in Individualization. No two persons are alike in this world. 

Therefore disease affecting different individuals can never be the same assuming unique individual picture in each diseased individual; which is to be perceived in every case and prescribed accordingly. The disease manifests itself in the body in the form of altered sensations and functions these are termed as sign and symptoms. The homoeopathic understanding of health is intimately connected to its understanding of the mind in general. Homoeopaths don't separate the mind and body. Every prescription in homoeopathy is based on the physical and psychological symptoms of the sick person. Psychological symptoms often play a primary role in the selection of the correct medicine.

Thus in conclusion, homoeopathy and its practice is based upon a hypothesis that diseases can be cured using extremely diluted remedies that produced the same symptoms as the disease. It is thought that by using these small quantities of agents, the body's own immune system is stimulated to fight the disease. Homoeopathy actually stimulates the body to heal itself and strengthen the immune system leaving the body in better state of health than before it became sick. 






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