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The innovator of the homoeopathy Dr. Christian Friedrich Samuel Hahnemann was born in Meissan on 10 April 1755, He was a genius, he received an MD degree in 1779,soon he established himself as one of the leading physician on his time.

He was acquainted with almost every ancient and modern language, with the literature if medical profession of his own and ancient times. He was a great chemist, mineralogists and botanist, centenarian and experienced, practical physician, and all around scientific man. He got so much disgusted with the irrationality, uncertainty & harm fullness of the current medical practice that he gave up practice all together. 

That time there was a tremendous revolution in other fields of science. But the medicine was still governed by theories& system, cults & creeds; People were just obeying the traditional authorities. There were some strange theories regarding the knowledge of disease. Blood letting, cupping, mixtures& other torture some therapeutic methods were practiced.

It was the porcelain moulders who taught his son to take nothing for granted unless he had proved it to his utmost satisfaction. So he did left no stone unturned unless reached the truth. In every field, he touched was enlightened with genius. This boy was none other than Dr. Samuel Christian friedrich Hahnemann. The founder of new system of therapeutic, which is totally based on scientific, logical &rational approach.

He discovered new method of studying disease, drug action and law of cure. The method is so logical, rational and original. It just destroyed all the long cherished beliefs&theories. He discovered a truth relating to the mystery of disease, which are of great importance.


JAMES TYLER KENT, Chicago, Professor of material medica in Hahnemann Medical College, physician and author of several valuable medical works. He was born in 1849.He was educated in medicine in cincinati, Ohio. He began his professional career in St. Louis as physician, at the same time being actively connected with several eclectic journals in the capacity of writer. At that time his attention was forcibly directed towards to homoeopathy through the serious illness of his wife, whose case refused to yield to the treatment of al types, but was subdued by homoeopathic treatment. He then became a careful student of Hahnemann's organon and other works of the new school, with result in his complete conversion to homoeopathy.

For more than thirty-five years Dr. Kent has been a conspicuous figure in medical circles, and for more than twenty-five years in teaching and practice under the law of similia. His contributions to the literature of the profession are known by their strength rather than their length, and include, more prominently, his REPERTORY "HOMOEOPATHIC PHISOLPHY" and LECTURES OF MATERIA MEDICA".






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