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1.)Mr. Satish Jain
I suffered from Pulmonary Tuberculosis, It was complicated with pleural effusion, due to which my lungs got heavily damaged. I went to many reputed hospitals, but doctors said nothing can be done to save my lungs. With no choice left, I thought of trying homoeopathy. So I came to Dr. Sharma , he assured of the cure and started treatment. Things got better with reverse lung pathology and my TB was completely cured. I took no ATT or any other allopathic drug. My sincere thank to Dr Sharma for saving my life, my whole family trust him and homoeopathy fully for any sort of health problem.

2.)Mrs. Geeta Bajaj. Uttam Nagar, New Delhi
I was suffering from Generalised Pemphigus vulgaris (all over body) since many years, for which initially, I took allopathic treatment, under which I was given steroids for a long time without much benefit, rather it gave more of side effects like bone pains, weakness etc. Then I came in contact with Dr. Prem Sharma and started regular homoeopathic treatment with which I got lot of relief, blisters on my body got cured and hardly felt the need of taking steroids. I am still under his treatment and doing well. My sincere thanks to Dr. Sharma.

3.)Mr. Vinesh Garg. Vikas Puri, New Delhi
I was suffering from Aplastic Anaemia, I came into contact of DR SHARMA . He assured me of the cure, without the need of bone marrow transplant. Treatment was started , things got better without any bleeding episodes, just with regular homoeopathic medicines all the blood counts increased to the normal levels.
Previously, I had been to the celebrated institutes of the country,and took ayurvedic medicines. Time and again there was need of transfusions, hospitalisations. I suffered from severe jaundice, liver bleeding. But with homoeopathic treatment there was no looking back, there were miracles happening everyday, my appetite, health all improved .   Today I am leading a healthy life looking after my works, family. All because of Dr. Sharma, its because of him I am leading a healthy life, I cant thank him enough.

4) Mst. Krishna Garg. Uttam nagar, New Delhi
My son is a IVF CHILD. He used to get EPILEPTIC FIT attacks at very young age. Along with fits, he used to get high fever, had all the milestons delayed,,even comprehensive power was too less. We met Dr. Sharma, within very less time we could see improvement. His fit medicine were reduced gradually, and now even stopped. He improved overall. He now goes to school regularly and there are no fits anymore.

5) Mrs. Bina Gupta. Gurugram,Haryana
I suffered from Epileptic fits with unconsciousness and lot of violence, was under heavy fit medicines. I started my treatment from DR. Sharma, there was a lot of improvement . I improved a lot, there has been years now without fits medicine and no attack.

6) Saraswati. Mahavir Enclave,New delhi
I suffered from RHEUMATOID ARTHRITIS. I could not stand with lot of knee pains. I was bedridden when I came to clinic . My treatment was started. With regular medications things got better I gradually recovered, I could stand on my feet. My sincere thanks to Dr. Sharma.

7) Rishab Jain. Uttam Nagar
I suffered from Fungal Infection, all over the body, There were ring type eruptions all over the body. I could not remain free from itching for a minute. It was a very depressing situation for me. I started medication from DR. SHARMA, got tremendous relief in itching, gradually lesions dried up. Since then there has been any skin problem.Thanks Doctor.

8) Mst. Krishna kumar
My son had been suffering from PNEUMONIA at every change of weather, winters. We were tired of giving him nebulisations and syrups, be cause of side effects. We thought of trying homoeopathy. He improved a lot within a very short period of time. Now he breathes easily at weather change and winters, without the need of nebulisation . His immunity got better. My sincere thanks to Dr. Sharma.

9) Mrs. Saneh. Om vihar,uttam nagar New Delhi
I suffered from serious RHEUMATOID ARTHRITIS . I could not perform my daily activities. There were lot of pains. But with regular homoeopathic treatment I became almost normal, without need of any painkillers. Today I am leading a normal life. I am grateful to Dr. Sharma.

10) Mr. Sorabh Vaid. Dwarka, New Delhi
I was a patient of MIGRAINE since many years. I use to experience terrible headaches with blindness which hampered my daily routine, work, office. I started with treatment from DR Sharma. Within some months it came under control and today I am free from any migraine attack.

11) Shagun, Najafgarh
Our son suffered from COELIAC DISEASE at the age of 4, he could not tolerate to wheat in any form. We kept him on restriction diets, the only solution said traditionally. But we heard about DR Sharma, treatment was started. He improved with tolerance to wheat with improvement in his general health.

12) Mr. Yash Pherwani. Colaba, Mumbai
I met Dr. Sharma in a emergency state with some 10000 platelets, 5 Hb. From Mumbai we came to Delhi to see him, it was a dangerous situation with my gums bleeding, petechiae on my body with the risk of internal bleeding any time. Doctors in Mumbai had diagnosed it as APLASTIC ANAEMIA and said BONE MARROW TRANSPLANT is the only solution left. He said it would be a long process but BMT wont be needed. I started with his medication. Initially it looked a very hard but slowly things got better. He was always around whenever I wanted to speak to him. YES I AM STANDING ON MY FEET BECAUSE OF DR. SHARMA. I am living a very normal life with my study and sports going good. Since the day I Started with homoeopathic medicines there was never need of going to hospital for any transplant. My family would always be thankful to him for saving my life.

13) Miss Bhawna Sharma, Dwarka, New Delhi
I was suffering from ACL injury in my left knee. My ligament was completely torn apart. I consulted orthopaedic surgeons including Safdarjung hospital. Everybody had same opinion that surgery is the only treatment. I met Dr. Prem Sharma he assured me that it will be fine. My pain decreased substantially and I could stand and walk slowly on my own, a task previously impossible for me. I took medicines for 8 months. I feel much stronger and healthier and all credit goes to Dr. Sharma. I will be forever indebted to him for treating me and helping me to go back to my normal self.

14.) Miss Sakshi. uttam nagar, New Delhi
Itís good clinic , I have been coming here for 2 years and getting the best treatment. I have been suffering from PSORIASIS from many years and there is no permanent treatment for this disease in allopathy, but when I met Dr. Sharma he explained me everything in detail and started my treatment and within few months I got very good results for such incurable disease.

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