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Today every branch of science has been progressing &trying to meet the necessities of the modern life. So is the case with homoeopathy, with its progress &the new thoughts in the field of education, research& treatment as well. It has been fascinating the people &the patients across the country & the world over. Especially the revolutionized homoeopathy has been excelling with the results & speed, thus inspiring people from all over the world.


In India almost every state has the homoeopathic medical colleges & hospitals, which has been awarding the degree of B.H.M.S.& some of the institutions has been awarding M.D also.
As for as revolutionized homoeopathic school is concerned we conduct seminars & monthly classes in which our new research work & putting the old remedies in new way, is taught by the two sons of Dr.M.L.Seghal i.e.Dr.Sanjay Sehgal &Dr.Yogesh Sehgal &their descendants. Those who come for clinical experiences are allowed to sit with expertise of our system. 

Homoeopathy Colleges in India

Since ancient times India has been very rich in the medical sciences, even today the method of treatment of the various medical branches are well developed in India. Despite, homoeopathy being indigenous to Germany, it is well developed in India & practiced in every corner of the country. Because of some extraordinary results the revolutionized homoeopathy has been fascinating the patients all the world over, we have been treating disease like Cancer, OA, RA, Asthma, viral infection, Hepatitis B +ve HIV+ve etc, AIDS, Allergies of various kind which otherwise has got no cure are very well treated with this kind of homoeopathy i.e. Revolutionized Homoeopathy.

Not only that the treatment we give is easily accessible for a common man. The diseases which are supposed to be incurable & one has to bear throughout the life can also be managed with this system thus making the journey of life a pleasurable experience.

More to that, number of diseases supposed otherwise surgical can be treated &can be cured without surgery, it not only removes the disease situation rather it cures the disposition of the patient e.g, recurrent renal calculi, appendicitis, diabetic foot, gangrene, hernia, tonsillitis, CSOM, perforated tympanic membrane, nasal polyps,fibromyomas cancer, brain tumors (bening&malignant) etc.

With this especial way of treatment the patients with homoeopathy in which the mental state of the patient is consider to explore him. It has brought remarkable results not only in physical and mental health but in social aspects as well. With the help of medicine we are able to mitigate the exaggerated state of mind to the comfortable extend, consequently it changes attitude of the person in question with the result many disputes, behavioral problem, stress related behavioral changes, problem arising in the family because of incompatibility of the family members. It touches all the spheres health and thus conforming to the definition of HEALTH given by W.H.O.

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