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Dr. Shivani Gaur


Its been six years since I have completed BHMS and in these six years I have seen a number of doctors, the ways in which they prescribe and practice, the type of cases they deal with and so many things about homoeopathy. I also adopted the similar ways of prescribing which I learnt from them but I was not satisfied at all while prescribing I was not at all confident whether I would get the desired result or not. At that time when I was loosing all the courage to practice I came to know about Sehgal’s School and I met Dr. Prem Sharma, the brightest star of this school. Each and everyone of the junior doctors of Sehgal’s School have a intense desire to work with him, to learn from him, to see how he tackles with the most complicated cases so simply that they seems to be as easy to treat as simple cough and cold. I am the lucky one to work with him and he is the only one who has helped me to recover that courage and confidence which I always wanted while dealing with a patient. It is now after working with him that I can confidently say to patients that I can treat you.

His attitude to never give up and to always try to find something new in each and every case is the biggest assets he has. He has given a new meaning to homoeopathy and a new and the right way to practice to the homoeopaths. His contribution in this field is remarkable and it is because of his endless efforts that this system is reaching great heights. I owe the success, which I have got till date to him only and I can say with gratitude that he is my mentor.

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