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Dr. Seema Sudan


Congratulations Sir! For this new achievement of yours.
Now the benefit of knowledge will be extended to so many students who are not so lucky as are we.

As I have entered into the Sehgal’s School of Revolutionized Homoeopathy ,I have understood the true meaning of homoeopathy. And the indiscrepencies between theoretical and practical aspect have vanished under your guidance as it was impossible for me to understand this deep and vast system without your teachings.

You have always been there to guide us and help us whenever we have disturbed you without a single frown on your face. I really thank you sir for everything and I feel honored and privileged to get an opportunity to write something about you.

You are the best mentor for me as you have shown me the true value of being a physician. You are a doctor par excellence and an inspiring mentor with a magnetic persona that instantly wins heart.
Your noble mindedness to the medical profession is shown by the generous exclusion of unprivileged patients from consultation charges.

You are pragmatic, dynamic and completely devoted to the cause of homoeopathy.


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