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Dr. Sandeep Gaur


In the initial years of my practice, I really worked hard to find out the right way of practicing homoeopathy without of a success. The day I came in contact with him and heard his lectures his presentations of very complicated cases like cancer, thrombocytopenia being cured with single dose of homoeopathic medicines with proofs of laboratory reports, my search was over and since then I am only following his directions that has brought success in my practice.
One thing that really stands out about him is his religiousness, zeal and his faith in homoeopathy that is bound to rub on you if you are working with him; I have seen some of the homoeopathic doctors who are actually my friends ,losing their faith in homoeopathy completely after many years of practice came in contact with this man and within few days not only their faith in homoeopathy get revived but become intense devotee of his system of homoeopathy, such in the aura of this man. I salute him and owe my success to him completely. Ofcourse there is god above all of us but he is like messenger of god for many of us.

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