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Dr. Sambeet Kr. Das

I have completed my B.H.M.S in Sept'05 after this I did my practice under Prof. Dr. L. K. Nanda in Orissa in classical method. By that time I was not fully aware about the RH method. I only knew little that in this method only mental symptoms are required. In June I attended one seminar in Bhadrak and carefully listened the speech delivered by Dr. Ashok K. Mohanty. And after receiving the issue of Opium I came to know that how wonders are happenning. Now I was very much interested to know more about this.

I discussed this with Dr. Mohanty about RH Method, who advised me to read all the issues first and then you will have more ideas about theory. After reading I came to Delhi and did practice under Dr. Mohanty. Dr. Mohanty advised me about Dr. Prem Sharma who is well experienced doctor in RH method. After contacting Dr. Prem Sharma who willingly allowed me to do case studies under him for one month.

During this period I realized that Dr. Prem Sharma is having very good experienced in applying RH method. And a wellknown renowned homeopath in Delhi & Mumbai.

During this period I observed how Dr. Sharma gave treatment to different patients seriously suffering from carinoma Breast, Rhenumatism, Psychiatry. But after the treatment under Dr. Prem Sharma all are healthy and fine and are able to do their regular activities. Watching and observing these cases were miraclee in front of me.

Dr. Sharma always use single remedy single does and has done number of miracles.

I learnt the RH Method that it is based on principles of homoeopathy, the law of similars, Hering's law of cure, and the principle of one remedy, one dose at a time. Here the degenerative process occurs, for which the medicine is selected with revolutionized method. 

At last I would like to say that If I would not have met Dr. Mohanty I would have missed to see the miracles happening under the treatment given by Dr. Prem Sharma and would have always missed the chance to meet the renowned homeopath like him. 

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