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Dr. Ritu Khanna


I myself am a Homeopathic practitioner & have been in practice since 1996. My association with Dr. Prem Sharma dates back to 1993 when I had just started my internship. During my initial days of practice I assisted Dr. Sharma in his clinic. I always found Dr. Sharma a dedicated homoeopath who tries to go to the depth of any disease. He is very patient yet determined in his approach & never compromises with the cardinal principles of Homoeopathy. 

Since the day Dr. Sharma has switched over to the very innovative & yet most effective method of healing namely 'Sehgal's Method' he has excelled that he can treat & handle very complicated & chronic diseases with confidence. What strikes me most is the way he takes up the case, listens to the patients & make feel instant relief. Dr. Sharma is a institution in himself who is even ready to take challenges. He is like path maker who has always helped his close associates and pals how to deal with challenges & what should be done to take this system to its extreme heights.

Dr. Sharma is a good teacher. A person who first adopts the things before he teaches. Initially I was quite hesitant to switch to this method, but he encouraged me a lot & shared his results of most chronic cases solve by this method.

I wish Dr. Prem Sharma a dedicated & promising future.


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