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To me, Dr. Prem Sharma is a teacher, guide, friend and philosopher. I came into his contact in 1999. Since then my perception towards homoeopathy got changed. Earlier to that, I was in wildness to select right medicine for my patients. But Dr. Sharma guided me to perfection and taught me Dr. Sehgal’s Method of Revolutionized Homoeopathy, which I am religiously following since last six years.

In those days I used to take my patients along with me to Dr. Sharma for guidance. He used to hear my patients with lot of patience and guide me accordingly to treat them. 

Those days I had a lady patient who was substantially diagnosed to be having CA of gums and was advised to go for surgery. She was perturbed as she didn’t want to go for the same. Dr. Sharma took her case very patiently and she is still under his treatment. Now, after five years she is in very good health.

Recently I and Dr. Sharma had seen so many incurable cases jointly and I appreciate and salute the skill of Dr. Sharma, the ease with which he approaches the patient.
In my whole career of homoeopathic practice I have never seen such patience in any physician who gives sufficient time to the patient to open up and confide everything to him.

I always learn something or other, when I am in his company. In fact I am indebted to him for whatever I am now as a homoeopath practicing pure homoeopathy.

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