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Reema Mehta I would like to my sincere thanks to Dr. Prem Sharma, homoeopathic doctor who treated me for Hepatitis-B, which was detected to me when I was running in my sixth month of pregnancy. I was given one month of medicine by Dr. Prem Sharma and by God grace I was diagnosed negative immediately after one month of treatment.
Mrs. Pushpa

Patient of Oral Cancer


My mother Mrs.Puspa Aggarwal was taking "supari" since 25years, which lead to the problem of pyorrhea since that time. Ten years back, suddenly the disease progress to extreme. There was lot of blood oozed from the mouth; ulcers were formed in the mouth. It was very difficult to take even a small bite of food. Due to this problem we were very disturbed.

We had taken her to hospital where C.T Scan was done, there it was diagnosed as a oral cancer. We had started treatment from there but the condition was deteoriating day by day. After taking medicine she always used to lie down & remain dull. Condition was more or less similar but there was no relief.

Then we went to another hospital. They suggested for the surgery. Their procedure was very lengthy. So we had left the idea of surgery. Then as suggested by some one we discussed her case with Dr. Prem Sharma. And her case was treated by him only. She had improved very much, for the last 4-5 years she is under the treatment of Dr. Prem Sharma. Now she is very much out of woods and all the investigations (tests) shows no sign of Oral Cancer. Now she is back to her normal and healthy life.

We are very grateful to Dr. Prem Sharma that he had given a new life to my mother. Otherwise we don't know what could have happened to her.


It was 6th April 1999, when I woke up in the morning, I saw my legs and arms were full of red and blue spots commonly known as neels. I got an indicator that my platelets count is low again. This happend to me the first time when I was 7 years old. I was admitted to hospital for one month. I was not able to understand my problem, I was given treatment and I got alright. But after 10 years when I was in my XIIth Class I got this problem again. My platelets count got reduced around 30,000/mm3. I was given tablets of calcium and vitamin C.

I got alright again but it started happening again & again. Within 1 year I got 4 attacks and once my platelets reduced around 25000/mm3 also. Before my pre-board examinations I got fever. I took medicine, at night when I woke up in the morning my body including my mouth, lips were full with clots of blood. The medicine reacted me. Then I was given medicine for 3 months. It increased by platelets and also my weight. I started feeling very heavy and lazy day by day. I did not know what was happening to me. I got very less marks in my boards. This added frustrations in me. I lost my confidence, concentration and peace of mind.

But this time my uncle took me to Dr. Prem Sharma. All of my problems started running after meeting him. He not only increased by platelets with such sweet homeopathy medicine but also helped me to get out of the depression. I lost around 5kg. Now I don't feel heavy and no more lazy. 

He gave me a hope to live by bringing this turning point in my life. As per my last report, now my platelets are 2.67lacs/mm3.  

I am happy and thank him for treating me and giving me my original self back. I thankyou again for doing this miracle. I don't have words to express gratitude to you. I can only say that you are a genius.

DOING easily
what others find difficult is talent
DOING what is impossible
for talent is GENIUS


Ms. S.

I am a homoeopathic doctor and this case is of mine. I was suffering from Psoriasis since 5-6years but now I can say that I am totally free of this.

I was having no problem in my childhood but after that various form of stress came in my life and may be due to that, I developed this disease and I started taking treatment from my college hospital. There were very renowned doctor in the hospital and I took treatment from all of them. But there was no relief and it was going on and increasing day by day. As the disease goes on increasing, I was becoming more and more tensed. Even my faith in homoeopathy was also decreasing

After 4 years of suffering, I totally lost my hope in homoeopathy and started thinking that after so many years of medicine, there was no relief so I thought it might not get cured. I was always thinking of my condition that how will I treat the patient if I am not allright. But by the grace of GOD, I came in contact of Dr.Prem.When he started the treatment, I was not fully confident that whether this time also I will get the positive results or not. But with full faith in him, I took treatment from him and after 2 years of treatment, now I am fully cured.

I cannot express my feeling of regard in the words. I regain the confidence in myself after so many years of suffering .I thanks to GOD and Dr.Prem that he had given me a new life and now I want to study like him and want to become a doctor like him.

THANK YOU VERY MUCH SIR and I always pray to GOD that he bless him with long-long life.

Aaruni Pt. was suffering from high fever, diarrhea, and severe headache since 5days.Suddenly in the evening he got blood red eyes, esp. rt.side. His blood platelet count was 1.05 lacs. Fearing case of Dengue, he was rushed to the nearby Aggarsen Hospital in I.C.U. Here detailed blood examination were done, but couldn’t find the cause. It was doubted case of Dengue. On 2nd day his platelet counts went further down
up to 48000, when the doctors started blood transfusion. As they induced transfusion his platelet count further reduced to 18000.The attending doctors were feeling helpless, as they had given 12 units of blood transfusion & the condition was not improving. 

The doctor even advised me to shift the Pt. to some other hospital like A.I.I.M. S. or APPOLLO. 

At that time I asked the permission for the HOMOEOPATHIC TREATMENT. I requested my colleague friends Dr.Prem Sharma & Dr. Ashok Mohanty for treatment. Dr.Prem Sharma visited to the I.C.U. early morning. On observing the Pt. Dr. Prem prescribed a rare medicine LAUROCERASUS /30/single dose. On that day his blood transfusion & other medicines were stopped. The same day mid night blood samples were collected for rechecking. The results were astonishing; platelet count touched up to 1.05 lacks. On the next morning those doctors in I.C.U. who were telling that the Pt. is not responding advised me to release the Pt. saying –He is now safe & his body has started responding to the medicines. Thanks to this unique REVOLUTIONISED SYSTEM OF HOMOEOPATHY. My hearty thanks go to Dr. SEHGAL BROTHER ‘S; Dr.Prem Sharma & Dr. Ashok Mohanty. 

Dr. Praveen Ungrish.


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