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His Holiness Shah Satnam Singh Ji Maharaj was a resident of village Jallalana in Sirsa district of HARYANA.His father Shri Vareyam Singh Ji was the Head of the village and mother Mata Aass Kaur was a great pious lady having pure religious thoughts.His Holiness was a very big landlord of the village and belonged to Sidhu family(one of the higher castes in punjabi community).He was one and only child of his parents.His parents initially named him as Sardar Harbans Singh,But with its grace His Holiness Mastana Ji Maharaj made him his successor and blessed him with his divine supernatural spiritual powers and honourabaly named him Sardar Satnam Singh Ji. Mastana Ji Said" 
We tested Sardar Satnam Singh Ji in every severe manner but he never let him have an idea about this. Sardar Satnam Singh Ji in order to obtain the holy ram naam had to demolish his house and had to bear insult and degradation from the society, His Holiness Mastana Ji Maharaj said the golden words that "Today we have transformed Sardar 

Satnam Singh Ji from a normal Soul to The complete Lord Himself". This was how Mastana Ji made Shah Stanam Singh Ji Maharaj God himself by passig his divine image to him. Explaining reason why to choose the name "SATNAM" For his successor Mastana Ji said "SATNAM is the name of that power with whose support this whole NATURE is standing and existing.

Shahenshah Mastana Ji said if we actuallly see this entire world only 10 percent of the people believe in Master Saints and 90 percent of them condemn them. How will they get salvation? from this soul which is gripped in the cycle of births and deaths. About this Beparwah(non daring) Mastana Ji himself explained that any human beings who will ever utter the word "Satnam" from his mouth or who will see him physically will never go to hell. This is the truth and will remain the universal truth.

His Holiness Param Pita Shah Satnam Singh Ji Maharaj from the very childhood searched for spiritual comfort and peace, he always looked for true love for the lord and wanted to achieve him so he started his search for the real saint who will get him his ultimate desire fulfilled. In this mission he met many holy saints, listened them and their preachings practised them and studied deep their messages but none could come up to fulfill his complete eternal satisfaction.

Then once he got a chance to listen to the SATSANG of Mastana Ji Maharaj, seeing the divine image of Mastana Ji and after listening to his sermons Shah Satnam Singh Ji was quite impressed and decided internally with full faith and devotion that Mastana Ji maharaj was truly the image of a perfect Master Saint, after that His Holiness came to listen to the Satsang of Mastana Ji for three consecutive Years and also served his fellow deciples selflessly.

Whenever His Holiness desired and tried to achieve the wealth of the NAAM (the holy word ) from Mastanaji , Mastanaji used to refuse him for the same and used to say that "when the time will come we will call you personally and bless you with the NAAM. "Kaal (the lord of death) wonít harm you in any manner and you keep on attending the satsang"

On 14th March 1954 Mastana Ji Maharaj did a Satsang at village kughianwali. After the completion of the satsang His Holiness Mastana Ji called Shah Satnam Singh Ji and said" Brother! you also come inside and place yourself by the stool, tonight you have been ordered to take the Holy NAAM, making him sit by his side on the stool Mastana Ji said" We have called you for the NAAM and have asked you to sit by our side as we have to get some work from you, We will make you leader of "ZINDARAM" (the living god) who will shower the blessing of the NAAM on the entire world.

"Sant bachan palte nahin palat jaye brahamand"
(Statement once given by a master saint never changes no matter the law of nature and its universe changes)

The secret of the complete Master was disclosed on 28th February 1960 when His Holiness MastanaJi Maharaj in front of a massive public gathering in the Dera Sacha Sauda openly declared Shah Satnam Singh Ji as his successor to his throne, Mastana Ji made him honourably sit by his side on the SAWAN SHAHI stage, He also carried out a mass procession of the ceremony declaring the passing of his divine image to his successor on the streets of Sirsa.He did all this so that the entire world should know that the "Sardar Sahib Ji of Jallalana" was the new sipritual head of Dera Sacha Sauda.

After three Years since Mastanaji left for his heavenly abode,on 18th April 1963 holiness Param Pita(father) Shah Satnam Singh Ji started giving the wealth of NAAM( holy word) among the masses. His Holiness carried out his task assigned with lot of love and care for almost a period of 31 Years, this rain of love which His Holiness showered upon his followers and disciples can never be forgotten. The devoted public will always owe his givings and offerings of love and kindness.

His Holiness carried out satsangs (spiritual discourse) in about 2250 villages and about inumerous cities of Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh.The message of love and the blessing of NAAM was almost send in each and every house of these states. He guided 11,08429 human beingss to salvation by giving the holy NAAM in a period of 27 Years and 4 Months. He also made lakhs of aethists (non believer of God) realize the presence of the god with his influence and inspired them to do the true meditation of the Lord (paramatma).

But according to the change in time Master Saints also have to change their divine image, similarly His Holiness holiness Param Pita Shah Satnam Singh Ji Maharaj decided to pass all his rights to the deserving successor he would choose. In this regard for almost 1 year and two Months he carried out regular meetings and consultations with his fellow disciples, so that no doubts regarding the prestigious throne should arise afterwards.

Satguru His Holiness wisely said "We donít want that any confusion or infringement to arise regarding the throne as it has been happening earlier so we in our presence and with our own hands will do such a magnificent act which till date no one has ever dared to do and will ever do in the future." In a formal ceremony on 23rd September 1990 His Holiness in presence of the public in Dera Sacha Sauda appointed and declared Sant Gurmeet Ram Raheem Singh Ji as his successor and transformesd his divine and enligtened image to him while making him sit on the Sawanshahi Stage.

The master of the two worlds(wali do jahaan) i.e {the one where we are living and the one from where this soul has come} holiness Param Pita Shah Satnam Singh Ji Maharaj while addressing the public said, "The divine blessings which Sant Gurmeet Ram Raheem Singh Ji has received have come as an order from Mastana Ji Maharaj, This was the will of the Satpurush(the GOD) and so it happened.So we have placed Sant Ji(Saint) on our throne, So we must not forget that:--

Any human beings who will love Sant Ji will love us. holiness (Param Pita Shah Satnam Singh Ji).
Whoever will obey him means he obeys us.
Whoever will trust him means he trusts us.
Whoever will have ill feeling for him means he has the same for us.
This spiritual wealth is never blessed keeping in view the false show off of the outer world,For this spiritual wealth the bowl is already decided earlier, meaning that the successor is already decided.which the Satguru fulfills with his enlightened glance and blessings and with his glance and blessings he takes that work from them which the people of the world can never think of for example A Muslim Saint has rightly said:---
Wich sharabe rang mussalla,jo Murshid farmave| wakifkar kadimi hunda,Galti kadi na khave|

"This means that In the Satguru himself lies the secret of his successor which he discloses at the apprropiate time ,but knows it earlier and for which he can never be wrong"

All this has happened in the same manner earlier when Shehanshah Mastana Ji performed the same ritual,at that time no body could ever understand but later on accepted it. This happened with the kindness and the blessings of Mastana Ji Maharaj whom no power in the world has dared to shake till date. Any human beings who will have faith in the preachings of his Satguru will always reap happiness. Mind will become your friend and later ditch you, so any premi(disciple) who will keep the surmons of his Satguru as his ideal will be able to save himself from the negative moves of the mind,and the Satguru will always remain by his side,no matter where he is.
Hukumnama(The order) Param Pita Shah Satnam Singh Ji Maharaj, Dera Sacha Sauda, Sirsa,(Haryana), Dated : 23rd September 1990.

With this ceremony of transformation holiness Huzoor Maharaj Param Pita Shah Satnam Singh Ji Maharaj Ji handed over the tasks of the Dera Sacha Sauda and its sangat(followers) to the present Huzoor Sant Gurmeet Ram Raheem Singh Ji Maharaj and said "from today onwards we have become a" mast" (lost in the love of of his guru) saint we will have a simple meal and remember god, now Sant Ji Knows his ways and his works,now we have no work here, whosoever wants to ask should ask Sant Ji,We will only view and experience the holy public coming."

The great Master Saints are highly enlightened souls who come into this world to serve nature and its mankind ,and show them the right path towards their actual goal ,they make them realize the presence of the lord with their spiritual influence, they get freedom to the souls from the cycle of birth and deaths. They help human beingss to attain salvation and freedom from Kaal (the lord of death).The supreme lord assigns Satguruís or master Saints from time to time and gets the needful done. Similarly Param Pita Shah Satnam Singh Ji Maharaj Passed on his bestowed powers to his successor and himself went back to his original form that is the "LORD" on 13th December 1991.

His Holiness Param Pita Ji spend most of his time serving his disciples, any human beings who came to him was hugged with love and blessings, He helped them to solve their worldly problems no matter how he did, he always used to remain by the side of his disciples, no matter where he is. Similarly even today he takes care of his souls in the form of the holy word (Naam) and makes his presence in his actual form to his disciples.








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