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Know more from my Students

The students who come to me for learning this method i.e., Revolutionized Homoeopathy, are given the knowledge from every point of view. They are first acquainted with the theoretical knowledge, and then side-by-side they are taken to the clinics for clinical experiences. They are even send to the colleague Doctor's clinics to see the similar experiences at the other end they are allowed to sit and observe the most important event of case taking and taught how to apply the theoretical knowledge to the patients in each &every case.

During the clinical experiences the students are shown how to observe the patients regarding in which Hahnemann and the followers have spoken of. Not only that, how the observations are given scientific base and how a logical construction of state of mind of the patient is reached, is taught to them.

After giving the remedy, the follow up of the case is described to the students on the following visits, how step by step the cure is effected in the most serious cases. Well began cases of cure are very often spoiled by a bad follow up on the part of physician. This is a great character of our school that we never down our hair unless the cure is 100% effected. A unique kind of follow up is always there after the right remedy, which should be well recognized before hand.

They are made to recognize the various stages coming up during the treatment. The predicted movement of the cases does boost up the confidence of the learner and the patient as well.

After the training is full, the students remain in touch on line where they are stuck up and are guided accordingly.

We teach them how to study the repertory and the mind section, to know their meanings and to interpret them in the perspective of the patient's language. They are taught how to reduce the cumbersome symptomatology of a drug in the Materia Medica to its essence and a brief or detailed history given by the patient is analyzed to a state of mind in a very logical and rational way. 

Know more from my Students







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