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From the desk of Dr. Milind Rao, President of HHF TESTIMONIAL TO A STALWART

Homoeopathy really needs people of great potential & one such person is Dr. Prem Sharma. I truly appreciate his potential all the more because he can inspire others with his teaching & create an enthusiasm to learn.
I met Dr.Prem Sharma at the Delhi seminar in Feb’05.Before this I had a chance to hear him twice or thrice. It was very interesting to observe Dr.Prem Sharma as a teacher because when he talks during the seminar he appears totally engrossed with the subject which reflects that as a physician he must have seen the patient with total patience and must have understood his problem to the level of noble cause.His oration capacity was not very good probably because he is very conscientious of his identity.

I, being President of our organization, after coming back from the seminar, had a talk with my colleagues and decided to call Dr. Prem Sharma for a 2-day seminar in Mumbai. I was sure that his talk would instill an enormous amount of confidence in the delegates attending the seminar. To motivate them further I selected the difficult topic of treating acute emergency hospitalized cases with Homoeopathy. On my part I was not skeptic at all though some of our members did feel that I was taking a risk with a single new speaker for a 2-day seminar. After completion of the seminar everyone was convinced that Dr.Prem Sharma could deliver the package he was entrusted with. He not only instilled a sense of confidence in the delegates but also excited them to treat complicated cases by assuring them full back-up support whenever need arises. Lo behold!! Dr. Prem Sharma became an Icon for delegates.

Last but not the least, observing Dr. Prem Sharma dealing with the nuances of case taking and prescribing is a treat.His improved oratory skills; expertise over the subject is absolutely mind boggling. Anyone who wishes to learn the intricacies of this system should experience Dr. Prem Sharma at least once in his lifetime. Every moment spent with this stalwart will benefit a Homoeopathic doctor immensely. His inventiveness in understanding new rubrics & then analyzing them to precision after evaluating them is admirable.

As we know that Homoeopathy is Energy medicine, so also Dr. Prem Sharma reflects a Divinity that connects him & his listeners to a Cosmic energy which is a must for anyone involved in the healing sciences.


From The Desk Of Dr. Sundeep Shah …….

I want to introduce myself as a qualified homoeopathic doctor, practicing for the last 20 years at ghatkopar[west], Mumbai. To widen my horizon & knowledge, I had an opportunity to attend with my homoeopathic doctor friend a seminar about 2 years back at New Delhi under the auspices of Dr. Sehgal's School Of Revolutionized Homoeopathy [SSRH].

It was here that I first met Dr. Premnath Sharma. He is a senior faculty member of SSRH & an active & successful practioner of RH, Dr. Prem Sharma is a lucky person to receive direct training & guidance under Dr. M. L. Sehgal, founder of RH & had an opportunity to work with him for couple of years.

Dr. Prem Sharma is a soft spoken & sober person & genuinely interested in RH method of treatment. He is a down-to-earth simple person as a doctor & also as a teacher too. His eagerness & readiness to solve successfully difficult problems & terminal cases by applying RH principles has earned him our regards & respects for him.

It is not for nothing that we can call him "Master Blaster" of solving cases of terminal cancer patients.

As I said before, after practicing for 20 years in the traditional system of homoeopathy we have immensely benifitted by applying RH principles to our patients case studies & solving their diseases effectively.

Dr.Prem Sharma is launching his website for the benefit of humanity & mankind.As a mark of my deep sense of gratitude,I hereby take this opportunity to express my heartfelt Best Wishes to him in his new endeavour. May he continue to guide us & the humanity with grand success.

With Lots Of Love
Dr. Sundeep P. Shah

DR. PREMNATH SHARMA was introduced to me as a reknowned homeopathic physician & a good teacher from SSRH, Delhi, but how after close association with him I would further add that he is a HOMEOPATHIC INTENSIVIST.

As a student I have read about miraculous results given by homoeopathy & as a practitioner. 

I have experienced such results in my own practice. Dr. Premnath Sharma has shown miraculous results in the intensive care units of renowned hospitals in Delhi & Mumbai.

These results bring to light his vast & deep knowledge of homoeopathy & the keen unprejudiced observer in him. I say so because a visitor in an ICU/ ICCU is allowed to see a patient only for a few minutes & can rarely converse with him. Dr Premnath Sherma has after such short observations & brief conversation prescribed it so many patients in critical stage successfully.

Dr. Prem Sharma as seen & experienced by me is a real keen, patient & unprejudiced observe of a patient as laid down in the ORGANON who perceives even the minutes/ signals/ feelings / expressions given by a patient. He has been very fortunate to be in close association & learn under the guidance of a great visionary in Homoeopathy Dr. M. L. Sehgal

The skills that he has developed under the eminent guidance of DR. M. L. SEHGAL are really commendable. As a teacher he guides us to the very fine aspects of a remedy, patient & rubrics- patiently; at the same time I admire his simple , humble & down to earth nature.



It has been a privilege and pleasure knowing Dr Prem Sharma so closely and since so long .It is indeed like fighting with yourself to find the fittest phrase in his praise. He has a vast experience to his credit, since he has started working on mind technique; he has not left even an inch of mind untouched. Such is the depth of his prescription, that in the first go, invariable he selects the right remedy for the sufferers. He gives a patient hearing to all his patients. There is innumerable number of wonderful cures to his credit.

No doubt, therefore, that I often call him the MASTER BLASTER in homoeopathy.


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