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A case of Thrombocytopenia 

ANXIETY - others, for
OBJECTIVE, reasonable

A case of Malaria
IMPATIENCE - intermittent fever, in
DESPAIR - chill, during
RESTLESSNESS - weakness - during
DELUSIONS - prostration; cannot endure such utter

1. complete; total 
2. unqualified; absolute; unconditional 

A case of Hypertension
DELUSIONS - prostration; cannot endure such utter
DELUSIONS - walked - had walked; she - long distance; a
MOANINGHELD - amel. being held

A case of Gastro-enteritis 
INDIFFERENCE, apathy - lies with eyes closed
INDIFFERENCE, apathy - complain; does not
EATING - refuses to eat - drink; and to
UNCONSCIOUSNESS - interrupted by screaming

A case of Amenorrhea 
INDIFFERENCE, apathy - important - things, to
LAZINESS - housework; aversion to her usual
DELUSIONS - laughed at and mocked at; being

A case of recurrent abortions
LIGHT - desire for
FEAR - self-control, of losing

A case of Hepatitis B 
DELUSIONS - clouds - sees
CONFUSION of mind - waking, on
FEAR - breath away; takes
SADNESS - darkness, in
ANXIETY - children - about his







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