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Many times we get patients who turn up very abruptly from nearby places. I use to wonder, when a patient who never visited me before, came very frightened and amazed. On asking, since how long you have this problem? They tell, "My father told me that this can take a serious turn. I got shocked and came all the way to you, what it is exactly? Otherwise I am not afraid of it, but I know lest it should be serious."

Next to my clinic it was a barber's shop. Many times the patient dropped in to my clinic from there. When he told some of the patients that the wart they have are glands which may be cancerous or tubercular.

Only after getting the tips from the master I could treat such patient with Stramonium, which infallibly gave the desired result.

What I mean to say is that these are the patients who would show no concern about their petty problems. When explained by others they get frightened and terrified. It is a great character of Stramonium, which is not found in any other drug.

Let me explain it through some cases:

Case I

I had case of blind child, who got it after a fall from the bed at the age of six months. The child got injury of the head and lost the eye sight completely. He had been to various eye hospitals but could not get result, ever tried homoeopathy from doctors.
The parents narrated the whole story to me. They told me that if the power supply goes off the child starts striking anything nearby with a peculiar expression of fright on the face with tremor and he tried to take hold of the things what so ever nearby. Secondly he always enjoy the company of his sister who is elder to him. If anybody from outside comes in and tries to play with him he becomes very anxious.

I took the following rubrics:

1. FRIGHTENED easily - wakens - terrified, knows no one, screams, clings to those near
2. ANXIETY - strangers, in the presence of
3. CLINGING - child - awakens terrified, knows no one, screams, clings to those near
4. FEAR - dark, of 

A dose of Stramonium 6 was given. The father of the child reported after a week that the child had very high fever for three days then followed by eruptions on the whole body. As soon as the phase of fever got over the child started visualizing objects. The father stated that if they move before him he turns his neck to the same side. The process of expulsion remained on and the eyesight kept on improving. 80% of the eye sight came back.

Case II

A gentle middle aged around 35years was brought to me by one of my patient. He told me that this fellow has some private problem. The gentle man told me that few years back he had intercourse with an unidentified lady, after that he contracted VD. He got eruptions over the glans penis, which he neither can tell anybody how he got it. Earlier they were very small but gradually they are on the increase. Somehow or the other he kept on keeping the thing up to him only. But now the problem is gone too far. For a long time he didn't had any contact sexually with his wife. It is another issue which is upsetting him. He even started doubting his wife. Now the juncture he is in, he does not know what to do? Where to go? The wife's issue has made me very angry. How I should tell her? I have become very angry. I keep on shouting on all the members of family. But immediately I feel why I have been doing so? I do behave very strangely. Whole night I do not sleep. I keep on praying before God. Oh God, make me alright."

Then he started opening the cloths. "Just see Sir. You are my God, make me alright." Started crying, "I would die."

I asked him, "Why did you do that?"

He replied, "I was taken by my friends."

This gentle man looked very innocent. I was surprised to know all that. If we analyse the case there are two things around which the whole story revolves. 

1. He has the feeling that his wife might have some extramarital relationship. Because he never contacted her. It is difficult for one to abstain for such a long time. This has been killing him.
DELUSIONS - wife - faithless; wife is

Secondly if he would tell the problem how he got this disease, every body would come to know, he would be exposed. That's the one reason he is not taking treatment ever.

LIGHT - shuns

But now the disease and issue no.1 as well, both are terrorizing him. He has become helpless if he goes for treatment he would get exposed. If doesn't then disease will kill him.

HELPLESSNESS; feeling of
(Out of frustration i.e., doesn't know what to do? GROPING as if in the dark)

He gets furious and shrieks. He got very angry.

1. RAGE, fury - kill people, tries to
2. RAGE, fury - alternating with - consciousness; return of
3. DELUSIONS - injury - being injured; is
4. SENSITIVE - light, to

Other supporting rubrics:
2. PRAYING - piety, nocturnal (Whole night he has been praying)

All this that fright and terror superimposed by delusions, makes him delirious and he started opening his cloths.

NAKED, wants to be - delirium, in

Actually, it is an attitude to ask others for help.
DELIRIUM - crying, with - help, for

As long as the problem remains minor one, he doesn't bother. But now the things have crossed the threshold. When I asked how did he got it? The way he answered was very innocent.

A dose of Stramonium 6 was prescribed, which took him back to normalcy in six months time with lot of expulsions and ultimately his health is restored.

This is how Stramonium remain in terrified state. But in the early stage until there comes the fear of injury or the helplessness he doesn't let the other know. 

Lets' understand it through a case:

Case III

Mr. X, 52years age, came to me for the treatment of CRF from Lucknow. He took the appointment and was supposed to see me at 4PM on a particular date. I got a telephone that he reached at the railway station and would be coming at 4PM. But he didn't run up till 5PM. I again got a call from that he is just reaching. But did not come till 5:30PM. I was supposed to leave that place by 6PM but that gentleman reached barely five minutes before.

I asked him, "you are so late, why?"

"Oh!" laughingly, "On the way I started some sight seeing and did some shopping etc, because I don't want to waste your much of time. Let me tell you that I have my feet swollen and I have H.T. Doctor told me that I shouldn't eat this and that, but I do. Secondly, the doctor told me to go for transplantation of Kidney. I felt there is no such need. One has to die today or tomorrow. What is new in it? I have so many schools in the city. How does it matter if I die a bit early. Lord Krishna explained in the Gita that it is the body which dies, not the soul. It has to reborn. So what is bad in death? Truly speaking, it is my wife who brought me to you otherwise I least bother. 

Then I asked him, "Ok, lets drop the idea of medicine. You go back to your home town."
"No, no. I would take your medicine. You just tell me whether this disease is dangerous?"

I gave him Stramonium 30. The urea level which was initially 112mg and creatinine 7mg, start coming down gradually. I took the following rubrics:

FRIVOLOUS - The way he reached me on the way did shopping etc. when reached, talked very casually.

SHRIEKING - help; for - He has come down from Lucknow and says what is need of medicine in fact he is trying to make show of his very strong that he is unmoved by such a serious condition even.

AFFECTATION - As told by Dr. Sehgal this is one quality which invariably would be present in the Stramonium. He tried to impress upon so as to get an importance. In fact he is exactly opposite from within. It is the greatest posture of the Stramonium, which he never leaves. He would protect himself before others as if nothing has happened, he is such a great person and the disease is one which can do nothing of him.

Delusion great he is where the small others are - Stramonium

In fact there are number of other rubrics which bring this quality like EGOTISM, self-esteem.
POMPOUS, important
BOASTER, braggart

On the contrary he has tremendous fear at the heart, a persistence of danger is always there which will many manifest in between when the patient asks you that should there any danger? Etc.

Case IV

A gentle man came from border of Nepal, very exuberantly asked, "all the way I came down to see you".

I asked him tell me how I can help and serve him. His next sentence was, "since a long I have been searching a man of your caliber".

I wondered a lot and asked him to open up. 

He came out, I could see a God in you, You are the person I was in search of. I have gone to many place in India, the cities like Madras, Kolkata, Jaipur, Mumbai, but I got the God today. You are a great person. You treat kidney diseases successfully. I could not understand, you made my son-in-law alright who suffered from CRF. When he told me all the way I came down to you. My God, please see me as well, you first finish all your other patients I would came later on. Your give me such a time and attention so that no disturbance should be there. 

Then he started the history.

He told me that he has edematous swelling on the feets since very long period, but didn't take treatment because I do not want to get my tests done. 

I asked, why?

Because I know that it is a case of renal disease. This is one thing I am afraid of most. I got my blood test for sugar and other diseases, but not for renal disease and it is must for allopathic doctor to give treatment. Second thing I would like to tell you that I am a Lawyer by profession. but very lazy to go to court. But if I could see any body who has renal disease I would take him to hospital, spend money for treatment and other necessities. Even I would remain with him for all the time until he gets alright. I would extend any service require by that person. So most of the time I remain in search of such kind of persons so that I may take him to hospital at my expenses. But he never takes treatment for himself. Now by this time his ill health and such a job has limited the activities still whenever he comes to know that if somebody is suffering from renal disease he can't stop doing that. But all this kindness is limited to the patient of renal disease only. If otherwise a patient is dying from cancer or any other fatal disease he never show any mercy, very relentlessly goes away. But finding ready and spending all the earning in renal patient. I aksed him why you are so kind towards them?

Then he told me, "Dear doctor, I have such an experience with renal patient, perhaps no doctor would have. I have taken so many patient to various hospital none could recover many of them died, the way they suffered I have seen them from very close distance. First and one of them were my own father who suffered from CRF. I know the kind of suffering and life they live I am so involved with them madly to find where these kind of patient could be alright. No patient could recover. There is no such medicine, but it is you who has done a miracle. After seeing all these I do all my services to others and pray before that all mighty for the whole night that no one should have renal disease. 

I prescribed him Stramonium 6, which settled all problems just in one or two months time.


Before telling the case history the attitude of the patient expressed was enough to select the medicine. But it was necessary for patient's satisfaction.

1. When this person met me first time he was surprised, because he could find a man who could treat a case of CRF. ASTONISHED
2. On seeing me he could feel like as if he has been talking to God. DELUSIONS - God - communication with God; he is in
3. He has been to various hospital of great reputation, but always see unfortunate result, the search was GROPING as if in the dark
4. PRAYING etc.

The whole story revolves around the search of renal disease, which is an impression created in his mind that this is something which is very dangerous has got no treatment and the kind of suffering it gives is very miserable.

DELUSIONS - danger, impression of
FEAR - suffering, of

No doubt he has such a feeling what does want to go for investigation for this.
LIGHT - shuns

It has made him so that anywhere, any person suffering from this kind of symptoms he just get ready to any thing, hardly matter that person has to do anything to him. The fear in the heart has made him like that.
PASSIONATE [= ardent]

He is totally not concerned about his own problem 
INDIFFERENCE, apathy - suffering, to

Does pray for the whole night before god. 
INDIFFERENCE, apathy - suffering, to

So Stramonium is very religious person at the same time they are very weak person within. Even they consider them self fit for the position they are having, they try to climb on to others for support.

DELUSIONS - poor, he is
DELUSIONS - position; she is not fitted for her
CLIMB, desire to

After Stramonium, this patient got alright just in one months time. There are lot and lots of rubrics still not touched. Actually there are aspects we get very often. Always remember that affectation has to do something special with Stramonium patients.







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