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case I

Mr Verma who was suffering from fungal infection in groin region and other part of body consulted me for his problems. On inquiry he added that he has the problem of increased uric acid levels, which has been increasing and he experiences pain at various places in the body. The skin problem, which is there for years together, has now come up on his fingers. He said “Though it is difficult, somehow he has been managing to hide it. I am working in a construction company. Someone or the other does point out my problem to me. It affects my working. It hurts me so much so that I cannot get it out of my mind and my mind gets so stuck there that I cannot do any work, and even if I try, not properly. Secondly, I am at such a position in my company that I have a number of people visiting me. If I put some cream etc over it, my uric acid problem increases. I become totally paralyzed and in this way my work is being affected. I have never been a work-shy person. On the contrary people call me a workaholic. But for quite some time now my work is being affected. I have to deliver results; otherwise in a private company like mine they just sack you. Secondly my mind gets so perturbed that I cannot think of anything else. My mind gets dull, heavy and thick. I am highly placed in my office. Listening to comments from people does hurt me a lot. Just because of this problem my work efficiency is affected.

Analysis: By and large, in such cases we see the whole story revolves around the self-esteem or self-pride. The patient considers himself to be at very prestigious position in his society or company.

Egotism - Which he has earned with sincere efforts and putting in a lot of hard work. Now people do know him as a workaholic - busy with himself. Both ways his efficiency is affected because of his sensitivity to the remarks made by the people around that hurts him and makes him dull and confused and his keeping on thinking about it.

1.            SENSITIVE - opinion of others; to the

2.            AILMENTS FROM - indignation

3.            AILMENTS FROM - embarrassment

4.            DELUSIONS - wood - brain is made of wood and he couldn’t think; back of

5.            ABSORBED

Ultimately, all this leads to his working. Consequently his position is affected (Pride).  Naturally, people would raise a finger at him for his inefficiency, which is the last thing he desires.

If he puts on the ointment it causes aggravation in gouty pains and this makes him totally incapable or working. Again the result is same. But the ambition of this person is different; he is very ambitious to get famous that too in such a manner which is congenial to society, i.e. with all the love and warmth. They want to be brilliant, like fire, with warmth.

FIRE - set things on fire; wants to

AMBITION - fame; for

The Staphysagria person wants his name be taken with a lot of respect. They just dream of it.

DREAM; as if in a - future, about the

And they are lost into the fancies of grandeur. They consider themselves to as what they wanted to be.

FANCIES - exaltation of - happened, thinks they had

And thus he emanates the feeling of pride and self-esteem and presumptuousness.

case II

A young lady working as a school teacher consulted me for the problem of recurrent attacks of fainting, blackout before eyes, falling unconscious. She has also been suffering from a thyroid problem. Her TSH level is always very high.

She explained “I have a tension. My school principal where I teach is very rude and rough. She does not bother and says anything to anybody. You may not be at the fault but nevertheless. I have been working in this school since its beginning. She is so rough and rude that one cannot even dare to tell her anything. Many a times I thought that I would answer back, but then a question creeps into my mind, i.e. what is the difference between her and me? I have to maintain myself. It is a question of prestige. I am such a lady that in school I am known as one who always keeps laughing and joking and who has her work up to date at all times. I have made my mind to get a transfer to a new school. It has become difficult for me to decide whether to do so or not because then everybody would ask, why I took the transfer? I was never interested in a transfer before. Being asked this question bothers me. It is such a situation that I can’t do anything except keep on boiling inside. But this tension has now started affecting me adversely. A lot of anger is pent up within me. I have become very much confused. At the same time a fear is always there. It would be I who would end up being a loser. Such things hardly make any difference to such kind of people as my principal.

Analysis: In this case too the feelings of uncongenial circumstances are maintained like in the previous case. It is once again the feelings are being hurt. No doubt about that the reason which caused the feeling of anger but not expressed at all, may be because of assertiveness or keeping in view her social position. Many a time when thought in the perspective other than that of the patient, it seems that these are obvious reactions to a situation. But it is all so important to take the patient’s feeling as it is. This is how the teacher reacted to her situation and she just bore all the brunt of the injustice by bottling up her anger and this was just like killing herself and a feeling of indignation creeps in. Every emotion is suppressed. So the pent up wrath causes the imbalance in the form of recurrent attacks of low BP and other problems. It is the one and only remedy in our Materia Medica which has got this reaction.

AILMENTS FROM - mortification - indignation; with

Dr J T Kent put a great emphasis on this point - complaints come from pent up wrath suppressed, anger suppressed feelings. The person becomes speechless from suppressed indignation; anger with indignation.

INJUSTICE, cannot support – It is very difficult for these persons to bear the injustice. But these things mentioned below puts such a lock on their mouth that they keep mum.

1. ANGER – angry, never

2. EMOTIONS - suppressed


4. FEAR - social position; about his

Such a petty thing like getting a transfer to another school has created such a big block in her mind. The concern about what would people think when they would come to know that “She got transferred to another school,” is something which compels her to ‘inhibit’ her actions.

Secondly they feel that when they do not hurt others, why others should hurt them. They appear very mild, yielding, quarrelling aversion to. But at the back of mind all the wrath and the past disagreeable memories are there with which they keep in within themselves. An unsaid chagrin remains inside and keeps on making one restless. A dose of Staphysagria 30 gradually settled her and reduced the sensitivity to that particular person and thus made her capable of settling comfortably in the same school with same principal.

case III

A young lady around 35 years had pain in right side of the body. The pain used to extend from the nape of her neck to the upper limb and the lower limb with swelling. This has been going on for some time. She even consulted orthopedic surgeons for the same and was diagnosed as initial affects of spondylosis. Various exercises were done without any relief. Again she came to me for the pain. Very much discouraged and she told me, “My mom is a great problem for me. No one is at my disposal to help me out. I have to do all the work and look after my family, office and the kids as well. I do not get rest. My mom, an old lady thrown out by all the relatives i.e. sons and others, lives with me and harasses me a lot. Whom should I tell that she does not do anything? I mean she does not even go to toilet to answer the call of nature. She just soils her clothing and the bed as well. She is hardly co-operative. On the contrary, she quarrels with me and tells everybody that my daughter has been treating me badly. I do not understand why she is in such a condition, I can’t throw her out as she has no one and nowhere in the world that she can go to. I can’t even tell my husband because she is my mother and it was I who brought her home. So I am in lot of tension. There is a lot of work but with no accountability. Moreover with these pains, though I pull along, it becomes difficult for me to cook food and do other activities.

Analysis: Here once again a suppression of emotion is occurring. She has to ‘inhibit’ herself because of some moral feelings, conscientious and anxiety about conscience.

Because the lady is old and is her mother and has no place in the world for her. Her husband is dead and she is all alone. Where could she go? Hardly matters that the attitude of her mother is not co-operative and she is putting all the responsibilities of her care on others and this increases her work. She did her best efforts to educate her mother but her mother is heedless. She cried, “I can’t tell my feeling to anybody.”

1. WEEPING - remonstrated, when

2. SENSITIVE - moral impressions, to

3. ANXIETY - conscience; anxiety of

4. CARES, full of - others, about


She has put herself in trouble just for sake of her mother and her moral feeling does not allow her to throw her out nor can she exhibit her feelings to anybody.

I prescribed her a dose of Staphysagria 30 which settled all her mental and physical conditions within a month and made her efficient enough to take care of her mother and also her family responsibilities as well.

What I mean to say is that they exercise a control over their emotions so as not to expose them. Emotional vulnerability is very great, thus get offended very easily. So sensitive are they to the opinion of others. They bear all these atrocities. Very much like Ignatia and Carcinosin.

Ignatia – Bear the outrage without complains, but when the threshold is surpassed and their morals tell them that now ‘enough is enough’ then they fight back.

Carcinocin also tries to rise to the expectations of others. They also want harmony around them. They tolerate things, do their work and are congenial to others. But they are not sensitive to moral impressions and suppress their all desires and emotions, where as Ignatia and Staphysagria are moralistic in nature.

Staphysagria does quarrel but again it has got a very peculiar style, very much like Belladonna. I tell you that erroneously Belladonna is given in 100% cases but it is Staphysagria most of the time.

1. QUARRELSOME - anger, without

2. QUARRELSOME - alternating with - cheerfulness

3. QUARRELSOME - alternating with - laughter 

4. HURRY, haste - always in a


All except the second last rubric are shared with Belladonna, who desire to carry fast whereas Staphysagria is hurried. Actually, Belladonna cannot stick to a lengthy treatment because then if the treatment becomes heavy he cannot continue. (LIGHT - desire for) His wish is to finish the things at the earliest and without any burden. Whereas when Staphysagria does not get results, he gets discouraged and manifests a quarrelsome manner of the Belladonna kind but wants to continue getting treatment with you. He won’t leave because a mildest of an explanation or justification from the physician will make him believe in getting a cure and will give him courage and hopefulness. No doubt Belladonna is credulous as well. But his passion to gamble only means he tries and only if things click will he continue. While in Staphysagria the passion to gamble is only to make money.

It means that Staphysagria want things to turn their way, which is the only reason for continuing the treatment for Staphysagria. Many a times we listen from patients that his or her papa or friend or ABCD says that it is only Homoeopathy which can uproot the problem. That’s why I am continuing, despite getting no relief. But the envy and avidity makes him hurry, eager to get to the point of cure. Because others property and well being pinches him. Belladonna would continue the treatment only with objective reasoning and not otherwise. After exploring Staphysagria there are many cases which got cured with Staphysagria and all this while they were on Belladonna. There is a fine demarcation between ‘carried fast’ and when the patient is in a hurry.

When in hurry or haste the person or thing tends to move faster than normal which indicates urgency and demands a sudden and premature result. It usually creates a confused motion (the storm’s approach hastened our departure).

Fast is more apt than hurry and it is a sustained motion.

All this eagerness and hurry is always to achieve their goal in the shortest possible time and that too with all honesty. So they continue to put efforts earnestly. When they fail to do so, they get embarrassed. They put in everything they have to achieve and uphold their position. They exert great control over their emotions and are seen in their ability in not letting people know about their feelings and ambitions. They hide it like Belladonna.

case IV

Mrs S, a lady aged 40 was suffering from anxiety neurosis and had numerous other problems. At times she had pains behind the ears, at times in the hips and at other places. The pains suddenly ceases with a fit of anxiety (ghabrahat). She had been to so many doctors, but when she came to me she was in a mood to quarrel but laughing simultaneously.

“I do not know how many doctors I will have to visit; you people do not give me relief but only make money” and she laughed. All this she said without a tinge of anger.

If we join three rubrics:

1. QUARRELSOME - alternating with - cheerfulness

2. QUARRELSOME - alternating with - laughter

3. QUARRELSOME - anger, without

What a result Staphysagria produced. It was amazing. The patient suffering from such discord was settled with a single dose only.

Staphysagria show a great generosity and temerity in his attitude especially in extending services to others. She sacrifices a lot for others. She shares her possessions and everything else readily. Not only does she share but she shows no hesitation while doing so. She feels that she has enough of stamina and body. What is it that makes her do so?


DELUSIONS - large - he himself seems too

DELUSIONS - body - greatness of, as to

This feeling leads to TEMERITY.

All this is just to fulfill her ambition i.e. to get the fame.

case V

A young lady, aged 22 years, had recurrent jaundice since the last two years. She took various treatments but couldn’t get relief. She is working in an MNC and simultaneously completing her higher studies. To get better opportunities she has sacrificed proper food and care for herself resulting in ill health. She is only after having a successful career. She wants to have a top position in the company at the cost of her health. But her best efforts are not enough to push her through. “I have been to hospitals many times but my health does not improve. What do I have to do? I have lost my health. I doubt whether I will be cured?” She added, “I am very unfortunate. I have been doing my level best but it is very difficult to clear my examination, moreover I got bed ridden, I have been imposed with a lot of food restriction and I am grief stricken about my condition. I think instead of improving my career I will lose the job I have in hand.”

Analysis: Here again her ambition got top priority. She is allured by the social position at the cost of her health. But to achieve it at any cost has become her objective. Due to her bad health it has become difficult for her to make both ends meet. Even then it is not possible for her to get through her aspirations. A feeling of being unfortunate came in that she is not a lucky person. All the problems in life are being faced by me:

DELUSIONS - unfortunate, he is

AILMENTS FROM - embarrassment

Along with failure, her health is also creating a lot of problems. Despite taking treatment from hospitals and various doctors her problem of recurrent jaundice has brought a sense of hopelessness, discouragement and doubt of recovery. She felt like she has ruined her health. Moreover the disease has become an authority which doesn’t listen to her and that’s why she cried.

1. DELUSIONS - ruined - is ruined; he

2. ANXIETY - health; about

3. DOUBTFUL - recovery, of

4. WEEPING - remonstrated, when

Nothing goes the way she wants and it just rattles her. She is disappointed which gives her a number of problems. Despite all that again she tried but when she gets no result it leaves her frustrated.

1. HOPEFUL - alternating with - discouragement

2. COURAGEOUS - alternating with – discouragement

A dose of Staphysagria 30 brought back all her confidence and settled her health problems. Her appetite and sleep improved within no time and her efficiency and clarity in the mind also increased which made her capable of getting through to the top position which she desired most.

So in many ways we can see that Staphysagria exercises control over himself. He just hides his real intentions and inhibits himself, makes a lot of sacrifices for others sake, tries and tries again to do things or achieve things in a nice way. But, nevertheless, depending on threshold of a particular individual such repeated failures can give such a jerk to the person that he may lose his self-control and then the inner most unsaid layer is exposed. It is to the credibility of Dr Sanjay Sehgal who taught this aspect of the drug so beautifully. He has made all the things so crystal clear. 







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