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A young boy of 26 years consulted me for backache. He was brought to me by his mother and his aunt. He told me that he is a spastic child. He has had a number of problems in the past. He had undergone a surgery of his back to relieve the spasticity of the back muscles. No doubt it helped him up to some extent. But his problems persisted. The pain remained and gradually the patient became unable to sit for a long period of time. After a short while he has to lie down but it is not possible for him to lie down everywhere. He has been doing Chartered Accountancy so that he could earn a very good income from home. Gradually, the speed of all his activities slowed down. He cannot write fast enough. He is always very late. The biggest problem he has been facing for last few years is, he can’t write fast enough to finish his examination. Secondly, sitting for three hours at one stretch is not possible for him. To clear every semester it takes him three years. A lot of time is being wasted like that. His efficiency has also decreased. Somehow or the other he would manage to cope up with the circumstances. But now the authorities do not allow him extra time for writing or to take a pause in between his examinations.  His career is at stake.

I asked him, “CA is a very tough course even for a normal person. Why did you choose this line?”

He answered “No doubt, it is tough, but earlier I wasn’t in so much trouble. After my surgery I got weak and I don’t have much stamina. I always felt that my decision is perfect because my mother is a great support, and has always encouraged me to face difficulties. I am doing it to make my future comfortable.”

I questioned, “A CA has to visit many places, has to make contacts in society and it involves a lot of mental and physical effort which you are not capable of putting in.”

He explained, “I know, but, despite all adversities I feel once I become a CA, I would make such an arrangement that the people would visit me instead of me going to them.”

He further added, “My mother is my driving force. She has been very considerate, always inspiring me. She is always with me, I am never alone. She has never left me alone. Without her I am nothing. The kind of care and compassion she had given me is exceptional and only a few can get it. I too am very much attached to her and relaxed when I am with her. But recently she is not keeping good health and now it is my turn to take care of her. I want to extend the similar kind of gesture towards my parent.”

I asked him, “How she can be with you everywhere? When you are in the examination hall or on the field, she can’t go everywhere with you.”

 He said, “Yes, but it is the words of my mother which invigorates me. But since my last surgery I am shattered. My condition is not good enough  to take care of myself, how I can serve my beloved parents. I abuse myself. My decisiveness has reduced considerably. During my examination when I attempt questions, I get confused whether I am doing right or wrong. Sometime I feel it is right and then wrong. In this process I lose a lot of time. The future seems bleak. The kind of intellect I used to have is no more there. There seems to be no solutions for my health problems. I am all muddled up.”

During the whole discussion there was no anxiety on his face. On the contrary he kept on laughing throughout the case taking.

“I was never worried about my health before. But ever since I found myself incompetent in all the fields, it is obvious for one to get worked up. Secondly, my parents are getting older and not going to live along with me all along is a fact of life. The odds against me are slowly taking me into its grip. If I cannot even write or move or unable to do anything what would be my fate.”

Case analysis:

This young boy was given Silicea 6, one dose which brought about some remarkable changes. The back pain reduced. His speed in his activities improved, the confusion and duality of his mind cleared. His mind got a lot of clarity and he got very positive towards life and he got through in his examination.

Silecea individuals are, in fact, very aggressive and competitive but lack the courage, to put up their feeling before others. At the same time they have a great respect for their feelings and they stick to it and do it the way they like. Their self esteem is very high. When someone very reliable or nearby give them support then the story comes different.

1.            DELUSIONS - head - enlarged

2.            EGOTISM, self-esteem

Head – Seat of reason, imagination and intelligence, aptitude, ability.

He feels that his mind and his ability to think are excellent. It cannot be compared with anyone else. Whatever he thinks or does is flawless; no one can challenge him as he is perfect in his applications and in his field. The sense of perfection is there because all his things are done with due care. The way he does anything is perfect and is right. This strong feeling gives him courage or rather the audacity to take up challenges and face difficulties. But Silicea is very coarse in texture. It does not have such strength to stand on its own. It needs to be held together with cement to be so strong. Once it gets mixed with cement then its strength increases many folds.

Like our patient, being so physically challenged and handicapped and suffering from such a severe problem which apparently has got no solution, but on the contrary is likely to deteriorate further, took up the challenge of pursuing a career as a CA which needs stupendous mental and physical effort. He took it up just because of the inspiration he drew from his mother who is his driving force. Right through from his junior classes up to his Higher Secondary (12th standard), the same inspiration helped him and he got through all the examinations admirably and never felt anything too difficult to achieve. Moreover his strength and ability over shadowed the physical incapacity.

Because his mother always boosted up his morale and backed him up very strongly, he looked forward and things happened the way he wishes. No doubt, the efforts to overcome difficult matters are done on the part of the patient as sincerity and elegance are always the inseparable assets of the Silicea.

This further increases the self-esteem of Silicea.  They regard themselves to be always right and never view the negative aspect of life. It gives him firmness in his own belief.

The positivity and optimism increases as well.

SUICIDAL disposition – drowning – river – himself, into a

Means that he doesn’t bother how difficult the target is, he pushes himself into it.

Suicidal disposition – adversities, where there is all the chances of failure.

River – Bit of a problem or adversity.

The patient choosing to be a CA is not a joke. Even for a normal person who is physically alright does not find it easy, not to speak of person who is physically challenged. The conviction is so strong, that he is willing to take up any challenge and by simply over looking his condition.(DEFIANT)

His convictions are very strong and he always sticks to it which brings some adversities as well. In fact left on their own they are least confident. ‘A want to confident’ is always there. The earlier stage is further heightened.

A change in attitude ensures that conditions of failure are bound to be there. It is the last thing to be tolerated. As the patient progresses into higher studies and the physical and the mental condition not being conducive for him, things stop happening his way, which is not at all bearable. This gives him a reminder of his limitations. Professional studies are not easy and it is not a place that his mother may be of help. So here the support, the protection, the driving force is no more with him. Here he has to face challenges all alone. And when his mother or the parent needed his service he found himself incapable. Earlier, when the mother was strong enough the ambition was flying high. Now the battle is to be fought all alone which is a great problem for him.

1.   FEAR - alone, of being

2.            TIMIDITY - alone, when

3.   HELD - amel. being held

4.   Fear of nervous breakdown

5.   FEAR   responsibility, of

During his examinations and in his field work, he cannot be accompanied by the mother. So when left alone he is shattered. The never confident side of his personality is exposed. The reality comes into view. Now to clear his CA has become a dream. One semester of six months takes three years so how long it would take to complete it. In any case his parents are growing older and they are no in position to help him like they could earlier.

The biggest problem of my patient is writing, the speed of his is so slow that he seems incapable of writing.

1.            AILMENTS from work mental  writing

2.            WRITING - fatigues

3.            WRITING - inability for

4.            WRITING - difficulty in expressing ideas in

I have used this medicine many a time for students who generally face this problem.

Actually, it is want of confidence and confusion as to whether they are doing right or wrong. So is the problem with the patient.

But the obstinacy and the egotism remain. They never want to leave the kind of image they have created about themselves in the first place. They want no downward movement at all nor do they want any resistance at the same time.

1.            INTERRUPTION aversion to

2.            CONTRADICTION - intolerant of contradiction

3.            OBSTINATE, headstrong  children cry when kindly spoken to

4.            Arguing – not arguing; convictions and keeping them: despite of having firm

Means, they are very obstinate whatever may come, so adhered are they to their convictions. They always stick to it despite any resistance. Like, my patient is following his CA course. He does not leave it or forgo it. His conviction and egotism is always behind it.

They do not want a downfall in the position or state they have got in the society hence remains mild, yielding, listens to every body and remains quiet. They don’t want to get into any arguments. It may be because of his reverence for the people around. They are so self willed, never take up the confrontation. Even if they are going wrong in their ways they just won’t listen.

1.            HEEDLESS

2.            ADMONITION - agg.

3.            CONSOLATION - agg.

4.            DELUSIONS - walking - backward; she walks - forward; when walking

Now two issues are there at the same time; one is the position, achieving the success on one hand and the reality of his situation which is the lack of confidence at the other hand. It makes the things very difficult for him to acquire because what has happened is in the first stage is what he is wanting. The reality of his current condition is not accepted. It makes him confused about his own identity.

1.            IRRESOLUTION, indecision

2.            ANTAGONISM with herself

3.            CONFUSION of mind - identity, as to his - duality, sense of

4.            DELUSIONS - body - half - left half - belong to her; does not

The dilemma makes him nervous, indecisive and there always exist two stages like my patient when he is writing his paper he doesn’t know whether it is right or wrong. So lot of time is wasted doing all this. At times thoughts come that whether it is right to continue CA or should he give up his ambition. However, he does only what he wants despite his mildness and yielding he will still stick to his conviction. Because, once the image has been established in society he doesn’t want to lower it. Relinquishing his CA course makes all the difference to his image. But after the medicine he could get through his exams very nicely.

The ‘CONSCIENTIOUS, FASTIDIOUS, Proper too, ANXIETY - conscience; anxiety of’ has earned him an image, but all these are distinctively appealing.

However, if we see him the other way round

1.            ADMONITION - agg.

2.            CONSOLATION - agg.

3.            LOOKED AT, cannot bear to be

4.            ANGER - aroused; when

5.            IRRITABILITY - aroused, when

6.            IRRITABILITY - spoken to, when

7.            SPOKEN TO; being - aversion

8.            OBSTINATE, headstrong - children - cry when kindly spoken to; yet

Actually all these things are like pins, very sharp and pointed and they hurt his feelings. It hurts the pride of the person. He consoles himself to be very perfect whereas others are like vermin.

DELUSIONS - vermin - seeing vermin crawl about

It is the image on the one hand and the lack of confidence on the other hand which makes him fearful to appear in public.

1.            TIMIDITY - public; about appearing in - talk in public; to

2.            SPEECH – whispering, answering to the mother instead of to the prescriber directly

Gradually the efforts to maintain his image take another shape when all the positive efforts become ineffective because the reality keep on knocking and prodding him. When aroused he becomes very angry, anxious, confused, forgetful, restless. His incapacity shatters him, show him a very horrible sight of his actual condition i.e. DELUSIONS - visions, has – horrible

The commitment in Silicea is not strong enough to maintain him on the right path.

1.            FRIVOLOUS

2.            CHARACTER, lack of

3.            INCONSTANCY

4.            AILMENTS FROM – anticipation

He keeps getting stranger and the so called appealing image gives way to negative attitudes to the unexpected extreme, like

1.            RELIGIOUS - want of religious feeling

2.            INDIFFERENCE, apathy - religion, to his

3.   LIAR

4.            DECEITFUL, sly

5.            VIOLENT - crossed, when

6.            HYPOCRISY

7.            KLEPTOMANIA

Case II

An old lady consulted me for various problems like hypertension, allergic rheumatoid arthritis, a very severe asthmatic problem, eye problem, pain in chest etc. She had been to many doctors allopathic, ayurvedic and homoeopathic as well. But she was not satisfied. She has been suffering for the last 10 years.

I took the case and prescribed her a medicine. The result was that she got relief in all her problems except her asthma. I tried to continue the remedy thinking that when she got relief in her other problems, she would get relief in her asthmatic problem as well. But the outcome did not satisfy her. She, time and again, insisted on me to cure her asthmatic problem and leave the other ailments aside. I took rubrics like her being indifferent to her recovery and some other indicated rubrics. But it did not work. One day she told me that she only wants relief from her respiration problem. It was so severe that she could not even walk down a step. “Especially in the morning when everybody needs me, I cannot walk. So far, I have been managing somehow. But if I get fully dependent, who will look after me. Give me such a medicine so that I should be alright and I should in position to work. I am worried about myself.”

I asked her, “What do you do during the attacks?”

Pt: “I become angry. I cannot tolerate it, make my asthma alright. “


The most emphasized part by the patient was the asthmatic condition, even inhalers, antibiotics or nebulization all failed to give any results. The bronchi just do not dilate. Actually, the attacks that she gets are so severe that it renders the patient totally bed ridden. The patient is in such a condition that she cannot make even the smallest of movement which is the worrying point for the patient. She is not bothered about the rest of complaints as they do not render her so incapable. This is the one thing that is most troublesome. At the same time she feels angry when her condition makes her realize that a day would come when she would be completely bed ridden.

1.            ANXIETY - health; about - own health; his - menopause; during

2.            ANGER - contradiction; from

3.            ANGER - aroused; when

4.            CONTRADICTION - intolerant of contradiction

5.            FORSAKEN feeling - beloved by his parents, wife, friends; feels of not being

A dose of Silicea settled her whole affairs. 







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