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It is popularly known as a female remedy, mostly applied for some gynecological and obstetrical problems but it is one of the polychrest remedy, has got wide range of application. It doesn't matter whether it is a woman or man remedy as we have to prescribe on its merits. Masters have written it as lean, thin and dried up constitution. Let’s try to understand through some cases how the evolution of this remedy took place.


A young lady of 32 years was brought to me for pain in ear by her boyfriend who was 41 years. Her boyfriend was a patient of mine for quite some time. The young lady complained of pain, numbness and obstructed feeling in the ear with vertigo etc.

I asked her, “How this pain was started?"

She requested me to send her boyfriend out so that she can talk to me freely.

Immediately after that she started shrieking, “All this happen just because of this man, he slapped me very hard over my ear?"

Dr.- “Why he did so?"

Pt.- “Actually, I am one of his student. He is a family friend. He used to visit our home regularly. I know him since long time." 

She again started crying and came out with an interesting story. 

“I want to live my life my way. Since my childhood I could not do anything the way I wanted. My mother instructed me always to do as per her wishes. "You have to do this you have to do that." Even going to school was not according to my wish. It used to be my mother’s choice, when should I talk or play."

“Being youngest girl in the family I have to obey my brothers and father. They all keep on giving me one or other instructions. I did not understand what I am meant for. Just to obey every body. When would I get the opportunity to live according to my wish?

Now, I joined the college just because my brother wanted. I never liked college. Moreover I have to bear this man. Against my wish, I have to commute with him. I have to go for lunch and for outing with him.

Consequently, I have to bear him. He has proposed me for marriage.

Now I don’t know how I would get rid off this man. He is so possessive, doesn’t let me talk to anybody. I don’t want to marry with such a person.”

I asked the gentleman separately, “Why you are behind this lady when she does not like you?”

He told me this is not the case. Actually, so many times both the families had already met and everybody agreed, and even she said ‘yes’ to everybody’s decision. I couldn't understand this lady. When she is asked by her parents she says ‘yes’ but when I ask her to get ready for marriage she says ‘no’, otherwise ready to go everywhere for enjoyment. 

I asked the lady, “Do you have somebody else in your mind?”

She told me, "Fifteen years back, my marriage was settled with a gentle man, very smart and well to do. They wanted some property and assets of us. The marriage couldn’t be materialized.That incident doesn’t go off my mind. I want only that boy. He might have been married to some body else. But I can’t help.

Secondly, I have all the respect for this man as a teacher, as a brother. I never consider him as my life partner, my husband. But when he compels me to do all these things I cannot say ‘no’. I am afraid that he is very possessive. He just strikes me. Because of his slap I got inflammation in the ear and severe pain.

One dose of Sepia 30 was given, and the patient responded beautifully.


Rubrics taken:
- actions are contradictory to intentions
2. CONTRADICTORY - speech; intentions are contradictory to

If we see the present condition of the patient what she is doing and what she is talking of, are contradictory to the inner feelings. 

Patient has no desire at all to go around with that gentleman and has no intension even to talk to him, on the contrary she does all this. Basically, Sepia is a contrary personality as this patient is. They are something different at the base than what they do and what they say. 

When asked, "Why you do when you don’t want to do all this?" 

Actually, she does all this because she has no courage or in other words she is COWARDICE.

If we go into the whole history of this patient, right from the childhood she is suppressed by surroundings. In childhood, it was the mother who did not let her enjoy the childhood the way a child wants to. Lot of restrictions were enforced, not to do this, not to do that.


All these restrictions were imposed on the child being a girl. Then as she grew up, it was her brothers, father who imposed restriction and discipline on her.

Sepia in the initial stages enjoys working or meeting everybody’s demands which earns her a social status. She tries to be obedient and do things nicely in a right manner so as to impress upon others.


1. DANCING - amel. mental symptoms 
3. CONSCIENTIOUS about trifles

She earns a lot of good name, a social position which matters a lot to her by doing all these. That may be one reason why these people get dominated by others. They love to perform even the most difficult task rather they would just push themselves into it. Like Carcinosin they love such performances. 

WEATHER - thunderstorm – loves

They show their cheerfulness even during such adverse conditions. So is the case with this girl who has been doing everything against her will. 

WILL - contradiction of

They get dominated by others.

But when the pathology begins, a different picture emerges. They are basically contrary personalities. Their inner feeling is that they want to have liberty to do things.

AVERSION handled, being

Being so averse to commands it is difficult to cope up with others. But they do. 

ANTAGONISM with herself 

Like, our patient never wanted to go to college but she went against her wish. Everything she does with her boyfriend is not according to her will and wish. In fact, she doesn’t like others.
So, haughty, she despises others. What I mean to say is that the patient does what she doesn’t want to and says what she does intend to. In these two state she gets struck up helplessly.

The main anxiety she has is about the domestic duties. It remains throughout the period. Because these patients try to stretch themselves beyond their capacity. They cannot compromise with anything. For such a struggle they drain out a lot of energies rather feel energy less, tired and squeezed. They keep on conserving the energy somehow or the other. Any act or thing which drains them is not liked by them. In this struggle they have to sacrify a lot in their relations. 

Many a time, in joint families, in India, these things happen, when one of the daughter-in-law has to bear such pressure, has to do a lot of household works. Such people become very sad and feel smothered.

SADNESS - respiration, with impeded

I have seen number of patients who belong to this category, in their mind they have some imaginary fear which never leave them.

FEAR - complaints, of imaginary

FEAR - imaginary - things, of

If you try to make them understand the fact, they become anguished.

ANGUISH - eating - during

ANGUISH - eating – after

By and large they lose the elegance in their struggle. 

ELEGANCE - want of elegance

They forget the way 'how to behave and how to speak?'
Now, they become so energy less, exhausted and rough, abrupt that they always answers snappishly.

As this girl is caught up in a situation, on one hand she wants to keep cordial relationship with the family members on the other hand past happenings does not go off her mind. 

ANGER - past events; about

ANGER - vexations; about former

ANGER - consoled; when

There is always a struggle for freedom in Sepia, especially, in such a situation where her social (reputation) status is at stake. That is something unacceptable to Sepia. Here, she becomes extremly helpless which takes her to a pitiable situation where she cries loudly and becomes PATHETIC.

She tries to do things other way round i.e.

3. FEIGNING - sick; to be
4. BED - remain in bed; desires to
5. FROWN, disposed to

Helplessness and drained out condition makes Sepia indifferent. She becomes totally contrary to her original state. She keeps lying down and shows no interest in any one.




I had a case of a lady who was suffering from mental sickness. During the sickness, a period comes for few days when she uses to be alright. During that period, she was always behind her children, makes a lot of food for them. Forcibly, she tries to give them food, clothes. But this remains for few days only and then comes the other stage i.e. ignoring everybody totally. No breakfast, washing clothes and other cares like the home work, sending them school etc. 

On the contrary always makes an excuse that she does not feel good and for that reason she would lie down for the whole day, keeps on lying down for hours together. Afterwards, she tells that she was just making an excuse of sickness. She was cured with few doses of Sepia 6 only. Before that she was taking a lot of psychotic drugs.

So, this is the stage when total indifference supervenes. Patient becomes just averse to company; want to alone around the sight of people. 

COMPANY - aversion to - sight of people; avoids the - lies with closed eyes, and

COMPANY - aversion to - country away from people; wants to get into the

If they are spoken to about their behaviors and failure they never ready to accept it. They keep on blaming others. Always try to save themselfs.

WASHING - desire to wash - hands; always washing her

COMPLAINING - others, of

Actually, she feels that she was being made a scapegoat. It is others who are responsible for her problems.

Even this does not work for her, ultimately like the cuttlefish which emits a dark color liquid as a protective measure to minimize the sight of it. So does the Sepia patient. 

The gloom, despair supervenes her. Now, she looses hope of recovery, may it be for the social position or health. She is condemned that she is not fit for living; rather she should die and becomes suicidal.

INJURING himself – sensation as if he could have easily.

Life becomes a burden. Then she weeps and weeps.







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