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A case of Ovarian Cancer

An old lady 68years of age was operated for CA ovary 7-8moths back. After few months the symptoms reappeared i.e. low grade fever, loss of appetite and weight loss etc.

CT abdomen was done and found that the disease has spread to perihepatic and perisplenic areas. Doctors at the Rajiv Gandhi Cancer institute Planned to give chemotherapy. She was advised to go for regular checkups before the chemotherapy. During the various checkups this lady became disappointed with the behaviour of the staffs and other doctors.

They were very harsh. They were behaving with her as if she is a commodity and not a human being. she decided not to go for the chemotherapy and left the hospital. They called me at their house to see her.

The lady started talking in a very soft smiling way, started the history from her childhood before partition. She had problem of asthma and regular gastric problems. She went on explaining details of every problem she had since her young days. I didn't notice any fright, terror or anxiety on her face during the conversation.

Dr. - "You know you have cancer and it is spreading, how do you take it?"
Pt. - "I know about the disease. At the same time I also know that if I get right medicine I will be all right. As my son told me about you, I have developed faith that you can make me alright. I don't want to go back to the hospital for chemotherapy. Those people are very harsh. I am an old lady. I can't breath properly. I can't walk and eat only selected food. I can't cope with their way of dealing.

When I hear the name of the hospital I start getting uncomfortable."

As soon as I told her that you will not to go to the hospital now, she cheered up and started smiling. She said, "I can take medicine for any length of time, but please give me such a medicine so that cancer should not increase.

"I want to stay at my home, my family members are very good to me. They are so nice to take care of me."

I asked her, "When you didn't want to go to the hospital then why didn't you refuse at that time?"

She answered, "I don't know what happens to me that time. I get confused. I just con not tell anybody what I want to say. I say opposite of what I intend to tell them?"

1. CARRIED - desire to be carried - caressed; and
2. CARRIED - desire to be carried - fast
3. MAGNETIZED - amel.
4. LIGHT - desire for
5. DELUSIONS - sheep - driving
6. ANXIETY - cold - drinks amel.
7. REFLECTING - inability to reflect

Aconite 3X, placebo for six months. Patient started improving day by day and was completely cured in about 18months. Necessary tests were done and there was no trace of disease. 

It is very encouraging to deal with such cases and restores confidence in RH in treating terminal cases.







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