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After being acquainted with the system, way back I had not had the confidence to put the things into practice. I had lots of timid in transacting business. Ultimately, I was stuck. Somewhere started groping as if in the dark. Then one of my very close friends explained me to go for it before the things exceed the limits.


I resorted to this system and got an amazing result. Perhaps, it is the one medicine which has really helped at those moments when nothing was left. I cannot keep from citing the first case which happed to be the turning point in my career.


It was a case of eczema, a lady, abroad the country side came to me for the treatment. She tried there for years, took treatment from various hospitals and dermatologist. All that could give her was temporary relief. Then somebody brought her to me for homoeopathic treatment. I started the treatment. I tried various medicines, but nothing could happen except addition to her problem. The condition became bad to worse. The eruption got spread all the body over, oozing very sticky, watery fluid from it. It was horrible to look at her. The itching was very worse. The eruption spread over the face and around mouth. It got difficult to eat food even. Many a time I asked the patient to go some other doctor as there was no relief. But she was never ready to leave me. 

One day I asked her, "As there is no any relief why can go to some other doctor?"

On this question she became adamant and told, "Why should I go any where else? Where I should go? I do not know any doctor or hospital in Delhi. Why you brought it out? You would take me in your car, wherever you want? I do not have the money. You have already taken so much from me. (She got a little absurd) You work in the Air condition clinic. Go in to the fields then you would come to know, how to earn the money. (She started quarrelling) It was not the condition of me, how much would you bring out? Is there any limit of it? There seems no end. The itching is intolerable." 

She became very irritable and did not ready to listen anything. Her speech was getting louder and louder.

Since it was the beginning, I could understand only the one and only one rubric that is 'FEAR - extravagance, of', because the words she was using interpret her condition to this rubric. So I prescribed a dose of Opium 30.

To my surprise, it gave her tremendous relief. It eased her condition wonderfully. Not only that, but also it gave her prompt relief. This was first time when I could see that only single dose works and established the cure.

Then I became very enthusiastic to work on this system exclusively. After a long study of this case I could find out some more rubrics like:

1. DELIRIUM - nonsense, with eyes open
2. NOISE - inclination to make noise
3. IRRITABILITY - pain, during
4. GROPING as if in the dark
5. AILMENTS FROM - embarrassment 

Let us analyze the above symptoms:

The patient has really tolerated the affliction of disease to his threshold. Now the pains and suffering has exceeded her tolerance power. It is not in control of her tolerance, because the things have been progressing gradually and it seems to think that if it would continue like this, it can cause some incurable damage. 

FEAR - extravagance, of

Sidewise side she has been showing me that just look, how afflicting the condition is. She said, "I have tolerated the pains too much. There must be some relief. I have been spending money and time."

AILMENTS FROM - embarrassment
TALKING - business, of

These are things which make her irritable and delirious and she starts speaking non-sense, despite being in her sense. 
Every time she came to me, a dream. By telling her that she would be alright. But there is no any relief. On the contrary it has been worsening. 

1. IRRITABILITY - pain, during
2. DELIRIUM - nonsense, with eyes open
3. MOROSE - dreams, by

Sometimes all of us are surprised by the coming of the patient whenever there is no any relief in their condition. This kind of patient would not leave you. They are embarrassed themselves and so do they make the doctor. In fact it is there great problem that they cannot make their way out. They do search, but it is impossible for them to get it and leave doctor. On the contrary they cling them and would ask them, "What to do now? Where to go now?"

GROPING as if in the dark
CLINGING - grasps at others
To express their resentment they become louder.
NOISE - inclination to make noise



Case 2

A lady of 32years had a very sever problem of vulvitis. It is so much so intense that she scratch it like anything, even she did remove the outer skin and caused ulceration of that part. After itching there is very intense smarting. This was all told to me by her husband. Then I asked him to bring his wife inside my chamber.

I asked her to explain her problem.

She just smiled and looked at her husband. 
I repeated my question.

She did again the same gesture. Bashfully she said, "I have told every thing to my husband. He would explain you."

Then her husband added further that she had taken treatment from various dermatologists, but there is no any relief. The problem has gradually increased to the extent that the specialist said that she is likely to suffer from cancer. Because he had tried every thing possible. On listening this she went to many Tantriks etc. but of no avail.

She is being brought to me by one of my patient.

I again tried to talk to the patient. 

She reluctantly said, "I don't know what to tell, where to start? You please ask my husband."

Then she added, "The problem is scratching. It is so much that the part starts hanging down. There are deep cuts, oozing blood and if washed they do smart intolerably. It has been there for many years."

Her appetite has gone very poor. She does not use to take more water, because more intake of water forced her to go urination very frequently that gives her intolerable pain.


Actually, the Opium patients are very bashful and awkward. They feel shame by telling their problem. Secondly, it appears to them that how and where they should start 'their problem' from? What to tell and what no to tell? This all comes from confusion and groping as if in the dark. That is why they prefer to confide their problem from someone else.

2. INDIGNATION - discomfort; from general

She feels a sort of ingratitude by telling her problem to others. She feels like a discomfort and a sense of indignation to talk something private about.

But once they are shown the direction or helped out by somebody they are not going to leave them, rather put all the responsibility at other. CLINGING - grasps at others.

So after a dose of Opium 6 started improving gradually. In just span of two months time all the eruptions and cracked and abnormal appearance were gone. She enjoys best of the life no.
Many a times this gesture happens before us. But generally it is over looked. If a girl have some problem she feels shy to tell it to doctor. They come with someone else and would tell that her problem would be explained by the companion.

One of my friends called me up for the viral fever. It has been there since 10days. He himself is a doctor. It has been 10th day now. 

He said, "I have pain all over the body. It is beyond my tolerance. I do not know why I am not getting relief whereas I myself have treated so many patients. They all get cured in 2-3days, but in my case the fever is not going down even an iota. It is now 11th day. I have been to my clinic. Please give a medicine so that I come out of bed."

Always glimpse of extravagance are apparent. But in this case some other rubrics are important:

1. JEALOUSY - people around, of
2. AILMENTS FROM - embarrassment
3. BED - get out of bed; wants to
5. TALKING - business, of
6. IRRITABILITY - pain, during

Actually this state comes in very often, especially in the acute diseases. As the diseased condition puts restriction on the patient, whereas the other people enjoy the good health, eating and every damn thing. Then it cause embarrassment i.e. why it happened to me only. People do eat so much of food, I just took one piece which made me so sick.

A young man of 28years was consulted me for the problem of CRF. At such a young age was told to transplant kidney. He had persistent problem of vomiting. Every time he ate something, came out though vomit. He became very anemic. His Hb came down to 6

But still this man was managing.

I asked this person, "Why do not you go for Kidney transplantation?"

He explained me, "Since many years doctor has told me that it is mandatory now. Doctor has told me that my filters are not working. But I couldn't understand that if filter is not working then how I make urine. On the contrary, I am fine moving about. It is only vomiting which is making me so week. I do not want surgery. It hardly matters, at the most I would die. 

One of his relative told me that he still drunk. We tell him to stop the alcohol, but he does not stop. 

I asked him, "Is it true?" 

He replied, "It is the only thing made me so. It has pushed me in to this condition. I don't know, what happens to me. I just forget everything when it comes before me. Then I relish it.

If my relative comes up to me to suggest me not to do so I get angry. When they ask me go operation I feel like perhaps they would kill me. I cannot bear them. Please give me some medicine to be feel good. Now the condition has come down to great extent. It has crossed my tolerance now. I cannot understand the need of operation. I try to myself but when I saw some improvement. It just feel OK and go for it e

Analysis: The very first question can be that 'Why he is opting for Homoeopathy?' despite there is not scope as explained by doctor. In fact, it is the patient's feeling that he feels like no necessity of its. Because according to his thinking, when urine out put is okey, why operation then. This was taken as 'DELUSIONS - disorder; objects appear in'

Secondly, keeping patient's thinking in view, it is the vomiting which gives him problem, whereas the other are like blood urea, s. ceratinine, Hb, how does it matter?

INDIFFERENCE, apathy - suffering, to
DANGER - no sense of danger; has

Senses are so that he is not afraid by death. On the contrary says that 'end the most it is death'.

He came for treatment, as if nothing has happened; knowing fully the consequences.


He does not believe his doctor and relatives, who are pursuing for operation.

DELUSIONS - murdered - will be murdered; he

Instead of knowing the fact i.e. the gravity of his illness, he is not stopping the intake of alcohol.

Patient - "At the most death will occur!"
DEATH - contempt of

And when any relative or others come to him and shows their concern, he tells them not to do such sort of thing. He answers, 


"What has happened to me?"

DELIRIUM - well, declares she is

And this followed by bad health in which state he realizes that it is all because of his doings 

DELIRIUM - blames himself for his folly

On the basis of all these symptoms,. Opium 30 one dose was given which did remarkable work. His attitude towards the sickness got totally changed. He started eating food. The blood urea and serum creatinine came down gradually and substantially. Patient lived nicely after that. He surrendered himself for surgery. But the clutch of the disease was so strong even surgery could not help him and ultimately he expired. But whatever the life span he had after taking the medicine he lived life like a normal person.

If we go to Opium symptomatology, there are number of factors which are responsible for such type of attitude.

CONTENT - quiet; and
DANGER - no sense of danger; has

In fact, this rubric HIGH-SPIRITED plays a great role to bring the state of indifference. Small petty things make no impact on this individual. He remains full of liveliness, full of enthusiasm. Because of the same, he over looks his small-small problems.

These problems keep persisting and go on aggravating. Then when it starts exceeding the threshold then it becomes a matter of concern. It creates fear, anxiety, worries etc.

Patient then becomes Alert and Cautious. Then health takes the priority. He tries to make his way out to solve the problem. He sits and thinks.


When the problems keep on increasing, the hope fades away and the disease becomes worse then the patient goes into a alternating state from cheerfulness to sadness, grief and ultimately to irritability and discouragement

CHEERFUL - alternating with - sadness
CHEERFUL - alternating with - grief
IRRITABILITY - alternating with - cheerfulness
HOPEFUL - alternating with - discouragement

I had a patient suffering from Typhoid, before coming to me he took treatment from somewhere else for three weeks. By the time she reached me she got very much perturbed. I asked her, " why you are so much irritated and perturbed"?

She explained me in an irritated and a low shrieking and a bit of weeping tone, "what is this happening with me? I cannot understand. The temperature remains very low in the morning and in the evening gradually goes up. I have been taking medicines for such a long time but things are as it is. In the morning when fever is less I feel good and feel like perhaps no fever would come in the evening. But in the evening invariably it is there. I have lot of works to do. I do not know what to do. I am fed up".

A dose of Opium 30 was given that brought down everything and took the patient very shortly out of the woods.

Actually what happened, as the intensely of sickness mitigate the hope and cheerfulness comes in and goes off as the aggravation sets in again with which patient feels embarrassed, becomes irritate and gets discouraged. 

With discouragement patient generally starts shrieking and making noises like, "It is too much, now I would stop medicine. What is the use of taking medicines if nothing is happening?" he would speak in a louder voice. If you would try to convince the patient that there are so many problems of yours, which has gone, even the remaining problem is too less. This does not make any difference to him, in the contrary he feels that it is still a big problem.

DELUSIONS - enlarged
DELUSIONS - enlarged - objects are

It is very difficult to convince a Opium patient







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