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Nux vomica...

A person 46 years having severe headache with hypertension 150/110 mm of Hg came to me for the treatment. Patient said that give me such a medicine so that I should be alright with in no time.actually I do not want to to have any disturbance, noises  around me. On the contrary he keeps on working. I want perfectly quiet atmosphere and becomes irritable if the children make noises. At times  even give a slap. I asked him why you want to be alright shortly. He told me,’dr. I am not earning enough ‘and I feel guilty of any spending on myself . It gives me pain. I feel hurt within, when I do not work , I have no right to spend. I always avoid taking medicine, until there is pressure from the family.          


Rubrics used –

  1. MIND - QUIET; wants to be - repose and tranquillity; desires
  2. MIND - DISTURBED, averse to being
  3. MIND - QUARRELSOME - disturbed, if
  4. MIND - IRRITABILITY - questioned, when
  5. MIND - ANXIETY - conscience; anxiety of
  6. MIND - SENSITIVE - moral impressions, to

Nux Vomica —

  1. MIND - CONSCIENTIOUS about trifles
  4. MIND - ANGER - interruption; from
  6. MIND - FEAR - opinion of others, of
  7. MIND - FEAR - get talked about, to
  8. MIND - REST - desire for
  9. MIND - LONGING - repose and tranquillity; for







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