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Nux - Vomica

A young man age 26, suffering from aids was admitted at the hospital. One my friend took me to see this patient. As I entered the hospital I came to know that the fallow is shifted to the ward were generally the patient are kept whose prognosis is not favorable, death is certain. But we intended to try he homeopathic remedy medicine. 

I had a talk with that person. As I met this person it was miserable look at him. He was reduce to the bone there was no flash at all. This young man had 50-60 times diarrhea in a day. Had TB. And the doctor told him that the inevitable event of death is very near. I asked this young man how he contracted this dreaded disease he told me that he and his colleague use to visit the prostitute. For the last two year he has been struggling for the life. Very affirmatively he stated that he is not going to die. He said this doctor bullied me into this ward, but I will show them that I can be all right. I asked him, how? You are so sure that you will be all right. 

The condition at the moment is very verse and secondly there is no treatment available for this particular disease. He is an educated person he know very well pros and cons of the diseases, but still very affirmatively saying that I will show these doctors that this can be cured. On his face there was no sign of despair or gloom I asked him how he has been so positive about getting all right and is there is no anxiety about the family. He explains me story that few years back he had bad health, and there was no chance of survival. That time I was in Calcutta, I used to go to a temple of sirdiwala baba. 

He made me all right then. I am doing prayer to him constantly and with all the devotion he will help me to get out of the situation. That situation was dangerous than this. Only this belief has been giving me all this positive thought. Whenever my wife and my son do come to see me in the hospital it gives me bit of negative thought but immediately I lift my self. I do not let my self-lost into the world of miseries. Because I am sure that one day I will be all right. 

Every take into the consideration present, which is conforming to the persistence and predominance, is, the through process of the patient that he feel that he will be alright one day. Despite the present condition being so adverse, there seem to be no hope but the patient is show no sign of despair. He is hundred percent sure that he will be all right. More over he thinks that he will do it on his own and will show it to the authority that they have wrongly put this gentlemen into that ward 



BLASPHEMY - cursing, and

CONTRADICTION - intolerant of contradiction 

How he is so sure about his recovery? Actually it is the belief of the patient in the god which has given him such a positive felling. His understanding was that when last time he was stuck up, it was Sirdi baba who helped him to get out of the situation

RELIGIOUS - affections. 
SIGHING - honor, from wounded

Because of this religious belief he felt he will come out of this crisis and has got the power to swim against the tide. 

This is the only reason that this individual is not at all pessimistic in his attitude towards the problem. 

But when he thinks of his family and about his son, he becomes little depressed. He never gets swayed away by that state of depression and tries to overpower those feelings of depression and swim across to the positive side.

BUOYANCY - alternating with - sadness 

DEATH - sensation of - spasm, during

A dose of Nux vomica was given. 

To the utter disbelief of the military doctors his diarrhea stopped. He felt energetic from the next day onwards and wanted to eat solid food. After a week the patient felt much better, the food intake increased and the general condition of the patient started improving. 

After few days he was shifted to the general ward and then he got discharge from the hospital. He lived like a normal person with his family. 

As his medical condition was not fit he was given discharge from the defence services. He started doing accounting jobs at home as he was a MBA.

His mother who had never visited him when he was very sick telling that he cannot be her son as he suffered from this disease for which the village has outcaste them, visited him after three months. He became very emotional by seeing her. She insisted him to come to the village at Dharmashala and stay with his other brothers. He readily obliged as he loved his mother very much. 

His wife and all of us were aginst his decision to shift to the village as the attitude of the villagers in India towards this type of disease is not very good.

He didn't pay any heed to our advice and shifted to his native village.

A week after his wife rang me that he has gone into coma.

I enquired," how it happened"?

She told, " one of their neighbour came and spit on his face telling you have spoiled the name of our village in the whole area and no daughter of this village will get married till you are alive."

After this he cried a lot and told her wife that he may not survive to see such humiliation. Suddenly his urination stopped. He was rushed to a nearby hospital. They inserted catheter but he went into coma.

Next day his wife rang me that he is no more.

If we analyse the situation of the patient at that moment then the rubric, which reflects prominently the state of the patient, is:

DELUSIONS - die - must; she

From the very beginning let's understand the rubrics which made the individual to fight against such a dreaded disease so positively when the whole medical fraternity has lost all the hope,

CONSCIENTIOUS about trifles
PASSIONATE [= choleric]

Looking to the remedy, taking above rubrics into consideration Nux vomica is a great agile person. He is always concerned with perfection. He is a pragmatic person who believes in practical aspect of the things. Once he decides to go, he hardly bothers about how difficult the things are. He put himself into the business and tries his level best to bring out perfection and positive result. He is ambitious to get name and fame. He loves working even at the cost of his health. Even he takes the help of the stimulants so as to maintain his tempo for a better result. 

AILMENTS FROM - anger - indignation; with
AILMENTS FROM - honor; wounded
AILMENTS FROM - indignation
AILMENTS FROM - rudeness of others

He is shocked by the humiliating feeling of other towards him which brings on the feeling inside him that he is no longer fit to live. Even he goes on to the extent committing suicide by throwing himself from great height.

DELUSIONS - die - must; she
SUICIDAL disposition - throwing - height; himself from a

A lady, 27years old consulted me for the problem of infertility. She was not conceiving even after five years of marriage. She took treatment from various fertility centers but could not get the result. The last suggestion was artificial insemination. For which she was not ready. 

I asked her," why she doesn't want to go for it"?

She answered,"my mother told me such type of procedure is no good. I have also seen some of my relatives who had gone for such treatment, permanently damaged their uterus." she could not conceive afterward I asked her still you are not so late then why you want the treatment. Patient started crying that a lady is complete only when she has a child secondly if you go some where people do talk about this issue only. After all it is a deficiency in a person and I worried about the future nobody know about that what is going to happen in the old age. If one has the child her position in the family and in the circle is respected because of this problem I have lost confidence in my self I can not do even a smallest of work in right way. Should it happen once at least. It is a great curse. I do not visit my parental house even just because the only talk about this. I feel gives me great pain is feels nowhere in the society. The people come up to me and give the suggestions and consolations which is one thing I am fed up of. One can not weep even. I don't like such type of consolations etc. I have collected the information regarding primary infertility from various books and internet as well. I have been putting every effort to resolve my problem but I think god is not listening to me. He also help those who doesn't even pray him. 
Analysis and rubrics 

The patient doesn't want to go for any interference mechanically because she has an impression in the mind, which is created by her mother and by seeing some other relative who suffered after such treatment. This thought doesn't leave her. 

The patient was greatly depressed, sad , quite
SADNESS - quiet 

She has in her mind that a lady his only complete If she has a baby 

DELUSIONS - poor, he is
WEEPING - cannot weep, though sad
WEEPING - consolation - agg.

Patient is trying to collect the information regarding his disease to solve the problem he is worried unreasonably about her health and keep on thinking but would become in the latter life when they would not be able to do his own work. That's why she has been trying to get information regarding his disease from the various sources. 

ANXIETY - hypochondriacal - read medical books; mania to
ANXIETY - future, about

Why she can not cry before everybody, keeps quiet, with down does not like talked to be. Because, this is some thing which gives her great indignation and realizes that she is incomplete. This is the reason she doesn't like to visit her parental home even. 

DELUSIONS - poor, he is
This state gives him mental pain she does every effort to resolve his problem, but when does not succeed gives him embarrassment. 
SENSITIVE - pain, to - beside oneself from pain; being
SOCIAL position concerned about: Complete Repertory 
BLASPHEMY - cursing, and

The concern about the social position is great. If we look into the whole symptoms of this case it gives the feeling somewhere the social position is very important for the patient. 'FEAR TALKED OF BEING, FEAR OPINION OF OTHERS AND SENSITIVE TO MORAL IMPRESSIONS, EGOTISM,' all these rubrics creats concern about the social position. The limitation she does have is creating a great concern, because it gives indignation and when comes the failure gives the embarrassment which leads to 'BLASPHEMY -cursing and'. 

On the basis above symptoms a dose of Nux vomica 30 was given to the patient. In a week time the mentality of the patient is totally changed. Now she is not that worried when this problem will be eradicated. She is much relaxed mentally very confidante and positive but no to the extent of disease. She is not worried now about the social status, she does talk and very happy. After two months she conceived. 

Mrs. A 31, running a play school at her home, she keep her work up to date does every thing in a nice manner. Has the problem of recurrent UTI after the last delivery, which she had six year back. Extreme pain in lower abdomen and in legs. She had taken many courses of antibiotics but the is recurring and getting worse with every attack she has extremely painful menses. Before menses she becomes depress and quiet. She is extremely irritable during the problem of UTI. She doesn't like to be talk to. She wants to take rest but can't have it as she has to look after her school. There, at school she has to behave in a nice manner with the children. But, is became difficult as she has to go the toilet time and again which causes break in her work and it does not look nice to go the toilet so often, the other colleague ask me what is the problem. I feel angry when I have to leave the class. It is irritating, the pain is something, which I can't bear at all, it disturbs me and my work, it is one thing, which disturbed me at lot. I want to go away where there would be peace and silence. I am exhausted even after a little work, I want a break. 

Rubrics :
Fastidious - patient wants to keep every thing at its place and wants to get the things finished which is becoming a problem. Her problem of UTI and weakness doesn't allow her to keep the things up to date. But she has been trying her level best to do so which becomes a disturbance for her. 

Disturb averse to being 
She becomes quarrelsome when disturbed. 
Quarrelsome disturbed when
Then she outburst whom so ever comes in the way when she is disturbed. 
Anger interruption from

It is the pain which creats all these problems may be physical or mental. Because it causes interruption and disturbance in her work, which she was to do in a most perfect way. Actually why disturbance in the work creats irritability and anger, if we see the rubrics 'CONSCIENTIOUS trifles about SENSITIVE TO MORAL IMPRESSIONS' we cannot leave the job unfinished and on others. Because he does not rely that other would not do the things in the manner she likes. This gives the feeling he should do everything on his own. So much of work loads squeeze out his energy and leaves him drained out. But Nux vomica is obstinate and pertinacity and very ambitious which compels him to do unless the ambition is achieved.

DELUSIONS - die - must; she - it means that she has not to die literally but she puts these words because she is over loaded with the works and the situation described above causes irritability and anger and quarrelsomeness.

Other symptoms :
Rest desires
Quiet wants to be repose and tranquility desires
Longing for repose and tranquility
A dose of Nux vomica 30 was given to her which settle her all the problems. In a course of two months not only she get rid off her physical problem but mental as well. 

Miss. m 16 year consulting me for the problem of lack of concentration. She has dysmeroria anemia constipation since child hood. She is mentally under develop can't articulate properly does action like a child. At times she becames extreamly irretable break the thing line near by. Patient stated I can't concentrate. I can't remember the things what I learn today all is forgetn at school I can't recollect. Because in school they asked the question in different way. I get confused. I do not answer any question. Because I can't speak properly, I think the other will laugh at me. Her mother stated she doesn't know what to talk and not to. She feel embarrassed that she doesn't know simple question. She become angry and starts shouting. She doesn't answer if you ask anything. The child added that she connect the sentences properly that why i do not answer any question. Now my school is changed. It is new environment and now I appear for the board examination, I took the challenge to get through. I asked her why it has became a challenge for her. She told me that her mother is a teacher in the same school. If I would do not perform up to the mark people will mock at us and will raised the finger it is question of my mom prestige, which I have to save 







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