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A young man, Mr. S, brought his father from a very remote area for psychological problem. As soon as his case was over, Mr. S got ready to give his case. 

As usual, name, age, sex and occupation were inquired. 
No sooner I asked about occupation, father intervened, “He doesn’t do anything. As soon the business get established he leaves all that.” He made a resentful complain about his son, “Being so grown up he is not at all serious about his business.”
Somehow I pacified father and inquired Mr. S to explain about the matter.

Mr. S narrated, “I am from a village and belong to a farmer family. I am just 12 standard fail. I could not study further but it is satisfactory to me. In fact, I never wanted to go to school. It always appeared to be a Herculean task to me to study. 

Again his father intervened, “He never wanted to do anything. In fact, he is a very epicurean person. He wants all the luxury without doing any effort. If we tell him to do work with us in farm, he becomes angry to the extent to abuse us.” 

On the contrary Mr. S explained, “It was the circumstances and the attitude of my family members that I could not study. Otherwise, doctor, you see my relatives and neighbors, they have got everything. My uncle’s one son is a doctor and the second one is a very good business man, and other people have got very honorable positions. All of them are well-off financially and socially as well. 

I was trying my level best. I was working with my parents. They never allowed me to work with modern techniques. They were always behind me, “Don’t do this, don’t do that.” I was fed-up with these people. 

People around me were better than my family. They used to come to me with their farming difficulties and they always got satisfactory solution. What happened, if I could study? There are number of other fields, I can earn money like other. But, my family, oh, they were always behind me. Ultimately, I left farming. 
I started my career as a broker (Property dealer). I worked very hard and eventually it turned out to be a very lucrative. But some deals which didn’t’ turned up positive gave a bad name as well. If one is not at fault, people will never call him cheater, after all one earn such a bad name. It gets difficult for one to move around respectfully and with stateliness. At the end of the day one becomes a escape-goat which I never want to be. So left such a profitable business and area also. 

Then I worked as a assistant with a dentist for six months. Sincere efforts and diligent approach learnt me handling patient of common diseases and I got enough knowledge to work in absence of the doctor. After a course of time even people started calling me a doctor. I got confident and courage to practice independently in a nearby town. I started with a very small clinic. After a couple of years it was converted into a polyclinic. Now, I appointed so many specialists at my clinic. Things were going very good. 

Doctor, I put my everything into that. Even, the cure rate was very respectable. But people do not leave me also. If I am unable to help them, they do not hesitate to comment on me. 
Not only that, I went out of way to help whom-so-ever came up to me. It never mattered to me that the help seeker is known to me or not. I always did everything. I tell you doctor, the discredit which undeservedly comes is a great disappointment. If one fails to rise to the occasion then it hardly matters how much you have delivered in the past.

Secondly, my approach is limited because I am not a qualified which is not known to them. They went that I should do everything. But, I know I have to depend on other specialists. No doubt, I earned big name but some indelible blemishes are there as well. Actually, it hurts me a lot and reminds me that I am a non qualified physician and consequently its implication if it would be known to the public.

One nice day I shuttered down the clinic and put a lock on it and left to a far off city.

Now, I do nothing. I have planned to do something in which no one would get the chance to raise the finger. A lot of complaints people do if relapses occurs.”

Oh! On my part such an exhaustive story, one after the other. I didn’t get the chance to ask even what is the health problem. Anyway, I was sure that this information would lead to selection of the medicine.

I had a breath and put my first ever question, that was, “What are you planning now?”

“Doctor, today, I have enough to live my life happily, the Kothi, car and other luxuries which are needed to spend life luxuriously. So that no one could criticize me. I am searching for such a business where people give only honour, no criticism. One’s stateliness is not found. You don’t have to listen to the complains or feel ashamed.

I have planned to run a coaching institute. It should be a big and much modernized, equipped with ultra-modern facilities and highly qualified teachers would be appointed. There will be no chance of getting that humiliation.

I asked him, “How will you manage all your expenses now?”

“All expenses come from my native house which my parents send to me. I have no regret for that.

There are some chances of working as an agent (sending people abroad). But the other party shown that there are some chances of failure. Means 96% of the possibility is positive whereas only 4-5% is negative. That means the person may fail to be sent. But, I won’t work with that possibility even when I am charging them at will and then I might return according to their will.”
End result – no occupation, no work.

Ultimately there was an end. Such a bit exhaustive information. It became very difficult to start with. Patient narrated his things without any pause.

Let us analyse it keeping PPP in view.

The whole story came out as soon as I asked the credential specially the occupation. So it would be the entry point which would be understood in explored in the perspective of How? And Why?

In working in farms, he tried his level best to do the same, precisely out of his ability. He tried to do farming with the most modern techniques so that yield should be maximum. As a broker he tried to be perfect there must not be any flaw. He tried the thing with full faith and loyalty. Then as a medical practitioner, he tried to meet his commitments. He tried best of his enthusiasm and zeal to learn and practice. Then planning to open coaching institute and left the big deal of being a placement agent in abroad, in which he would had earned handsomely. But negative possibility just by 4-5% left the deal undone. After all what he wants to do?

What I could understand from his attitude was 

1. Proper, too

In all the jobs, he undertakes, he shows his faithful commitment. He does not want to leave an iota of error which may bring on bad name.

3. Loyal 

If we take superficially, the first two rubrics i.e., Proper, too and Fastidious are look alike. But, if we look into the repertory for medicines under these rubrics, we found that the rubric ‘Proper, too’ has got only three medicines i.e. Kali-c, Nat-m & Silicea whereas Fastidious has number of medicines.

Fastidious – Very careful in matter of choice or taste, fussy.
- It is a personal standard of individual

Proper – It conforms to correctness of behaviour, appropriate, customary in a specific situation.

So, proper is more concerned with precision, appropriate in a situation.

4. It is very clear from his attitude that how much serious he is about his duty and responsibility.

DUTY - too much sense of duty
RESPONSIBILITY - taking responsibility too seriously

5. In each situation, the patient has the problem with his family members. He feels like he is pressurized or dominated because of his under capabilities. Being unqualified he is forced to work in farms and at home. He feels as he is discriminated. But, he behaves very nicely with the strangers, always help them at their disposal. Whether he is familiar or not. But help is always intended to them. 

  • GENEROUS; too - strangers; for

  • AILMENTS FROM – abused, after being – sexually – children in

  • AILMENTS FROM - domination - children; in

If we go through the carrier, just see a boy who is having not valuable qualification try to achieve things and honour and a respectable position. Being so weak but taking up challenges it hardly matters. However, tough it may be rather to work out some very hard things give him a pleasure. Lone in doing difficult and challenges. 

MANNISH - girls; mannish looking 

Always very angery when forced to work at home and in farm.

ANGER - work – about

On the contrary he wants to have a very honourable place in society and projecting himself as 

Proper, too
GENEROUS; too - strangers; for
MANNISH - girls; mannish looking
DUTY - too much sense of duty
RESPONSIBILITY - taking responsibility too seriously

Why he does so? What is his motto behind all his actions? What is that which inspires him to do so.
Being so proper, so enthusiastic and zealous in all his performances bring something very prestigious and praiseworthy and gives him a feeling which is most . Just see how easily he changes and mould himself according to the professions. Not al all fussy to stick to something. If one thing does not work for him he just gives it up and forgets that.

Discipline, easy to
FUSSY – aversion to 

In fact, it is the achievement of the relatives and people around which inspired him. It is stateliness and the honour the other people have got, urges him.

AMBITION – increased
DESIRES - full of desires - everything; desire for - another person is using; which
ENVY - hate, and

These are thoughts which persist and compel him . so such a high commitment is there which no doubt bring most precious thing i.e. 


The extraordinary efforts he did just to achieve these two assets, which he enjoys most makes him cheerful. Actually it is not simply the worth, nobleness, position and possession which becomes an indulgence but this becomes his source of gratification, because since childhood the patient is feeling worth and high sounding name and title he deserves. But, as there are no capabilities it becomes a tedious task. The stateliness, the majestic and magnificent feeling gives him an elated feeling. No doubt he deserves but not to the extend he feels so.

CHEERFUL - coition; after
CHEERFUL - dancing, laughing, singing; with

Let’s once again go back to the history. Why the patient left well established business so many times, that to on a very trifling things. Actually he wanted his worth and a big name in the society. That is the only reason he gave up his well established clinic to the broker and did not compromise with 4-5% negative possibility of foreign placement business. Because, it takes away his dignity and exclusiveness which is the main feel of the person to exist. He always wants to be in this state. He is least bothered about anybody else in the world. 

Desire – nursing all the time, children is nursing
(Nursing – feed or fed at the breast)

There are children who always want the breast feeding though no lactation is there, it is just an enjoyment. So this feel he gets from dignity and exclusiveness.

He does not bother about future, lives in present i.e. 


After he attains these two assets, then a lot of bad quality and weaknesses creeps in because all this has not been achieved with good intention because the base of the achievement is not strong enough. It is only known to the family members and to himself that basically what he is. This reminder does come very often, but overseen. 

ANXIETY - alternating with – indifference

In this state the indifference is very immense. The facts do not come in the mind. The indulgence gives him pleasure and elated feeling. Step by step getting the desired thing, obviously one is likely to feel very high.

DELUSIONS - stepping - air; stepping on
DELUSIONS - walking - air - on air; walks

This gives a high spirit, exultation and proud. 

Many a times, parents complain about their children that they are very obstinate and does not work. But, as far as their desire and goals are concerned they think themselves very great and feels highly honoured which is a feeling which is not an actuality. They are called (Nikamma).

As in this case it is acceptable to remain jobless and to enjoy the every comfort of the life at the cost of family expenses. If they come up to him and try to make him understand that what you are doing is not good and you should work or do business according to your father or elders advise, he is not at all ready for that, moreover becomes abusive. 

LASCIVIOUS, lustful - evening - bed, in
Handled – aversion to being
ABUSIVE - children - parents; children insulting

He is very haughty, contemptuous etc. the efforts which were genuine in the beginning are now no more enough after the indulgence but things went past very fast according to his will, because it is the indifference which does not let the patient mind about his action. 

Should the things visualized or as soon as the people come to know about the secrets the reality would be exposed for which he is very much concerned. That is the one thing he is scared of.
IRRITABILITY - coition – after ( coition – a deeply indulgent activity )

No doubt, he becomes cheerful after coition, but, after a short while when the consequence of coition comes to mind he becomes irritable, what could be the consequence of coition? It is pregnancy. An act that was done would come to light and automatically the immorality would be known to everybody.

That was the only reason why this gentleman leaves all the business so as to save his emptiness. He is not a doctor nor very well educated. He and his family do not know about this.

This is the only reason that he does not live with family. Lives in a strange far off place.

ESTRANGED - family; from his

But there are people who can rob his exclusiveness and dignity. If it happens, then he would be no where. The aura he made would first be shattered to earth and all what remains are the shame, indignation, dishonor, humility etc.

Delusions – see – thieves in his house.
INDIGNATION - pregnant, while

Late Dr. ML Sehgal explained it wonderfully. It was his genius to understand the things that way. 

Let us try to understand how he felt indignated during pregnancy according to Dr Sehgal? 

Pregnancy is a condition which comes after a sexual inter-course only. So it gives a feeling that the secretly done immoral acts would be visualized and ends in pregnancy which means filled. 

Further, the people around gives her facilities or services which are not needed, rather, she feels obliged to them. It confirms that her condition is so miserable that may invite pity. So, she does not want to get visualized. Once the pregnancy is conformed there is no hope of recovery. 

DESPAIR - pregnancy, during

WEEPING - pregnancy, during

Does not want anybody strangers around. 
COMPANY - aversion to - pregnancy, during


I had a lady patient (a doctor himself) with fungal infection on the whole body. She never told anybody at home, kept on taking treatment. But, gradually things kept on progressively. 

Now she has reached the age of marriage. The situation becomes very tight. She tried many medicines but there is hardly any result. If she gets married she has to wear a saree( Indian ethnic dress) which exposes the major portion in the abdomen hence every thing will be clearly visible.

The family member and relatives fixed the marriage but she somehow secretly dissolves the relationship. There was a big tension in her mind. How long she would keep on doing all that. When she sees everybody wearing saree it gives her an envious feeling. 

She became quite and withdrawn, sad, dejected. Now, the family members are all behind her to get married. Because of the shame she denies. There was no end to her miseries and she could not sleep at night, tries to remain away from the family during day. 
When she met me, she cried a lot for quite some time.

All the time same question revolves in her mind “if I get married it will be exposed”. 

Every time when the problem comes to her mind, it reminds her about her miserable condition.

If we understand this condition of a doctor or a person who himself is the one who cures many cases but when comes to her own case there is no way out.

DELUSIONS - net; as if in a

Neither she can get married nor remain unmarried. The problem especially day by day gives her worries and worries which has no end.

DELUSIONS - wretched; she looks - looking in a mirror; when

Mirror is something which shows you, your image, what you are. So, it reminds which tells the wretchedness which is no hope grief 

GRIEF – turbulent
LIGHT - desire for

And that grief is silent. 
GRIEF – silent

There remains only one question that is ‘ABSORBED - become of him; as to what would’.

When she comes to that condition there remains only confusion. The mind does not work. When asked ‘Why she never told these facts before?’

She is withdrawn quiet. 

MOROSE - chill, during
MOROSE - questioned, when

Then she wants to tell every thing and wants a solution.

NAKED, wants to be
LIGHT - desire for







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