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Miscellaneous Cases


Mrs. X came to me on 9/6/05 with complaints of fibroid in uterus measuring 13x29mm. Her bowels were not clear. She also had complaint of pain in legs with increasing weight constantly.
She was making gestures while narrating her complaints. She came to me because her colleague was talking medicine from me and was cured of her ailment.

I gave her Belladonna 30 on 9/6/05 single dose with placebo for two weeks.

Placebo continued, 
with slt increased bleeding on 12/7/05. 
Bleeding reduced on 31/8/05
Stools clear
Fibroid reduced to 9.4x8.5mm 
Placebo continued from 6/11/05 to 7/3/06
Bleeding regular.

Another case:
Mrs. X came to me on 30/3/06 with complaints of apathoes in mouth, recurrent urine infection and leucorrhoea. She had all these problems regularly for two years. She always took allopathic medicines and get relief for few days with recurrence again. When she came to me I asked that why she now opted to homoeopathic medicines. She said that her problems recur again and again.

She had taken medicine from me 5 to 6years back for some other problem and she was cured at that time. But as she is very busy so she couldn't come to me. While narrating her problems there was smile on her face. She said that her in-laws are regular patient of mine and as they also told her to come to me. 

I asked her, "How have you got time to come to me this time?"
She replied, "Today, I had some urgent work in the market which is near you clinic, so I thought to visit you also."

On the basis of this state of mind she was prescribed Belladonna 30 in single dose with placebo for three days on 30/3/06.
On 2/4/06 she came reported and told that apathoas were cured and now there was less burning in urination. There was no change in leucorrhoea. She was prescribed placebo for a week. 
She came on 9/4/06 and reported that burning in urination has gone completely and improvement in leucorrhoea also. 
Since then she is on placebo with much relief and coming regularly for her medicine.

A case of leucoderma
A female of age 53years came on 8/2/04 with complaint of leucoderma patches on nape of neck. She told that it appeared all of a sudden in two months of time and she couldn't notice it because on back of neck. One of her colleagues told her about it and since then she was stressed up, how it occurred.
She was worried that what would happen if it will spread further either on face or any other body part. She covered it with her hair style so that it wasn't visible to others. She wanted it to go as soon as possible.

I prescribed her Opium 30, single dose on 8/2/04. Since then she is on placebo and now that patches are 95% gone, normal pigmentation is there. In span to two years all other problems of her were cured with placebo only.

Case of urticaria 
A lady aged 55years came on 28/2/06 with complaint of allergic eruption on whole body two years. She was diabetic and has hypertension also. Itching was aggravated during night. She had constipation. She had taken allopathic medicines without any relief. She also took homoeopathic medicines for her constipation but that worsened the constipation, so she left that. Now she came to me by reference of one of her neighbour. She was smiling while narrating her problems. She also has some family disturbances which she narrated and started crying during the narration. But after a few seconds she again started smiling. She told me to get her relieved from that problem as soon as possible, because due to that she couldn't sleep also which added disturbance to her daily routine.

I prescribed her Belladonna 30, single dose on 28/2/06. Since then she is on placebo. This time she is 50% relieved of urticaria with initial aggravation.







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