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Introduction to Revolutionized Homoeopathy

Why and how RH came into existence?

What is Revolutionized Homoeopathy?

What is new in RH?  |  What is Life?




Why and how RH came into existence?

Every system has its own limitations. So is homoeopathy. The problems are bound to be, as no system is complete in itself. Dr. Sehgal, staunch follower of Dr. J. T. Kent, came across some problems of very obstinate nature. Some of his fever cases did not yield to any treatment. He tried all the possible ways of prescribing, but there was no result. This failure did not discourage him, on the contrary made him more inquisitive and more zealous so as to investigate the things more deeply, as if something new was inviting him to explore it. It was unconvincing to him that how it is possible that the law of similar has got limited application. He used to follow Dr. J. T. Kent meticulously and try to find some mental symptoms and add some physical symptoms to it and repertorise it to find the remedy. But in some cases where he was stuck up, there was no clue to reach to the remedy. He used to become restless, "Why homoeopathy fails?" He happened to read Dr. J .T. Kent that, to become a good homoeopath you should learn from the bedside of the patient. One of his close relative's son was having high fever and diagnosed to have malaria. When asked, how are you? He used to reply, "I am fine" even during very high fever. When asked, "What do you want to do?" He told, "I just want to lie down on bed." And on his own never complained of any problem. Repeatedly these statements came. No doubt, these statements seem to be most ordinary and common ones but carries a lot of meaning which Dr. Sehgal converted into the following rubrics.



  1. WELL - says he is well - sick; when very

  2. BED - remain in bed; desires to

  3. INDIFFERENCE, apathy - complain; does not

By combing these rubrics he reached to the remedy Hyoscyamus. There was no indication of Hyoscyamus in malaria fever during those days in any homoeopathic literature. But he thought of trying this remedy. This remedy gave amazing result.


This gave him immense boost to understand the great secret that if followed, the mental signals of the ailing individual keenly, let it be his common and ordinary one, it can lead to similimum to cure. He didn't looked back then onwards. He treated numerous patients with his new understood method. he then discussed this new method among fellow homoeopathic physicians who also tried in similar manner to get astounding results in their clinics. This led to the rediscovery of prescribing on ordinary and common symptom of the mind which was given a name as Revolutionized Homoeopathy.



What is Revolutionized Homoeopathy?

To prescribe according to the present mental state of the patient, which is also persisting and predominating in your patient during sickness.



What is new in RH?

There was no change in the basic principles but the only change was, considering the present state of mind of the patient by understanding the common versions of the patient. According to RH prescribing, the revolution was brought in the field of results. It was not against anybody or any school of thought but only against the diseases or the suffering humanity. The wide gap of misunderstanding was filled up between the theory and the practicability that is only the mental state is taken into consideration where as the physical symptoms are ignored.



What is Life?

In the medical history, it was Dr. Hahnemann who first gave the rational explanation to the life. Dr. Hahnemann explained the life from the spiritual point of view. Dr. hahnemann explained that there are three components of a life that is spiritual, mental and physical. These three components are interdependent and they always interact with each other, which means wherever there is life, these three will be three and vice versa.


Spiritual layer + Mental layer + Physical Layer = Life

If there is any reaction at any level the whole economy is behind that, it is never a local phenomenon Dr. Sehgal explained the life in the following way. Life always pre existed in two extremes that are in sperm and ovum, like negative and positive. When these two comes together mysterious changes take place which initiates a process of cell division so as to form the whole or an individual. For example, when a negative charge meet the positive charge only then a circle is completed other wise they remain restless. Their union is must, life always starts as union, perhaps this is nature's law.


Always originate from a life.

-ve & +ve

When they meet they form zero, the seed of life, the first cell, to call a unit.

Multiplications to take shape of the whole.


Spiritual + Mental + Physical = Life

(We recognize life in three parts, the Body, the Mind and the Spirit. This is a trinity and this trinity is always present in all life and in some form in every part of our organism. These forces react in symmetry and are interdependent - Robert)


Center of life, no doubt that all the three layers are important, every one is must, even then every layer has got its own importance. Spiritual layer is most significant, next comes the mental, least is the physical one. Agreed, spiritual layer needs the physical so as to express itself, but nevertheless mental layer is topmost in significance because it is this layer which gives meaning to the material and thus make it capable of sensation and function. For example take a life wire of electricity, as long as current is passing through, it is live if the current is switched off, it is merely a piece of dead wire. Similarly it is the dynamic layer which pervades the material body and thus makes it meaningful. So it is the centre of the life as called by Dr. Hahnemann.


All the processes of life that is health, disease and cure is business of CENTER. 


Center is target of disease and cure.


Spiritual layer - manifests itself through mind.

(The special organs are developed and their functions maintained by the expressions of vital energy as the life giving principle. All expressions of the mind are such manifestation - Robert)

Because of mind is in the closer proximity, the dynamic layer expresses itself through mind, so the direct route to reach through mind, so the direct route to reach the center is via mind. When we prescribe on the basis of mental state, directly we are going to give the stimulation to center. So it is the mind who is all important to establish individuality.


Because homoeopathy treats the man, not the disease and man is in the mind.


Mind comprises of WILL and Understanding and Memory

Of these three, WILL is the most important.


And is defined as the power of making a reasoned choice or decision or of controlling one's own action.




The power of choice and deliberate actions or the intentions resulting from the exercise of this power.


The WILL plays a significant role to know about the patient. If we take the case or investigate the patient according to the laws of RH all the way straight, we are able to bring out the WILL of the patient. Thus a very judicious prescription is made.


Understanding is defined as the ability to reason or understand or to perceive relationship, differences.


From the above discussion, it is very much clear that how important the mind is. Suppose, any department of the mind is abnormal or suppressed it can lead to any disastrous consequence. At the same time if some physical part is sacrificed for some better thing no difference to lead a normal life is felt. For example, there are number of instance persons seen roaming about in the streets. They do not show any concern about their physique, many of them look very strong, the external influences hardly makes any difference, e.g., many do not even wear clothes, they are unconscious about their security and safety. There is no meaning of such a life, mental faculty is gone means no life or in other words there is no meaning of that type of life.


But there are persons who don't have some particular limbs but their mental faculty is working fine. They pull on their life even married life understanding the need of the family as well.


For example, Stephen Hawking, the physicist who's fully paralyzed, can not even move a step, utter a word, being well at mental level, he is the future of the world. So the mind is very significant so as to establish the individuality and thus to make a proper prescription.


Hence mind plays an important role in life. In Homoeopathy also every stalwarts of Homoeopathy gave highest gradation to mind.


Dr. Sehgal practically showed why the stalwarts depended on mind symptoms so much by implementing this RH in all his cases.


According to Dr. Sehgal basically two processes that is processes of assimilation and elimination are very important. They play a very significant role in the state of health and disease and cure.



For an individual to work, fight against diseases and to maintain the life it is utmost necessary to be supplied with energy which is provided from out side in the form of food and drinks. After the process of digestion the useful part is taken up for the maintenance of the life and to meet the energy requirements for the various processes.



During the process of digestion and metabolism some waste products are left over which are removed from the body at certain interval in various forms, for example stool, urine, sweat etc.


These two processes are very important. As long as these two processes are working efficiently the individual is in the state of health. Every individual has his own standard of assimilation and elimination. For example, a person may be in the state of health with a certain quantity of intake of food where as the other may be requiring more or less than him, so as to sustain the normal life. Some way evacuation of the stool once in twenty four hours may be satisfactory for one where as the other person may like to evacuate twice or thrice. What I mean to say is every person has his own standard of assimilation and elimination where he feels normal or in the state of health or in NATURAL ORDER as called by Dr. Sehgal. At this state these two processes obeys a discipline which is unique to the individual. During the state of health this discipline is must which is natural to the individual.


Any change in the discipline of assimilation and elimination makes natural order is disturbed. These two processes go out of order, does not obey the natural order which is unique to the individual. The intake of food may decrease or increase and there are perverted desires and aversions. The energy level starts falling down and the person becomes inefficient. The process of elimination is also perturbed, the waste is not thrown out as it should be. So it starts accumulating in the body. After a certain period this accumulation of waste turns into toxins and thus sets in the process of DEGENERATION. In this state, the processes of assimilation and elimination no more obey the discipline. This is called the diseased state.


These toxins which are lying in the body has certain reflection on the mind which are reflected in the form of speech and gestures.


When the medicine is selected according to the mental state, the first change it is likely to produce is on the control over the degenerated process, by stimulating the center and restoring the normal energy level and thus producing the eliminations through the natural orifices and restoring the process of assimilation as well.


The elimination set in by the remedy so chosen does obey certain discipline ensured by the feeling of general well being. Ultimately both the processes starts obeying the discipline which is unique to the individual and thus it is the sign of health.


When these process of assimilation and elimination are altered the toxins are giving reflection on the mind in the form of speech and gestures. These signals emitted by the patient are collected and out of which the most stressed by the patient, time and again are taken into consideration for the selection of simillibus. In other words, we can say the present which is persisting and predominating is taken in to account so as to select the homoeopathic remedy. These versions of the patient may seem the common one, never the less they are pregnant with meaning.




CASE TAKING: This is the first encounter with the patient we are going to have during the process of case taking. It is a very important step as far as the future of the patient and the doctor is concerned. Because well taken case is half solved. As case taking is not an easy job, it needs a lot of skills and temperament on the part of the physician. Every case is a different case, you may have to adopt different strategies. It is utmost necessary to bring out the real information from the patient and to understand it in the contest of patient himself. Every person is not easy to handle, very often one has to palpate some sensitive issues of the patient in question of the moment. But in RH the aim and technique is very vividly clear. The master that is Dr. M.L. Sehgal always made the things very easy, also the case taking. Master said, "When a patient come to us he come to give us the information regarding his sickness which is reflected in speech and gestures, our sole aim is to collect the present which conforms to persistence and predominance. The only thing the physician needs is the correct observation and then to reach at a scientific conclusion to spot the reliable information and exact information so as to prescribe. To do so it is necessary to proceed into the case on the lines as told by the masters that is WHAT the patient says while reporting and HOW he says, WHAT he does and HOW he does? So when the proceedings are according to the lines as told by the masters one reaches at the desired information that is the present, persistent and predominant state of mind which is very scientific and reliable information so as to spot the right remedy.


The information which we are going to collect during the processes of case taking should be taken as it is. The information which comes spontaneously is most important and that should not be tampered by the judgements or coloured by the physicians. Then after taking all the information by the patient it should be analyses and evaluated, giving each and every expression its own value neither under rating nor over rating any information. Generally it is seen that patient gives very important information at the beginning of the case taking or at the end.


The similibus then chosen starts giving the effect with no time and it stimulate the center and then sets the process of assimilation and elimination right and brings the cure ultimately.




  1. Immediately after administration of similimum there comes the feeling of general well being and the natural order of the patient is restored and repulsion should take place. The recovery must start from within outwards, from center to periphery that is from mind to physicals.

  2. The mental state which form the basis of prescription must return to normal that is excesses, the exaggerations must depart with corresponding relief in the physical problems.







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