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Hyos Case


A lady aged 40years was referred to me by one of her friend. She had a gynecological problem. She bleeds every time during sexual intercourse. She had bleeding per vagina i.e. a few drops of blood passes in left aspect of lower abdomen and very painful menstruation. It was diagnosed as a case of cervicitis and the gynecologist suggested an operation. On getting the biopsy done it was found to have abnormal cells in the picture suggestive of malignant nature. 

The patient did not go for the surgery and opted for Homoeopathy. But at the same time she has a lot of scare that lest the problem take some serious turn. Time and again she asks many questions regarding the disease like " I have seen many female who had similar kind problem and later on it developed to cancer". 

She gets biopsy repeated every month despite the doctor told that it should be done after every six or three months. The bleeding per vagina has been happening since a long time. She said, " I was unable to decide where to go when my doctor suggested me for an operation". She has very severe constipation and lower back pain in L.S. Spine.

I prescribed her a dose of Hyoscyamus 3X followed by placebo for a month.

There was a tremendous recovery. In course of four to five months all her problems got settled and the biopsy became normal.


  1. As soon as she came to know about her condition as told by the gynecologist that she may require a surgery, she became hopeless. This is something which she never wanted. Because she has a lot of scare that during surgery anything can happen. Since it is a major surgery. (FEAR - injury - being injured; of)

  2. She resorted to homoeopathy which is the safest one according to her. But a lot of scare in heart, keep on checking, getting biopsy done time to time for the sake of knowing the movement of the disease. (CAUTIOUS)

  3. So that it may not take some untoward turn. FEAR - betrayed, of being: This symptom has got a great role to play. Dr. M.L. Sehgal considers this rubric to be a kingpin of the remedy. This is the one rubric around which the whole story revolves. 

  4. In fact when she did not go for operation and there was no relief from the homoeopath she was taking treatment then the danger started looming large within. She is stuck up where to go or not.DELUSIONS - seized, as if & GROPING as if in the dark:

  5. This is something where the condition of the patient many a times becomes delirious as no way is left out. A lot of imaginary complaints start occupying the mind. If this would happen, that would happen, all this goes in the mind he always remain occupied in this discussion. Today this much, 'If' kept on increasing, it would take away some of my organs. DELUSIONS - debate, of being in & Complaining, imaginary injury of.

  6. In such a condition the Hyoscyamus never rely upon people around and always call those who are not present there. (SUSPICIOUS)DELUSIONS - calls - someone & DELUSIONS - calls - absent persons, for & Delusions - suspicious, mistrustful person he is. 

  7. He becomes very awkward, want that the people around should come to know about his internal condition. Tries to pretend, makes some funny gesture and acts. AFFECTATION in gesture and acts. Even makes strange faces etc. It is not easy to give a remedy to such a patient. Many a time they deny taking medicine out of suspicion that it could be poison. They would seek help from a unknown person who has nothing to do with him. These are the fears that never leave this patient.

Case II

A boy of ten years of age brought to me for the treatment of asthma. The parent narrated that the child has a very serious disease; recurrent allergic bronchitis. During the change of season he gets attacks very frequently and has to be nebulised and hospitalized very often. 

I inquired about the child, "How he behaves during sickness?"

The patient explained, "It hardly makes any effect on him. He never complains of any problem at all. But anybody who could see him would be moved, the child is in great agony during the attacks. More to that he keeps on playing, attending school etc. It appears as if no effect is there on the child."

Even in the clinic he was sitting right in front of me and touching everything i.e. my stethoscope, my computer and books etc.

The following rubrics were taken:

  1. HIGH-SPIRITED: There have been recurrent attacks of difficult breath. Child remains very much lively, vivacious and energetic. It is the parent's anxiety which brought the child to me. He is just as energetic as ever, full of life. He does all the activities enthusiastically. Perhaps the impact of the disease on the economy is so meager that it leaves the patient feel like OK. 

  2. WELL - says he is well - sick; when very: He does not feel like sick. During the attack when the child was brought to me. The first question I asked him was, "How are you?" He replied, "I am fine" smilingly. But to have a look at him was fearful any moment he could have been suffocated.

  3. Being in such a agony he was touching all the objects lying on my table, despite the parents stopping him. TOUCHING everything; impelled to

A dose of Hyoscyamus 30 settled the entire affair. After that never went to the hospital for nebulization.

I observed that during fever in Hyoscyamus patients, the stupor supervenes and the patient keeps on lying indifferent, they do not complain of their suffering and they give a very pleasant smiling.

Otherwise too they are so foolish keep on laughing while sitting in waiting. It appears to them every thing around is ludicrous. At times they try to smile forcedly not from the heart.

As explained by Dr. M.L. Sehgal that they are very deceptive personality, but they project as, it may not be true. They never tell the facts. From within, deep inside they might have great fear or insecurity. They never believed the persons around, when they are stuck up they would seek the help of a person who is not around. They become so cautious that they never take a chance. They would prefer to suffer but do not believe anybody around.

Case III

Mr. X, age 43years, consulted me for the problem of eczematous eruption in the groin region and on the testicles. It is of 10years standing, all the skin is cracked and oozing. Itching is so much so intense that he goes mad. Just want to rub all the time. By profession he is a Chartered Accountant, but it is very hard for him to wear clothes etc. he tried allopathic first, which relieved the problem but later increased. Then took homoeopathic medicines which also worked same way. Then he went to some big hospital of the city. They gave him some strong dose of the medicine, which added to the agony, the itching reduced but then happened severe difficult breath and abrupt weight loss and the blood pressure went to the lower side. Patient got very weak, no stamina left. It happened 8years back. Since then he has not dared to try it again. But has been taking homoeopathic treatment and left all other treatment.

As the time passes away, the disease is becoming stronger and stronger, but he has been taking homoeopathic only. 

I asked him, "Why you have been taking homoeopathy? It is giving you no relief ?"

Then he explained, "I have no option left. I can't even think of other medicine. Allopathy has worsened my situation. I have determined that I would bear any suffering but won't try allopathy again. I have prepared myself to bear it but sometimes it goes up to that extent that even it is very difficult to bear it. Then I just get confused, I don't know what to do? Why it is not leaving me? Doctor give me such a remedy that may relieve my suffering. The man who sent me to you spoke about you in a very high manner. If you would relieve me I would give you a number of patients suffering from this kind of sickness. 

I prescribed him a dose of Hyoscyamus 3X. On the next visit after two weeks the patient explained that he got tremendous relief in all the problem. The itching and the texture of the skin became normal. The complaint of low blood pressure and others which happened after taking allopathic medicine got alright.

After taking medicine patient had frequent urination that too at a fixed time. It happened daily with that there happened improvement in general health. The weakness started going off and ultimately the patient got 100% cure. His working efficiency got increased.

Analysis: the homoeopath who was treating him was considering the rubric 'PERSEVERANCE'. Which looks like as well. But there was no result.

I took the following rubrics:
When the Hyoscyamus patient is stuck up i.e. DELUSIONS - seized, as if. Because of the danger he could guess ahead, puts him in to delirious condition and may be the second option as follow.

  1. The fear of being injured, which he could get from other treatment, causes him to prepare to continue with his disease or enemy. He feel like that he can have a cordial relation with enemy.
    DELUSIONS - marriage - going to be married; is

  2. Due to exceptional itching and rough condition of the skin it is difficult for him to put on cloths.
    NAKED, wants to be - hyperesthesia of skin, in

  3. As the time passes away the disease has taken a grievous turn by and by, a state which earlier was been easily to move along, now taking shabby turn.
    DELUSIONS - driving - peacocks 

Peacock - It is an ostentations display of beauty which is totally uncalled for or it is a fleshy display. To show off.

When the patient 8years back decided to move along with sickness and homoeopathy, it appears as if it would not be that problematic. But like the peacock, whose beauty comes close to the shabby legs which gives very ugly look as well. So in this case with the patient after he got married with disease i.e. accept it to go on for long association, then he could find that it is very difficult to move on with the peacock.

When I asked him why he has been continuing with homoeopathy despite no relief? It was because he cannot rely upon other treatment which may cause some more damage.

GROPING as if in the dark
FEAR - injury - being injured; of
When the attack of itching comes, he gets confused what to do? Where I should go why this for me.? It comes momentarily. I just can't decide or think, what to do? What not to do?
CONFOUNDING - objects and ideas

At the end he just prays to get a medicine which may mitigate the suffering.

And selecting homoeopathic only because now he has lost faith over all the treatment not even ready to go for trial.
FEAR - betrayed, of being







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