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Gels case 

I was called to see a case of the uremia. As I entered the house of the patient, I could hear a snub.

The old gentleman lying in the bed was abusing his wife, .I asked the patient what happened why are you shouting at your wife. He replied because she left the bathroom tap slightly loose. Because of which the whole night water kept on dropping and disturbed the patient sleep. This nonsense lady doesn't know that if I would not sleep how painful the night would be for me. These people do not understand that patient like me needs a comfortable surrounding.

Rubrics considered -
1. Disturbed averse to being
2. Quiet wants to be 
3. Ailment from embarrassment
4. Anticipation

Gels. State ---

1. Fear of loosing self control
2. CONFUSION of mind - muscles refuse to obey the will when attention is turned away

3. Anticipation 

4. Fear of falling 

5. Confidence want of self

AILMENTS from anticipation, foreboding, presentiment stage-fright singers and speakers, in (2)

1 arg-n, 3 GELS

  1. Torpor

UNCONSCIOUSNESS, coma   eyes open cannot (2)

1 gels, 2 sulph

  1. Light desire for positively

      3. CLINGING  children, of grasp the nurse when carried (4)

1 bor, 1 cupr, 1 cupr-acet, 2 gels







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