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Cocculus Indicus


Cocculus Indicus is one of the many drugs explained by Dr. ML Sehgal in his writings. 

He understood it and just gave the synopsis in one rubric i.e., RECOGNIZING - everything - move; but cannot - catalepsy; in.

Let us try to understand this rubric:

Recognize - Acknowledge, validity, character claim discare-nature, identify as known before. It is the knowledge of something in full extent, not mere awareness. The fact is fact (reality). To know the pros and cons of some, which may or may not be agreeable. But what is happening before the eye and understandable to the mind in detail is recognition.

Reality - The facts, truth, which cannot be denied, may or may not be explainable.

Move - To show some movement, reaction.

Catalepsy - Disease characterized by seizure or trans, lasting for hours or days with suspension of consciences and sensation.
The philosophy of the Cocculus Indicus patient is to recognize the facts, the reality, the truth and not to show any reaction or movement. In Dr. Sehgal words 'ACCEPT IT'. The recognition is not done reason; merely move overdone without emotion. The acquaintance re-affording the decision to do not move is done after proper circumspection and mathematic. These are two things which help him to reach at conclusion to accept the question which is not within reach to answer or in other words as said by Dr. ML Sehgal, "What cannot be cured must be endured."
This resolution is reached only after proper and detail acquaintance, otherwise Cocculus Indicus does have a rubric 'FIGHT, wants to'.

Case 1
Mrs Pushpa, age 46 years, came to my clinic. She is having problems of bleeding per mouth and having severe pain in the lower jaw. She is unable to eat. This problem started after the last delivery that was 24years back. 
At the moment, she is having severe weakness. She is unable to get up and to do her daily routine for the last 4-5years. She just keeps on lying on the bed but takes no interest what is going on in the house. 

I asked her, "How does you take her sickness?" 
She explained, "My problem is for quite sometime. I have been to some celebrated doctors and hospitals in the city but my problem is increasing day by day, pain is increasing and bleeding is also. I am unable to eat. Doctors said that I should go for some more investigations but I won't. Because I know my problem is not going to be cured. I don't want to give pains to my family members and also relatives, because nothing is going to happen, I convinced." 

"My biggest problem is that I cannot open the mouth properly to eat the food. The liquids and the foods start dribbling out. I feel ashamed when I have to eat in front of others. I do not tell about my pains and sufferings to anybody, that I use to have at night. During the daytime, I try to laugh to hide the gravity of my disease from other."

I asked her, "How do you come to take the homoeopathic medicines when you know that your disease is incurable?" 
She replied, "I know my disease is incurable, but I will take homoeopathic treatment just for the satisfaction of my son. It might be possible that I may get some relief."
Rubrics taken:

1. RECOGNIZING - everything - move; but cannot - catalepsy; in
2. INDIFFERENCE, apathy - lies with eyes closed
3. ANXIETY - others, for
4. CARES, full of - others, about
5. DISTURBED, averse to being

Analysis: Exactly similar preposition is there in above discussed case of Cancer of mouth. Patient's psychology is not to take the treatment any more. And there are enough facts she has. She has given explained her facts in following version.
"Doctors want Fulter investigation, which mean they could not reach what this disease is and what could be the fate of disease. When top doctors of the city are not able to treat me, that means my disease is incurable. I have taken so many treatments but none is able to bring any result." 

"Why do you not want to go for Fulter investigation? 

"Because, even if you come to know the name of the disease, how dies it matter?"

"Now I have to live with the pains and all that. I am not at all ready to do any thing any more, it hardly matters." 

She is just showing no concern about the treatment, i.e., 'INDIFFERENCE, apathy - lies with eyes closed'.

Despite all that she came to me for the treatment because her son wants to take treatment for her. If she does not take treatment they feel sad, worried.

1. ANXIETY - others, for
2. ANXIETY - family; about his
3. CARES, full of - others, about

"If something happens, it is my luck." (Hopeful) Patient is not demanding anything from me. Whatever the condition is and kind of health she has is enough for her. (CONTENTED) 
Secondly, she is very much perturbed with one thing that she is not able to chew the food properly. While eating food in front of others she gets a sense of indignation.

During the day she tries to be happy, so that the other person should not come to know about gravity of disease. (Mirth)
A dose of Cocculus Indicus 6 was given, that produced tremendous relief straightway. She was kept on important care. 

After three months CT scan was done. There was no malignant growth; the patient is still under observation.

From the above case it is the concerns of others which brought the patient to me. Patient shows very deep respect and regards to people around them. She extends her cares and compassions to others.

Case 2
A young lady was suffering from low grade fever for few years. She has been having the ill health for since a long time. She explained me that her mother died 5 or 7years back and it is she only who has been taking care of the entire household and other members of the family. Along with that she was working in some office. She told me, "My father is an old man. He is not able to do more for his own. I use to take care of him as well. There is hardly any time for my own. On the contrary, even during ill health I have to manage all this, otherwise the life at home goes out of gear. None else bothers about the father. All brothers are elder to me, but they do not know how to run a house. Ever since my mother passed away I never let them felt motherless. I do not feel bad about working, but this ill health intervenes. It stops all my movements. (Angrily) Secondly this dysmenorrhoea. Oh! It is intolerable. The pains and flow is so copious that I just cannot do anything. All my brothers have to cook and to do other household works. My father is at such an old age. Nobody is there to help him. I feel it. I love my father very much. I always remain worried about him. Just because of him I am not going for marriage. I just cannot leave him in others care. The health of me is getting problematic now. Somehow, I was managing all this for years. But now, I am getting sick very often. I know that my father is not going to live long. So I think I should extend each and even services to him."

I asked her, "Why did you not take treatment till now?"
She replied, "Just because I did not find time earlier, always one or other work is there."

Analysis: In this case, the whole story revolves around the facts are cares, sympathy, compassions which this girl is doing. She has all the feeling of pains what her fathers is having and other family members experiencing. Because, they do not have mother. She is trying to fulfill the place of mother. 

Rubrics taken:
1. REVERENCE for those around him
2. ANXIETY - conscience; anxiety of
4. ANXIETY - family; about his
5. ANXIETY - others, for

These are the patients for whom the concern of the others plays a great role. They are very considerate. If they fail to do so it upsets them from within i.e., ANXIETY - conscience; anxiety of.
Now, the ill health does not allow her to do any work. The disease intervenes and disrupts the patient's normal flow. This is something intolerable. The patient always wants the things to happen smoothly.

1. ANGER - interruption; from
2. CONTRADICTION - intolerant of contradiction

She is so attached to her father that she postpones her marriage.
ANXIETY - health; about - others; of

The dysmenorrhoea and excess menstrual are again produce the same problem. That's why she gets the following symptoms menses during:


She is so much involved in her business that she does not find the time for herself. The personal care and requirement of the treatment is taken place away by consideration of other's requirements. This is due to her following characteristics:

YIELDING disposition
REVERENCE for those around him 
At time, she becomes angry out of frustration due to her inability to meet the requirements of others or interruption in the normal flow.

DELIRIUM - angry

Actually, it is not in her nature. It is the disturbance in her normal flow of life, which makes her derailed.

During this process of caring so much about the others, Cocculus Indicus patients get slant loss of sleep when nursing the sick people, like this lady who has been attending her old father. And they get ailment from night watching.

Ailments from - sleep - loss of 

In fact, Cocculus Indicus is deprived of sleep because of others. So Cocculus Indicus 30 was given to this girl. All her problems settled gradually with lot of expulsions and she could serve her family very well.

Case 3
A young man of 28years consulted me for his problem of migraine for many years. He told me, "I have taken treatment from so many doctors. Every one said that I have to it. They gave me the strong pain killer but no relief."

"Actually, no one understands my problem. People do look at my age i.e., 28years only and my physique. On seeing me no one can have the idea that I am so weak from within. On the contrary, they say that such a strong and young man you are, you should work. They use some rough language even. In the initial years, I kept on learning all that.

I tell you doctor, it is very difficult for me to get up in the morning so early and to slant mark." 

"I measured the BP. It was 90/60mm of Hg. I do feel heaviness in the brain. It is difficult for me to think, no energy at all. I feel emptiness in body and mind as well.

No one listen me. I just lie down in my bed room. Nowadays, as long as the attack persists I do not bother about any work. My condition does not permit me to do anything. At that time, I feel that I must lie down, irrespective of what people say. During that period, I want that no one should come to me. There must not be any disturbance. I do not tell my problems to anybody. During that period, if any how I have to work, I do work very slowly." 
"I have come to you with a hope that I will be alright. Because, my family business depends upon me and due to this problem I am unable to run that properly. I am getting these attacks very often. I have to stop working, which is unbearable. When I am at the mark if some problem comes on the way I just do not understand how to tackle that. I am scaring always that if anything will happen suddenly, what I would do?

Analysis: If we look into the whole case, it seems that the patient has exhausted of his energies. Now, he does not have the energy to sustain to work. He feels weak. In early years, he kept on bearing whatever people said. But now, the bodily condition does not allow.

DELUSIONS - hollow - surround of
DELUSIONS - hollow - organs; being hollow in

He leaves his works and lies down and does not bother whatever is going around.

INDIFFERENCE, apathy - lies with eyes closed

The recognition of introspection and mathematic compel him to lie down despite whatever the people does say. No doubt, the body looks strong enough to sustain the work but from within he is empty which gives him a sensual insulted feeling, over which he gets withdraw.

SADNESS - insult; as if from

No doubt, he is perturbed. Because, the works are halted in between, that gives him anger.

ANGER - interruption; from 

On the whole, we can say that a time comes in Cocculus Indicus patient's life when the energies are exhausted and has no strength what so ever. Then the anxiety starts for oneself.

ANXIETY - hypochondriacal

This leads to the state of 'MORAL FEELING; want of'. It is Cocculus Indicus patient's other way round. He becomes totally indifferent to all and starts supervening. It becomes difficult for him i.e., gets up in the morning.

DULLNESS, morning bed, in 
DULLNESS - understands questions only after repetition

It becomes very difficult for him to react on the face of difficulty. His intellects has blunt down.

Dullness fear of difficulty
FEAR - events, of sudden

By enlarge, we can say that the philosophy of occulus Indicus patient is recognition of the reality and accept that to do compromises with the situation which is not answerable and to live peacefully. In Dr. Sehgal's words 'What cannot be cured must be endured.'







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