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Chammomilla (detailed Case studies)

Such a common remedy is homoeopathic world. I think there is no homoeopathy, who cannot tell something about it. That something is so significant, every case requiring Chamomilla does have it and that is its mentality.

Every school of thoughts in homoeopathy can recognize very well the mental state of it or so categorically it emerges no one can miss it. Moreover, it becomes criteria to prescribe on.
So it is an answer to all though who disagree that mental state canít be basis or in others words bearing aside physical mean no totality.

The irritably and the sensitiveness of the remedy are two invaluable assets to prescribe on all the homoeopath are very much acquainted with these two asserts and recognize them very well & prescribe this remedy always a satisfactory results. So is true of every remedy. I think somewhere there is gap and lack of knowledge regarding other remedies. Any way. Irritability and sensitivity are always seen irrespective of the name of disease. Nothing great, but, still I would like to explore this remedy to make things more easier through cases, I agree, it is fever so frequently, in everybodyís clinic, might be 4-5 times a day I would put may efforts to know why people are so irritable and so sensitive. 

Case no. 1 
Way back I had a case of psoriasis totalis of a young girl. She took treatment from various places. But, no differences this, even she was continuing from me for quit sometime without satisfactory relief, at night she use to cry. It was horrible to look at the patient. Her mother told me, she does like small child, becomes obstinate to have chocolate, ice-cream, water ball etc. Still I was leading to no where. I took the case many a times. But nothing was remedy as state to prescribe on. It was only few months after joining Dr. Sehgal School. Parents were getting discouraged. I asked them to come to me next day morning, so that I may retake the case once again. It was hot summer. By chance I got late reach my clinic, so were the case with my assistant. The sun was shining hard, she had to wait there. As soon as I reached at my clinic. The peculiar eye look with frowned face were directed at me. the resentment was very much at it peak. As I entered the clinic, I said, good morning. 

Pt. Ė ďHoon, donít you know what is my condition and I had to wait in the sun. itching is so severe, I canít bear it. Now there are number or patients, you would ask me to wait. I just canít, you give me medicine first. Because you ask so many things from patients and spend a lot of time with book.

I just hold my nerves and tried to understand, why today she became so ugly. In fact, it was Chamomilla 6/1 dose, she required. Her mother then told that she does like this always when the pains are at peak.

1. ANSWERING - civil, cannot be
2. ANSWERING - snappishly
3. IMPATIENCE - pain, from
4. IMPATIENCE - slowly; everything goes too
6. FROWN, disposed to

After a dose of Chamomilla she passed a lots of urine and drink at least ten liters of water in whole night. But gradually came to total freedom from such a dread disease. 

To be patient for Chamomilla is not possible, they want to get the things turned very fast. The sensitivity to pains is so great that leaves them uncivil, impatient insolent etc.

Many a times patient with severe colic or other suffering comes to our clinic. They just do not wait for their turn. So restless and impatient. They generally have frowned face and irritable look manifest vividly. I do put a dose of Chamomilla which relieve the agony and every time it does yeoman service. Chamomilla not infrequently indicated in the world of little ones. I have a son. When he was only nine days old, got viral fever that too at night. Started crying very loudly. Then I took him in my lap got quiets. I took the temperature. It was just 990F. But again after ten minutes, started crying very loudly. Not at all ready stay for a moment with me. Then my mother took him. Then he star for few minutes and started weeping again so impatient does not want to taken in lap. If we put him on bed, no ready stay then whole house got perturbed. It was difficult to find a comfortable place. Trying to give him toys its very difficult to calm down. On the contrary getting worse and worse. All family members got ready for hospital. In the mean time I reached at Chamomilla which settled the affair with no time. 

The rubrics I have taken:
CAPRICIOUSNESS - rejecting the things for which he has been longing; when offered, he is
NOISE - inclination to make noise
CARRIED - desire to be carried
CARRIED - aversion to be carried
THROWING things around

The capricious is a great key factor to Chamomilla prescription.
If we look into this patient, why he is so restless at only 990F temperature. In fact sensitivity and irritability are so great. He wants to have relief which he is not getting. 

He is appeared momentarily by carrying them starts weeping again. It is his problem. He himself does not know what he wants. One moment with me and other moment want some else and so on. Wants to be carried one moment which relieves him for a second. All this is the ĎCAPRICIOUSNESS - rejecting the things for which he has been longing; when offered, he isí just because they canít have what they want, keeps on crying and shining and whimpering. To manage such patient is a just impossible even the attendant becomes irritable. It is very difficult to make them quiet.

It does a yeoman service during period of dentition, the painful cutting of teeth, diarrhea, dysentery etc in most of the cases obviously when indicated by a peculiar state of mind.

3. A few days back a lady came to consult me for the pain in the back. I asked her what is your problem. 

pt. Ė ďYou donít give me medicine (angrily). I have such a pain in my back I could not sleep. I was so well. This pain and disrupted the whole work. Already I am in such a condition I canít work. All the family members do say me this and that. I donít why I canít do work properly. I do not where does my mind go. It always a get reproaches from my family members. Whenever I do work, they keep on watching me which make me irritable, I am just working. I become extremely angry . if told something about the things I have done I felt insulted, I try my level best to do things rightly, I feel it when things go wrong. But this all because of interfere from the family members, my husband and other family members make irked. So I took the composure. Then it becomes impossible for me to hold myself, I just beyond myself and start abusing them, with the result I have to have headache, pains and breathlessness etc. I do not want all that. But invariable it happens. I am just afraid that I do not do things properly, everybody points out. I feel insulted. 

Case analysis Ė A this lady want to avoid that that insulted which she very after get from the family members. She puts efforts very earnestly so that the works should very done properly. She feels it, if she fails because impatient. She feels whatever she does in not fast enough 

DELUSIONS - insulted, he is
AILMENTS FROM - mortification
AILMENTS FROM - honor; wounded
Because of the sensitivity the smallest. In fact has very earnest serious intentions that she might do thing in a right ways. But because of capricious thatís the standard of working goes so high that it is possible to meet either by him or others. In fact, she does not know what she want.
Discontented with her and with others. As the family member keeps as watching her what she does or not. I do not feel comfortable. 
Ailment from Ė look at being

And when anybody points out or speak to her regarding her mistake. She becomes very angry,

LOOKED AT, cannot bear to be
INTOLERANCE - spoken to; of being
She just becomes imbecile, insolent and impertinence when prov . Does not bother whome she talking or when I put her a simple quit how is she whatís her problem. she behaved rudely.

I look the rubric
RUDENESS - women, in
ANSWERING - civil, cannot be
The significant of word woman here is that it show a person of weak commitment who cannot accept any resistance, any question and contradiction etc. 
Not doubt the Chamomilla is P


But the capricious and ill humored contemptuous manner leaves him. Whom and how he gets dishonored and insulted. It is very difficult to know. She does not forget even the must trifling complain or vexation happened to him, keep on complaining, never happy with present things wants something new. What new? Does not know, makes her restlessness and discontented etc. so dominating always others very critical and faulted finally. I when Chamomilla would be happy and cheerful. Oh! Yes, it is only in the fa . in fancies so much hight is there which is just not realistic very jealous, malicious person he is. Really, it needs even the stronger words to express the right feeling or inside stuff of this remedy. So many desires, many a times mother complains that her son does not like to eat what is ready, always shouts why not this and that vegetable. If that is per then why not an other one and dose of Chamomilla very often settles. The capricious make so perturbed that it becomes very difficult, live with. A very after it arouse a feeling in the attendant that first he should give him a slap and rest would be seen later on. Such a patient requires Chamomilla very vociferously exhibit these qualities so as to cut short the work of physician. They just make the condition, pitiable.

A 6-7 years old child brought to me and had no appetite, very irritable. Mother started that he is so much so irritable and weeping. it is intolerable. It is difficult to appease him. It is an old story. We just leave him aside and he keeps on weeping and weeping and weeping. when he gets exhausted as friend would go to sleep on his own. We do not attend him simply. The Chamomilla generally in the end that it is better to leave the things upto fate and get settles. 

TRANQUILLITY, serenity, calmness - reconciled to fate







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