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It is one of the well proved remedies by Dr. Hahnemann almost all the symptamatology has been brought out. The homeopathic community has used it very frequently. Its explanation has been given very elaborately by many leading homeopaths.

Many homeopaths described calc. Frequently that this patient has a basic feeling of insecurity and which taken manifestations in various type of fears, threats, anxiety, worries and cares etc. the unique way of reacting to the threat of calc Is that the individual is question react passively. They do wait and watch how the situation turn up with the passage of time or they will withdraw from the situation and tries to get a secure and safe site. In other words it can be stated as whenever there is threat from the outside world calc patient would like to go into the shell like an oyster as described by many homeopaths.

Secondly calc patient is mostly concerned about is impression in others mind. He always intend to create such an impression of very high dignity, though he has to resort to good or bad quality it is very difficult and most troubling for calc. to have a bad impression, hardly matters how it comes. 

This is something around which maximum number of calc. patient feeling revolves. It may be looking very easy when we go through the literature, but very difficult to find such feelings in the patient practically because they do not come as it is, but they are to be sensed. There could be a number of avenues to this basic feeling of the calc. at different ages and different social standards it has different ways to manifest. 

Case 1
Child of age 6 brought to me for the treatment of recurrent epistaxis since the age of six month, it started without any apparent cause, and there is the problem of throat infection, swelling of the glands. The problem of cough and cold always there. Last night the bleeding was very perfuse on waking, as soon as the child saw the bed sheet soiled with blood, got frighten. Apprehensively he asked his mother how come this blood, how all this happened with terrified expressions,Mother explain about the child behavior she told that the child is very timid bashful and has lot of fear.He always tries to be with his mother, being alone, get upset, mother reported that his madam at the school says that he is very sincere student always keep on sitting where he is asked to, never create a fuss does not participate in doing mischief and talking to other. I asked the child why don't you play and talk to others while your madam is away. He explained the teacher has told us that, peon in the school is the very dangerous person. He would give a slap if we shall do any mischief I am always scared of him. Mother further added he always ask other family member not to make a noise, if there is any hot exchange of the words among the family members, he gets scared. He can't see accidents, fights, rape scenes etc.

Analysis of the case -
Most of the time it is difficult to reach to the selection of the calc in the children cases. Children are incapable of communicating, secondly the dullness and the inability to calculate plays the great role. So keeping the present situation which persist and predominate may take the physician very easily to the right selection as in this case the first rubric frightened easily at the sight of the blood, how come the fright, infact the smallest problem makes the patient anxious apprehending and starts anticipating lot of problems like something bad is likely to happen. Because she has the basic feel of delusion horrible every thing seems.

Because of the same reason, he wants someone always with him that is the main reason that this child always wants his mother with him. Which is security, in other words shell for this child. I have seen so many patient of this kind who needs the security; it is strange that despite such insecurity they don't ask for it. Passively they keep their fears and anxieties within themselves.
Calc patient has a thinking of his own, that anything or any event which may be slightly unusual leaves the patient thinking that perhaps something horrible is going to happen because they are sensitive to mental impression. This kind of psychology will force the patient to anticipate that he would be at the 

Delusion at the verge of annihilation,
Delusion he would tumble down,
Delusion ruined he will be 

This is one thing that calc does not want because he fears sufferings, pains. That is why this child keeps on instructing the family members not to speak loudly; he does not create any fuss, disobedience at the school. This kind of indiscipline can create a bad impression and invite a criticism, secondly he is afraid of the peon as the madam told he is a dangerous person. Calc are very sensitive to horrible things because they consider themselves a weak person deep within -spineless

Follow up of the case - after giving a dose of cc 30 the child improved on the mental and the physical plane all the timidity fears anxiety are gone and the child starts growing as a different person.

FRIGHTENED easily - blood, at sight of
COMPANY - desire for - alone agg. when
MAGNETIZED - desire to be
SENSITIVE - mental impressions; to
SENSITIVE - noise, to - shrill sounds, to
SENSITIVE - criticism; to
SADNESS - stories, from sad
SITTING - inclination to sit - breaks pins; and

Case 2 -

baby of the age 1+ was brought to me for the treatment of the curvature of the bones of legs and swelling at the wrist joints. As the mother was sitting in my chamber and holding the baby in her lap. The baby gets uncomfortable in her lap. She just slips down and leaves her mother and starts playing with the things around. X- ray of the wrist shows changes suggestive of the rickets. Mother told that all her milestones started late. As per her physical and the mental activity is concerned she tries to do things, which are slightly bigger for her age. On the contrary she does not know where and when to answer the call of nature. She just soils her cloths and keeps on standing and never tells when urge is there. She never wants to be carried despite having problems in her legs. On the contrary she like to do the things which are bigger for her age starts pushing the furniture, playing with the tool, tries to iron the cloths etc. 

Analysis of the case

The most of the writers have taken a dull aspect of remedy, no doubt calc is a dull, slow especially in mathematics and retarded at both mental and physical levels. Child is very ignorant of some important things for example answering the call of nature etc. which otherwise every child is aware of ,rubric - precocity of the children, indifference to important thing but hey try to do something inordinate as to their age as it is clear in the above case.
In fact the calc patient are always busy may be fruitlessly doing this or that they are industrious the physical exertion actually gives them amel rubric exertion physical amel. After giving the dose of calc carb to this child brought drastic change overall the process of rickets held up immediately and the curvature of lower limb started improving with mark change in the state of mind. She became aware of what she was ignorant and ultimately the x- ray show normal study of the bones. 

Rubrics used -

1. Exertion physical amel
2. Activity desire 
3. Busy fruitlessly
4. Indifferent to important events.
5. Precocity of the children.

Case 3 ---
A young girl 16 years consulted me for the problem of refractive amblyopia. This girl is from a family which is under my care for last 18 years she is grown up before me but she always has been a very reluctant to take homoeopathic treatment as other as well.everytime she is sick she is very reluctant to come to take medicine. The parents fed up from the child now for quiet she has the problem of headache and dim vision in the classroom. I referred here to the ophthalmologist who diagnosed the problems mentioned above. She immediately changes her mind and insisted to come to me. It was surprising how she was ready to come to me. She said,' I won't put up the spectacles it would make my look shabby. No one will look at me. I won't put up the spects she said shriekingly [weeps and laugh at the same time] while giving history she has been laughing a lot.

"My mother is a great problem for me, she always interfere with me, she never let me to do things the way I like, she is very imposing, she want I should eat and wear cloths as she will" but I won't, I can't eat vegetables, salads fruits. I like Chinese nonveg etc.otherwise I won't eat. She is so obstinate if not obeyed keep on complaining, which is intolerable. She does everything as a child.

Uncle, make me all right, I don't want to put the spects. People will say," I am very dirty". I want to look attractive on teacher's day. I would wear a saree and teach in the class. It would be centilating, who would bear the spects, never, I won't she is not ready that even a smallest fraction of the appreciation should go away.

Then again she started complaining about her mother that she never left her alone. If I go to tuition she will always accompany me. She doubts me. The people would think why her mother never leaves her alone. No body looks at me. If there would be so many limitations on me how I would get married. I want freedom to do all these things. I know what is good and bad for me.

Analysis of the case -
This is a very interesting case, which almost covers of the calc carb proving. I was surprised when this young lady diverged the story mentioned above. Let us take up rubric by rubric from binging to the end since the days of her childhood. She knows me and all the family member are my patient very religiously but she always reluctant to take homoeopathic treatment which I always which I always as refuses to take medicine which anyone can think like but this was not the case.

In fact the basic feeling was different, that the only expression now when she came to me and then she explained me this basic feeling that the reason not to take the medicine earlier was that she does not want to be target of the criticism or to create a poor impression on the mind of other which is very important to the calc carb.
Rubrics - sensitive to the criticism 
Social position concerned about 
Sensitive to the mental impression 
Fear of the poverty 

In fact the smallest or the short coming actually upset the patient unusually it shakes her from within. As explained by Dr. M L Sehgal that calc does not want to come out of the wealthy position where he is secured. Because the poor impression something unbearable.

If you go through the case through ally and meticulously the some of the important character of the patient do come on the mind on their own. Example exclusive too, egotism, dignified.

Calc case 4 ----

A patient has recurrent attacks of the allergic bronchitis bronchitis, tried all allopathic measures but no relief recurrence and the severity of the disease is unchanged.

Every time the patient get the attack, he becomes very conversant and critical and does a sort of the altercation with me. But why he does not get relief why his problems come again. 
It makes me so down, I can't tell you. I am left with no energy. You just tell me what I have to do, if you want any sort of the investigations I am ready to go for it. But make me all right. 
Then I asked him, how this weakness affects you. Patient time and again stressing on the words make me all right I cannot afford to have this weakness

Then he explained that this weakness affects my position in the society. You know that the people around me would come to know that I am so weak internally they can exploit my condition. 
Because of the same reason I do not let the people know around about my condition, I never tell them, I never ask for the help even. It hurts my self-esteem.

Whenever I come out to sit in the rickshaw I sit like a normal person but it very difficult to be so. I don't want to sit but the attack was so severe I have to surrender it frustrate me then I have to disclose to the others which embarrasses me.

Rubrics considered-

1. Light desire for deliriously 
2. Fear of poverty 
3. Magnetism desire
4. Fear observed of being
5. Egotism
6. Sitting inclination to
7. Sitting and breaks pins

1. Delusion wealth imagination of - wealth of the calc. is good health and comfort. Wants no more suffering pains etc.
Because fear of pain, suffering and poverty.

Case 5 -----

An old lady of 60 brought tome for pains in joints. As I was taking the history her son interrupted and told me that his mother never walk down she never goes away from the house because she is never free. She always keeps on working and doing household work, even when all the works are over, she gets herself busy in some activity that is not required at all. She always keep on working and doing this and that. I asked her," you have three daughter in laws, why don't you let them work"

" Oh I would work, it is their time to enjoy." I have enough time. Other wise hoe I would pass my time. 
She never goes to a doctor even, keeps on ignoring the treatment. On the contrary she keeps on working.

1. MIND - INDUSTRIOUS, mania for work
2. MIND - BUSY - fruitlessly
3. MIND - INDIFFERENCE, apathy - important - things, to

Analysis of the case - it seems to be a very small and ordinary case of arthritis. I took only three rubrics but there are number of other rubrics of calc like why this patient can not sit without working because it gives her sadness if she does not work.
MIND - IRRITABILITY - idle, while
MIND - SADNESS - idleness, while
MIND - ACTIVITY; desires
MIND - EXERTION - physical - amel.
MIND - FEAR - observed, of her condition being

These could be the reasons, why the calc patient is always busy at the cost of their health. It is again the social concern, which compels the patient to remain busy. Because sitting idle can bring her to the notice of others that she is a sick person.

Listening to these words hurts the ego and thus causes mortification, which causes her a number of problems. Because calc has the feeling that she has been criticized. 

By and large if we see the calc it is got to be prompt that is wants a respectable, trouble free and exclusively dignified position. It tries to get secured with it by all means, may it be good or bad. 

The calc can go to any extent as far as the negative aspect is concerned. 

Rubrics, which shows the negative aspect of calc carb -
3. MIND - GAMBLING - passion for gambling
4. MIND - GAMBLING - passion for gambling - make money; to
6. MIND - DECEITFUL, sly - fraudulent
8. MIND - BOASTER, braggart

Cancer Case

A lady Mrs. U Sharma suffering from rectal adeno carcinoma grade II. She had the problem of diarrhea with passage of lot of mucous. It agg eating after. Very painful condylomatas are there at the anus it causes difficulty in sitting and washing the parts after stool. Extreme weakness is there. He cannot eat proper food, thee is pain abdomen bitter taste of mouth. At times only mucous passes per rectum. The investigation shows no secondary. By the time she was brought to me she started passing blood even. The allopathic doctor told her to go for the surgery. They suggested that they will close the natural passage and will make an artificial one by fitting a catheter. There is extreme pain in the lower back and in other joints. She is unable to walk. Keep on lying in the bed. Patient is not at all ready to go for the surgery. I asked her, why she does not want to go for he surgery? She explained, I can not listen about surgery or other such events, it always leaves me very affected.

I want to live only for a short period until my younger so get married. It is matter of few months only. Why to take so much of suffering etc. secondly I hope homoeopathy has got so many medicines, which can cure most obstinate problems. I cannot bear that torture given at the name of treatment in the hospitals. I cannot bear to see even others in the hospital with so many pipes and niddles etc. and otherwise too I have to get my son married only. Hardly matters what happens after that. The patient said that why to get into such a big trouble when homoeopathy is at our disposal i.e. these sweet pills are good for us.
Rubrics taken-
1. MIND - INDIFFERENCE, apathy - recovery, about his
2. MIND - FEAR - operation, of each
3. MIND - SENSITIVE - cruelties, when hearing of
4. MIND - ANGUISH - horrible things; after hearing
5. MIND - LIGHT - desire for.
6. MIND - FEAR - suffering, of

Follow up-after the dose of calc carb 3x there is tremendous improvement the pains and suffering, the no. Of stool ,passage of blood and mucous they all mitigated to a substantial extend with improvement in intake of food and energy level. She is able to manage all her household work on her own. Never the less the pathology is not reversed. Her general health is as normal as earlier. This case is still under my treatment. I have been treating this case for the last three and half years. At times I have to go to calc 6 , 12 and 30 when required. but his case is being managed amazingly.







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