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Calc Case 

A patient has recurrent attacks of the allergic bronchitis bronchitis, tried all allopathic measures but no relief recurrence and the severity of the disease is unchanged.

Every time the patient get the attack, he becomes very conversant and critical and does a sort of the altercation with me. But why he does not get relief why his problems come again. 
It makes me so down, I cant tell you. I am left with no energy. You just tell me what I have to do, if you want any sort of the investigations I am ready to go for it. But make me all right. 
Then I asked him, how this weakness affects you. Patient time and again stressing on the words make me all right I cannot afford to have this weakness

Then he explained that this weakness affects my position in the society. You know that the people around me would come to know that I am so weak internally they can exploit my condition. 
Because of the same reason I do not let the people know around about my condition, I never tell them, I never ask for the help even. It hurts my self-esteem.

Whenever I come out to sit in the rickshaw I sit like a normal person but it very difficult to be so. I don't want to sit but the attack was so severe I have to surrender it frustrate me then I have to disclose to the others which embarrasses me.

Rubrics considered-

1. Light desire for deliriously 
2. Fear of poverty 
3. Magnetism desire
4. Fear observed of being
5. Egotism
6. Sitting inclination to
7. Sitting and breaks pins

Delusion wealth imagination of - wealth of the calc. is good health and comfort. Wants no more suffering pains etc.
Because fear of pain, suffering and poverty.







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