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It has got some physical very important & significant symptoms like DRYNESS of all the mucous membranes with excessive thirst. On exploring its mentality it is very handy drug, which brings very many great cures.

A gentle man came to me for the treatment of pains in various joints i.e. elbows, knee joints, phalanges etc for at least 20years. He said, "I have been managing all my sicknesses somehow without taking medicine, by practicing YOGA or by taking domestic medicines etc. I always avoid taking medicines. As, it is not good to take medicines for small small troubles. But off late the problems are worsening. As I am visiting Afghanistan regularly for business purpose, my gastric problem is also troubling me. I thought of taking Homoeopathy. It is very good medicine. It has no side effect over and above that it has developed a lot now a day. It is cheaper as well. 


In other pathies one has to spend a lot just for investigation. This gentle man residing in a posh locality of the city, but was wearing clothes like an ordinary person. I asked him, you avoid taking medicines that why you thought of taking medicine now. Actually, the pains and the gastric upset affecting my business. Because of that I can't got to Kabul so frequently. Earlier, the problem was bearable but now it is difficult to bear it and hampering my work. To work it is must. If, I would manage the food for my kid. So give me such a medicine, which would put me back on the track. 

I would be grateful to you.
2. TALKING - business, of
5. FEAR - escape; with desire to
6. DELUSIONS - injury - being injured; is
7. FEAR - poverty, of
8. DISTURBED, averse to being
9. FEAR - starving, of 

The Bryonia patient least bothers about others. He always considers his benefit. If he visualizes that some thing could be of his benefit he goes up to that. This gentle man has been suffering from this problem for last 20years but never been to a doctor. Today, what he felt that he could be better managed by homoeopathy, it is safe, praising it, it is very nice, it has no side effects etc. Secondly, his motive to homoeopathy is he has to spend less money. Converted into BUSINESS TALKS OF

It may be looking like inciting of Hyoscyamus but not, because the approach of the persons is not provoking doctors emotion, rather because today it seems him that he can be benefited by it so it is the profit motive which leads to the above rubric.

Secondly, at the end of the case taking the way patient asked for help was very polite, modest, actually he becomes so to get his purpose solved by adopting this attitude, which I took as HUMILITY.

I came to know that this person is very sound financially as told by my assistant who knows him.He is a owner of a big house and has got lot of landed property,running agood business in Kabul. But the person is very miser; keeps on hoarding never like spending,Always keeps a very tight hand at the purse string which leads to AVARICE
By enlarge this person came to me because his business started suffering, which actually leads to give worries about future and business ANXIETY BUSINESS AND FUTURE ABOUT
Otherwise he keeps on bearing small small things as long as bearable. This is PERSEVERANCE.

He comes only when things get out off enduring power and starts disturbing him and his business. This expression comes very often, patient says, "I never been sick, even I never been to a doctor." I never take medicine; in fact he keeps on bearing the small problems. It may look like indifferent to suffering, but indifferent means ignorance, they keep on ignoring or neglecting deliberately where as this would BEAR, because talking medicine means spending money which would make him poor,in turn will bring the most afraid thing I e suffering..

It is strange that a person, who has fear of suffering, keeps on bearing the smaller ailment. He doesn't bother it can lead to a big problem later on. His policy is to bear small problems instead, affliction of the bigger one scares him most. Neither 'CAUSTIOUS' he is. Dr. M. L. Sehgal conectted these two rubrics by introducing a new rubric i.e. 'Chooses the lesser evil'. The genius explained it that when he has to choose between the two he would look about his benefits which way it could come. Spending money is a difficult for that avarice, businessman. Because he has the FEAR - poverty, of, which if comes can bring more suffering. So it is always better to BEAR.


And explained by Dr. M. L. Sehgal Bryonia has great fear of suffering. Any thing, which causes disturbance in his present set, makes him angry. Immediately, unusual anxiety overwhelms him
So on above symptoms I give him a dose of Bryonia 30 and Placebos for one week. He did come after two weeks and told me doctor I got tremendous relief. But your fee is very high which I can't afford; otherwise homoeopathic medicines are not that costly. Doctor, I think you charge for the time you spend in future I would only talk to you on telephone, which would take only few seconds, isn't it? It would be convenient for both of us. But then you will have to reduce your charges by 50%. This whole expression is - 
UNGRATEFUL - avarice, from- Because instead of being thankful, settling the terms and added that otherwise it would be difficult to continue the medicines.


This person was giving a BRYONIA picture so I promiseD, as he wanted. Next time he didn't come really, sent his son for medicine and said that he would makes the payment later on.b'cos at the moment he is not having the money.

A motorcycle mechanic of age 24years consulted me for the problem of pain in lumbar spine which was diagnosed as some problem in vertebrae. He had very severe pain in the back to make any movement is extremely painful. Patient got confine to the bed. This fellow has been attending his shop daily, I asked him you are in such an agony of pain then why do you attend your business. Doctor, I don't do anything, at the shop already I have one assistant out there I just keep on telling him to how to work. I can't let my any customer go off. I am worried about the business how to subsist without working. It is getting difficult gradually. I do get up at time, if pain is better i to do my job. The business has gone down drastically. I never had any problem. I couldn't understand how this strange disease has come. I can't tell you anything about it. I just can't keep on lying in bed.
I am greatly worried about future if I get confined totally. Who would work?

Analysis : This patient is very much perturbed by his sickness. He is getting insecurity about the future because of the disease. For his subsistence it is very mandatory to work, otherwise it is likely to bring the starvation. This he starts anticipating as the condition gets worse, to get into the bed is worst position for him, because all the activity are affected which mean the future is insecure. Whatever the amount he has is being spent which is making him more and more worried and gives him a lot of anxiety and compells him to stay at shop and drives up. If necessary, I mean to say if he feels like the customer is not satisfied, not to loose the customer he gets up and do the work on his own although he has to bear those pains.


Patient get confused he never had such a problem how come this strange sickness. With tears in eyes, has been explaining 
1. DELUSIONS - strange - land; as if in a strange
2. AILMENTS FROM - anxiety
3. AILMENTS FROM - anticipation
4. ANGER - contradiction; from
5. ANXIETY - business; about
6. FEAR - starving, of
7. QUIET; wants to be
8. DISTURBED, averse to being
9. TALKING - business, of
10. ANXIETY - health; about - own health; his

Actually the Bryonia is very sensitive chill during that is we saw in the patient number 2. Any thing which is especially effects the business, perturbs him , he gets so disturbed gets very irritable delirious, unable to think. Because he can see that if he doesn't work what could be the future. 

1. AILMENTS FROM - anticipation
3. ANXIETY - future, about
4. FEAR - suffering, of
5. FEAR - poverty, of 

Infact Bryonia is not always like this, as he is known to be., he may be a genuine person, because we the following rubrics :

1. ANXIETY - conscience; anxiety of
3. CONSCIENTIOUS about trifles
6. SERIOUS, earnest

He has all the qualities as well, but on the other hand has got some, uncontrollable, unattainable desires, which are never ending and unfulfilling, never let him take rest. He is discontented with what he has, due to unusual efforts he makes to achieve his desires, becoming very busy and have the feeling whatever he has is not enough. DELUSIONS - poor, he is & thus keeps on hoarding things and money become miser, avarice. May be because of ill health starts getting the feeling that he can't accomplish his work where the story starts taking the turn other way round. The FEAR - suffering, of, and ANXIETY - future, about - never leave this person, as the physical or mental efficiency decreases. 

It directly affects the business. Then it gives out some unfortunate characters 
9. GRI 

wondered why this person adopts this way. He is likesulphur, not egoistic. He could have beg, but he doesn't, he doesn't even pray, he is not selfish even. I think begging or lending may be giving more suffering than kleptomania, dishonestly . Secondly when he faces the situation he gets confused, dull and irresolute rather becomes impatient and impetuous and take the wrong decision i.e. 
ESCAPE, attempts to - window, from
ESCAPE, attempts to - run away, to 

A window is an emergency exist, when he faces the danger of suffering he adopts it and many a times patient comes and say. I always avoid taking allopathic medicines, because they are dangerous, are poisons etc. But when the Bryonia stuck up his worries and hypochondriasis and fear of suffering,starving and poverty is are so great due to anticipation and clairvoyance would lead him to do something.


Anxiety, must do something, because they end in that impatient and impetuous can't take any right decision. Sense are dull and it always leads to take some un attains.

A patient consulted me for the problem of pain chest, which is generally aggravated at night. This has been going on for last 15days. But patient just took no medicine. But today the pain started in day time. I asked the patient why he does when patient is there. Doctor, I can't tell you the pain is so severe that I just can't make smallest of movement even taking breath is greatly painful than the pain is so overwhelming I just can't think any thing. It became impossible for me to think. fQj fnekx dke ugha djrk] ij dqN rks djuk gksrk gSA Then I take some painkillers or whatsoever comes before him. Actually doctor if I won't sleep at night how would I be able to work in the morning. And in the day this pain is not that much, I can work. Otherwise I avoid taking medicine. I can't sit at home it gives me more worries. If I would go out and would do something and can have some earning. During the pain I want perfect quiet even the movement caused by breath causes me suffering. I just close myself in the room and switch off the lights and just lie down. I want no one near me and I don't like to spoken to. I want perfect rest and I just do not like those persons who just do come to console me and to give various suggestions in the name of treatment. He started weeping and said, "Doctor now I can not work which is something which I am getting nervous. 

Rubrics :
1. DELUSIONS - injury - being injured; is
4. ANXIETY - do something; compelled to
5. DULLNESS - chill, during
7. WEEPING nervous all the day
8. anxiety causeless 
9. anxiety business about 
10. shrieking with pain
11. disturb averse to being
12. irritability chill during 
13. restlessness bed driving out of 
14. company aversion to 
15. rebel against poultice 
16. spoken being aversion to 
17. darkness lie down in darkness and not talk desire 
18. rest desires 

Impetuous - It is very much like impulsive, both are attention taken without prior premeditation. But impulse can be good as well at time the decision taken can be good but impetuous, a very sizably less meditation is given to take decision and the out come is always unfortunate. I think if put the condition of Bryonia patient behind that is anxiety's and fears which compel him to do something impetuously like stealing, dishonesty etc. and there is no remore at all. If spoken to about all this he becomes very irritable and averse to it, he wants to alone, because all the thing make him disturb and again upset mentally.

The person becomes very harsh and misbehavior with the family members.
Dirty -DIRTY - everything; dirting, he does not let the other family members take medicine let them keep suffer instead of spending money.
Let than keep a suffering from minor 

So this is a emotionless fellow.
He is dry as are the mucous membranes.
It always looks for benefit. Talks in the terms of business never giving warmth 







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