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A motorcycle mechanic of age 24years consulted me for the problem of pain in lumbar spine which was diagnosed as having some dudge in L3 and L4. He had severe pain in the back, any movement is extremely painful. Patient got confined to the bed. but somehow he has been attending his shop daily.


I asked him, "You are in such an agony of pain then why do you attend your business."


He replied, "Doctor, I don't do anything at the shop. I have one assistant out there I just keep on telling him to how to work. I can't let any of my customer go off. I am worried about the business, how to sustain without working. It is getting difficult gradually. I do get up at time, if pain is better I do my job. The business has one down drastically. I never had any problem earlier. I couldn't understand how this strange disease has come. I can't tell you anything about it. I just can't keep on lying on bed. 

I am very much worried about future if I get confined totally, who would work for me?
1. DELUSIONS - strange - land; as if in a strange
2. AILMENTS FROM - anxiety
3. AILMENTS FROM - anticipation
4. ANGER - contradiction; from
5. ANXIETY - business; about
6. FEAR - starving, of
7. QUIET; wants to be
8. DISTURBED, averse to being
9. TALKING - business, of
10. ANXIETY - health; about - own health; his


Mrs. P, age 22years, came for consultation to me in an emergency condition. Her platelet count was 14,000 (Normal - 1.5 lakhs - 2.5 lakhs). She was diagnosed as a case of Thrombocytopenia. Though she was taking treatment from various hospitals, her platelet count was not increasing. She was put under steroids after which she developed pain in legs and back, gastritis and swelling of the face. 

She told, "Since my marriage in Oct 2002, I have one or other tension." 

She elaborated, " At the time of the fixation of marriage it was decided that me and my husband will stay separately and no member of my husband's family will live with us. But after the marriage all my in laws started staying with us in the city. For all of them I have to do the household work which is very tiresome. Further they are not so civilized because they are from village background". 

"They don't know how to behave with me and also with the neighbors. If me and my husband are lying in the bed room, my brother-in-law without any hesitation would enter and lie down with us in the same bed". 

"All these things upset me. I don't like all this. I can not tell anybody about my problem as I have a fear in my heart lest it may take some unwanted turn. I cry helplessly, "whom I should tell"? 

"At the time of marriage it was decided we would stay separate but no body, in my in laws house pays heed to it." 

"All the members in my in-laws family loves me very much. I also want to work for them but my physical condition that is pains and weakness does not allow me to do so. I can not fulfill their expectations, which upsets me very much. That time, it comes to my mind, "why they have forgotten their promise they made at the time of marriage"? 

She further added, because of this extreme weakness and pain in legs and back she can not get up and do her domestic chores. She used to bleed heavily at the time of menses. But this time it became very difficult to control that even with the treatment. This dropped her Platelet count to as low as 14,000. Since then her problems are getting worse day by day.

She told, " I just want to be quiet.. I miss my family very much. I feel good if some body from my parental house comes but then I feel sad because how long they can stay with me? They have their own duties and other works, if I tell them my condition they will become upset which will again trouble me."

" I always want somebody with me, may it be my husband or somebody from my parental house. I want no body from my in-laws family, I just don't want to see them. During the sickness I get extremely irritable and impatient."

"Do any thing doctor to make me alright immediately so that I may start working. Do anything doctor, but I should be alright without any further delay. Make me that strong so that at least I should be able to do my household work. Later on I can continue taking medicine for the full cure.

All the time through out the case taking there were two things I observed which was very important:

1. She was talking in a very high speed and nodding her head very frequently
2. She was crying like a child.

1. REST - cannot rest when things are not in the proper place
2. TALKING - business, of
3. INDIFFERENCE, apathy - recovery, about his
4. WEEPING - child, like a
5. HELPLESSNESS; feeling of
7. CARRIED - desire to be carried - fast
8. HIDING - himself - fear, on account of
9. ANSWERING - hastily
10. AMBITION - money; to make
11. CONSCIENTIOUS about trifles
12. WASHING - desire to wash - cleanness; mania for
14. DESIRES - full of desires - more than she needs
15. FEAR - nose - cut off; of having the nose
17. HONOR - sense of honor; no
18. SPITTING - faces of people, in
20. MORAL FEELING; want of
21. MORAL FEELING; want of - criminal, without remorse; disposition to become a
22. IRRITABILITY - pain, during
23. DELUSIONS - friend - offended; has
25. FEAR - alone, of being - lest - he die
26. HYPOCHONDRIASIS - alone, when
27. ANXIETY - hypochondriacal
28. DELUSIONS - bed - drawn from under her - alighted on the floor; and she had
29. FEAR - poverty, of
30. FEAR - starving, of
26. COLLECTS many things


An old lady 68years of age, was operated for CA ovary 7-8months back. After few months the symptoms reappeared, i.e., low grade fever , loss of appetite and weight loss etc. She went to Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute, Delhi where she was operated earlier. The CT abdomen was done and found that the disease has spread to the peri hepatic and peri splenic areas. 

The doctors at the Institute then planned to give her chemotherapy as the condition of the lady was not that healthy to go for another surgery. She was advised to go for regular checkups before the chemotherapy. During the various checkups this lady became disappointed with the behaviour of the staffs and other doctors. They were very harsh. They were behaving with her as if she is a commodity and not a human being. She decided not to go for the chemotherapy and left the hospital.

Somebody told her son homoeopathy may help her mother in this situation. As soon as she came to know about this she got very happy. They called me at their house to see her. 

The lady started talking in a very soft smiling way, started the history from her childhood before partition. She had problem of asthma and regular gastric problems. She went on explaining details of every problem she had since her young days. 

I didn't notice any fright , terror or anxiety on her face during the conversation. 

Dr - "You know you have cancer and and it is spreading, how do you take it?"

Pt - "I know about my disease. At the same time I also know that if I get right medicine I will be all right. As my son told me about you, I have developed faith that you can make me all right. I do not want to go back to the hospital for chemotherapy. Those people are very harsh. I am an old lady. I cannot breath properly. I cannot walk and eat only selected food. I cannot cope with their way of dealing. I have fainted in this process of checkup every time I was taken to the hospital. When I hear the name of the hospital I start getting uncomfortable."

As soon as I told her that you will have not to go to the hospital now, she cheered up and started smiling. 

She said, "I can eat medicine for any length of time. But please give me such a medicine so that cancer should not increase. I want to stay at my home, my family members are very good to me. They are so nice to take care of me."

I asked her, "When you didn't want to go to the hospital, then why didn't you refuse?"

She answered, "I don't know what happens to me that time. I get confused. I just cannot tell anybody what I want to say. I say opposite of what I intend to tell them."


CARRIED - desire to be carried - caressed; and
DELUSIONS - sheep - driving
CHEERFUL - heat, during 
MIRTH - heat; during
HOPEFUL - alternating with - despair
HOPEFUL - alternating with - sadness
DELUSIONS - body - deformed, some part is
FEAR - suffering, of
FEAR - death, of
DELIRIUM - death, talks about
ANXIETY - cold - drinks amel.
ANXIETY followed by indifference 
CONFUSION of mind - chill, during
REFLECTING - inability to reflect







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