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A case of blindness

A child named master Siddharth at age of six month, felled down from the bed and received the injury over the head, consequently lost the eyesight totally. A day after the accident child had the convulsions which went off with the allopathic treatment but there was no change in the eyesight. When the child was brought to me the parents lost all the hpes of recovery as it was refused by the AIMS and the other doctors.

Case history to be explained:

Rubrics : 

  1. FRIGHTENED easily - wakens - terrified, knows no one, screams, clings to those near

  2. ANXIETY - strangers, in the presence of

  3. CLINGING - child - awakens terrified, knows no one, screams, clings to those near

  4. LIGHT - desire for

  5. FEAR - dark, of

A dose of Stram 3X was given.
After 80% of recovery the parents became a bit relaxed they stopped the treatment at this juncture the process of the elimination was still going on i.e., recurrent skin infection and high grade fever. They thought that perhaps there is no relation between the main sickness and the recurrent skin infections and fever. Despite explanation, they did some external application and for fever they gave crocin keeping their own convenience in consideration.

After some time the child started having the convulsions at least 9-12 times a day. Every time the child has the attack of convulsions it was followed by extreme prostration, there remains no energy in the child, he throws himself on the bed and goes into very deep sleep. He cannot open his eyes. He does not want to be disturbed. If he does not get the sleep he becomes very irritable and never leaves her mother for a second even.

Rubrics used:
2. CLINGING - child - grasps the nurse when carried
3. UNCONSCIOUSNESS - eyes - cannot open
4. DISTURBED, averse to being

A dose of Gelsemium 3X was given.
He became very obstinate rude and very irritable always demanding this and that. He is so irritable and angry he strikes his mother and sister. His demands are very unusual like taking all the boxes of kitchen, mobile phone or something which cannot be given. Then he throws the things away. If not given he keeps on crying and weeping. He wants that his demands should be fulfilled immediately. Shows no interest in eating. Day by day the condition of the patient started deteriorating and the number of fits are on the increase. The squint in the left eye started increasing.

Rubrics used:
2. QUIETED, cannot be - carried; only by being
3. CARRIED - desire to be carried - fast
4. THROWING things around

A dose of Arsenic album was given.







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