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Bell by Doctor


Like previous issue of Aconite, Belladonna also had a bad reputation of short acting remedy and its use has been limited to some acute diseases. But on the contrary it has done miraculous cure when used logically in chronic cases also. Late Dr. M.L. Sehgal developed this drug to the most extremes of its possibilities, understanding and elaborating its rubrics in different dimensions and then practically experimenting it on thousands of cases in different clinics. Confirmed and reconfirmed in his practice and then devoted it to the profession. 

Already a lot has been written in literature by Dr. M L Sehgal, especially the pattern that 40% of the patients in anybody's clinic need this drug. It is not just a hearsay, but an out come of the extensive clinical trial and tested all over the world. Those who are not fully acquainted with this method feel that it is not true. But we have been using it successfully to the relief of innumerable patients suffering from both acute and chronic illness. It is also very useful in emergencies.

Let us discuss some acute cases:

Early in my practice when I started doing this method, a gentleman came to me with the complaint of a number of large warts on the face. He told me, "I have taken a lot of homoeopathic medicines already. One of my friend told me that you cured him very shortly. That's why I came to you. If you can make me all right in a day or two only then you give me medicine because I can't take medicine for a long period. As it was a case of warts I felt little scared to prescribe on this method because of my early prejudice. I explained him that, "your problem would go only with Homoeopathy, so give me appropriate time." 

I asked him, "How long would you wait?"

He answered, "I would like to be alright in your clinic right now."

Rubrics taken:
3. CARRIED - desire to be carried - fast

I gave a dose of Belladonna 30 and called him after three days. I couldn't believe my eyes, because all the warts had fallen off and the face is totally clear. I was surprised not even a single scar mark was left.

Let us discuss another case.

A small boy of two years was brought to me having very high fever of 1060F. His parents told me that he was admitted in the hospital for last two days. The temperature temporarily comes down and then again shoots up. 

He was on his mother's arm. As soon as she sat on the stool, the boy leaned forward and lifted my pen. His mother took away the pen from him and kept it on my table. He started weeping. After few seconds he again took the paperweight from the table. Her mother took away the paperweight forcibly from him and kept it on the table again. He started weeping again. Then he insisted to go out of the clinic with his father. His father told no. This again made him cry.

I took the following Rubrics:

1. TOUCHING everything; impelled to
2. WEEPING - refused, when anything
4. OBSTINATE, headstrong 

A dose of Belladona 30 brought down the fever in few minutes and the started playing on his own without being obstinate to carry out his wish.

Another case

A young man in his early twenties consulted me for the problem of depression. He said, "I have deep sadness, excessive gas formation, psoriasis and asthma, but at the moment the problem of depression is most troubling me. The problem of sadness started 4-5years back, when I was preparing for the competitive examinations." During that time this young man used to isolate himself and keep on studying continuously. Of late, he started thinking of coming suicide. When he used to study his mind get occupied with suicidal ideas. He is afraid lest it may happen. It becomes uncontrollable. "I try to divert my mind but I can't. I fear death. All these things aggravate when I am alone. To avoid the same I have to keep somebody with me to get assurance. I was very much depressed because of not getting through examination and not settling in life.

Rubrics taken:
1. AILMENTS FROM - mental exertion
2. BROODING - disappointment, over
3. FEAR - complaints, of imaginary
4. SUICIDAL disposition - walking in open air, while 

Mrs. S brought to me for her problem of paralysis, which started after a fall in the bathroom. After the fall patient was unable to get up, but her conscious was maintained. Her husband asked her, "should he bring some doctor, she denied but she asked him to take her to the hospital where she would be examined thoroughly." So she was taken to the nearby hospital where every investigation was done. She was found to have cerebral infarction, otherwise all the other investigations were normal. All her limbs and muscles of epiglottis are paralyzed, because of the same the process of deglutition is not possible. Consequently she is unable to eat the food. She has been fitted with an Kyle's tube in the food pipe and is been given the food through it. But now its three months time. There is no improvement in her paralytic condition. So somebody referred her to me for treatment. 
Rubrics take:
1. OBJECTIVE, reasonable
2. LIGHT - desire for
4. CARRIED - desire to be carried - fast 

After taking a dose of Belladonna very next day there came a sensation of movement in the epiglottis. She went to the doctor and told everything to doctor and he removed her tube immediately.

Mr. R, age 40, suffering from depression for the last 25years consulted me. He showed me number of tablets he has been taking for his problem. Patient complained of having heaviness in the head, sleeplessness with aversion towards. He gets tired very easily. Day by day becoming unable to perform his duties. He told me that I have been taking this large amount of medicines for so many years continuously with no effect. I never feel good. I have no enthusiasm. After taking these medicines I have developed even impotency. I want to stop the medicines. I have no energy at all. After a little exertion I get tired mentally and physically as well. My BP remains high. All these conditions are affecting my business. I always keep on thinking, sitting aside. Nobody is helping me out from my family and my in-laws family as well. I am very much upset about the behaviour of everybody around me. I have started even consuming alcohol. 


At the end of the case taking when I asked him how did he planned to come to me. Then he showed me a reference letter from my friend who referred him to me. When I saw the date, it was referred a year back. I asked him why did not he came to me earlier and how he planned to come to me today. He told me, "I was just passing by your area. A thought suddenly came to my mind that a doctor referred me to you, so I thought of coming to you. Please doctor, make me free from these allopathic medicines. It is very long time now that I had been taking these medicines."

Mr. A. Kumar, consulted me for the problem of sleeplessness. Patient complained that I could not sleep nicely at night since a long time. I have the problem of sugar (showing me a report, which states fasting sugar 169 and PP sugar 232) despite taking the medicines. There are burning pains of the soles and the lower legs. Profession wise patient is a shopkeeper and keep on sitting for the whole day. patient complained that I have taken so much of medicines but my sugar is not coming down and problem of pain si persisting. I cannot take medicines, at least there must be some difference since I am spending money. For me it is very difficult to take medicines. At least I must get some sleep.
Rubrics taken:
1. QUIET; wants to be - repose and tranquillity; desires
2. REST - desire for
3. LIGHT - desire for
4. TALKING - business, of
5. OBJECTIVE, reasonable

After taking Belladonna 30 one dose, patient got very good sleep and after a month sugar level came down. Energy level increased and started exercise etc. Nevertheless allopathic medicines continued but doses were reduced.

A young lady of 22, working as a MR, consulted me for the problem of thyroid. She has been taking one elproxin daily, despite that she has number of problems like pain in legs, she gets exhausted very easily, has to sit many a times while she is on the round. Patient kept laughing while talking to me. She asked me, "Is this problem curable? I want to give up elproxin forever." TSH was 6.2 with taking one elproxin daily. She gets out of breath and gets exhausted very easily.
1. Rubrics taken:
REST - desire for
2. LAUGHING - speaking, when
3. QUIET; wants to be - repose and tranquillity; desires
4. KILL; desire to

Mrs. M, age 43years has the problem of persistent bleeding PV for three months. She had problem of depression and gastric ulcers for the last 10years for which she had been taking allopathic treatment. The bleeding, despite taking treatment, did not stop and consequently causing great weakness. She tried so many medicines but without relief. She cannot sleep because of her mental anxieties and worries. One very peculiar thing with her is, she does not eat chapaties for last so many years and she cannot look at the food. The husband and other family members forced her to take the food but she reacts very sharply. She had very severe pain abdomen ever since the bleeding started. Patient cried and told me, "I am in great trouble. The sufferings and the problems are so much so that it is unbearable." She had chill with pains. Now the doctor told her to go for surgery which she is avoiding. It is like adding more burden to her.
Rubrics taken:
1. ANGUISH - weeping, with
2. RAGE, fury - medicine, from forcible administration of
3. LIGHT - desire for

After a dose of Belladonna 3X the bleeding stopped immediately. Her mental condition also started improving day by day and followed by regular menstruation. The condition of gastric ulcers also started improving. She had vomiting of blood twice, in between which she used to have quite often before taking this medicine.

Two gentlemen who are brothers came to me for similar problem i.e., there are very big eruptions on the neck and in the scalp. It appears like a growth. It is very shabby to look at. Both of the brothers had grown up the hairs unusually long and have the collars of the shirts up. I asked him why they did so. 
They told me, "It looks very bad. Actually he just covered the eruptions with collars and with hair. I feel ashamed if anybody ask me about his problem. Somebody sent me to you. Please make it all right as soon as possible. Both the brothers have exactly the same problem started at the same time, tried same doctors and have exactly the same reaction. Both of them were given Belladonna. 
Rubrics taken:
1. HIDING - things
3. LIGHT - desire for
4. CARRIED - desire to be carried - fast

Case  I
Belladonna is such a person who readily believe others as we saw in the above mentioned case. How easily he got convinced and got ready for treatment.(credulous) He is such a person who doesn't know much of the tricks. (Na´ve) Actually when this person comes in contact with others the above mentioned qualities makes him to get under the control of others, which ameliorates the condition. (MAGNETIZED - amel. & MESMERIZED; being) and it is also his own feeling that if other patients having much bigger diseases can be all right why can't I. But it is his nature that he cannot continue with the things if it is going to take longer period, because to obey all the restrictions of treatment is not possible for him. so he wants that things should be done as soon as possible even before the possibilities as we saw in a patient. He wanted to get rid of his warts at my clinic itself in a moment. (CARRIED - desire to be carried - fast) 

Case II
In this case some other characteristics of Belladonna patient are getting very prominent. Many a times such things are overlooked by the physician. As stated by the great master Dr. M.L. Sehgal that when a patient comes into our clinic he expresses himself in one or the other way. if we take hold of the information expressed by the small child. We can set some example cures. I would not had been able to get the mental symptomes, if I inquire the patient. Must see how unusual it is for such a small child in such a high fever of 1060F. But it is the expression of nature.
Actually why this patient touches everything lying nearby. It is the playfulness and desire to play behind the above mentioned direction which compels him to touch everything. Secondly it may be a desire to know what it is? One may easily be mistaken by seeing the reaction of the patient, if he is refused to do such things he cries, which may be thought otherwise a normal reaction but it is not, because such a small child in such a high fever cannot do this type of reaction. Instead he shows obstinacy to do it. (WEEPING - refused, when anything & OBSTINATE, headstrong - children) 

Case III
Belladonna is a kind of person who takes the things very lightly and wants to have the life-style which is not burdensome. Secondly to bear the pains and suffering is not possible for him. He starts weeping when he has suffering at mental and physical level to stand is not possible. Because repulsive. (ANGUISH - weeping, with) does not accept these things when forcibly given to him however good for hm may be this lady doesn't want to eat chapaties, but react it very sharply.
(RAGE, fury - medicine, from forcible administration of)
actually anything which is burdensome or does given him pleasure, hardly matter it is good or bad. He accepts lighter things, atmosphere etc.

case IV 
Now let's takes some chronic cases. It is equally effective in chronic and most difficult complicated cases. Actually the people have created a picture in their mind that Belladonna is a short acting and it is useless in the deep seated pathology. But it is not true to see its effectiveness in chronic cases. Lets discuss a few cases.

Belladonna are very enthusiastic in beginning. When the undertake the things the energies get exhausted after a least labour. Then they must want to stop the activity they are doing and want peace all around. Very often patient gives us this expression that they have to discontinue these work to recover the energy. (QUIET; wants to be - repose and tranquillity; desires)

They actually do not want a long resting period. They recoup as early as they depleted which can be done even while sitting, by taking some drink or even having a chat with someone. So it could be anything which would serve their purpose. (REST - desire for)

Case V
In this patient the main point of his frustration is why doesn't he get relief when spending money. He wants the reciprocation in turns of money he has been spending must get relief. Otherwise no reason to continue the treatment.
1. LIGHT - desire for
2. TALKING - business, of
3. OBJECTIVE, reasonable 

To continue he wants reason, that is his philosophy. Belladonna is a person who undertakes things but to continue it is problem that too when no benefit is there. So, it becomes a burden which is intolerable for the Belladonna patient.
But it doesn't mean that Belladonna is always like this. He can continue to take medicines even for considerable lack of time if it is explainable to his reasons. He feels like that if he wold not take medicines how he will fight back because to exist he has to do so. (OBJECTIVE, reasonable & DELUSIONS - war, being at)

Case VI
Its an other side of Belladonna. A person who is so non-serious who takes the things very lightly and is never affected so deeply that he may think of committing suicide. He has a desire to live the life the way he wants. He want to enjoy it but the other side of the coin is exactly opposite. In the above case the gentleman took up the challenge of settling the life and put himself into the business very seriously. So much so he isolated himself from the rest of the world and kept on studying and studying. (AILMENTS FROM - mental exertion & EARNESTNESS)

But when he could not get through to achieve the target he got affected very deeply. He just kept on thinking over his failure and got disappointed. It is very much unlike the most popularly known Belladonna i.e., frivolous, non-serious, light desire. In this case there is stuck up at one point. (BROODING - disappointment, over ) The disappointment affected him so deeply he could not come out of it rather started thinking of finishing himself. The person who is never affected so deeply and has desire to live can think of suicide because of the pains (SUICIDAL disposition) Such type of thoughts do come to his mind whenever he is alone to check himself lest he would not do so, he has kept a person with him who keeps the eye on what kind of activities he is doing. It is very close to the rubric FEAR - self-control, of losing, but no Belladonna is there. In fact the person think of committing suicide when there was no restriction i.e., nobody to ask hm what he is doing. The purpose of keeping that man with him was only to create restrictions so the appropriate rubric is SUICIDAL disposition - walking in open air, while. After a dose of Belladonna patient had fever which went of on its own and the problem of psoriasis erupted which was suppressed earlier. After that the patient is just free from such type of thoughts and get a tremendous generalized amelioration. 

Case VII
After coming to this method of prescribing I got the confidence to prescribe Belladonna in chronic cases but not to the level that problem of thyroid can be cured. this young lady suffering from the problem of thyroid wanted to get rid of his medicine and malady. She came to me for this purpose but had not had the confidence that it could be cured. During the whole discussion she kept on laughing and talking me that I want to be free from taking treatment because daily she has to take the medicine which is a burden for her. These three points were most stressed:
1. LAUGHING - speaking, when
2. KILL; desire to
3. LIGHT - desire for

So, I prescribed her a dose of Belladonna, which settled the whole case in one year time. The characteristic laugh of Belladonna is, it is a very non-serious laugh which is an attempt to something as explained by Dr. M.L. Sehgal or it may be just a jesting. Its meither derogatory nor serious. It is a weapon of Belladonna to lighten the atmosphere and to hide things and at many times Belladonna hide the weeping by a daughter. In laughter it expresses his naiveness and frivolity, as well.

On seeing these two brother with long hair, which is looking a bit unusual, I asked the patients why have you such a hair style. Actually when I was talking to these persons they appeared to be very gentlemen, this type of hair style was unbecoming. Then he told me it is just to hide the such problem they are having, because otherwise it is quite visible and everybody asks about it, which gives a low feeling i.e., INDIGNATION & HIDING - things. Hiding things is the thinking of Belladonna as explained by Dr. M.L. Sehgal. It is the theme around which the whole story of Belladonna revolves.

Dr. Sehgal always warned us that we have not to prejudice in the drug pictures. What I mean to say is hiding is not always present in the patients. On the contrary we may find patient in the other state i.e., NAKED, wants to be, that too in delirious state. A patient of Paralysis came to me. After taking the full case I asked him to show his arms by just removing the shirt but steadily this patient just removed all the clothes and got naked to show me all the lady parts. So we have to take the state of mind whatever his present, persisting and pre-dominating in a given case. This paralytic case get alright with one dose of Belladonna.

Case IX
In this case at the end of the history patient showing his frivolousness about himself because he came into my clinic very casually i.e., just he was passing by and thought of taking the medicine. Because the treatment he had been taking is getting burdensome. 
1. LIGHT - desire for
3. REST - desire for

He wants a break in his treatment that he has been taking.
So, there are number of states to which Belladonna can be selected. Only a few of them has been explained number of other remarkable cures with Belladonna has been done which are difficult to mention here because Belladonna is the well proved medicine. It has got a fast symptomatology. Its not possible to touch every aspect of the drug. Knowingly a substantial portion of this drug is left from which I apologies.







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