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A very commonly used remedy for cough and cold especially when it is after exposure to dry cold winds. A popular belief even by the masters that its state exist only for a short while, after that it is supposed to be useless to prescribe it in chronic cases. But exploring this drug in Dr. M. L. Sehgal's way it turn out to be an interesting study and very helpful for treating chronic cases as well. 

Let us bring out its full potential by understanding the state of mind of Aconite. Popularly called EKO-NIGHT means (one Night), let us come out of this prejudice. If one is able to simulate the state of mind it hardly matters whether the problem is acute or chronic. I used it in many chronic cases like psoriasis, cancer, arthritis, hypertension, etc.

I have a patient having the problem of recurrent hydrothorax. Despite all the conservative treatments, she used to have fluid collection in lungs every April. Three consecutive Aprils she had the same problem. She was given allopathic treatment and aspiration was done. The patient's X-ray report and other pathological reports become normal after the course of antibiotics but the condition remains same. She stays in great agony, very anguish, restless and anxious. There was hardly any appetite. She used to have pains in chest continuously. 

She told me, "I don't want to see the road which leads to the hospital, because the the hospital staff are very ruthless. They don't have a heart. They treat the patients like animals. I do not want to go there. I am very much scared of the treatment I had for three years. I take all the precautions. I don't eat anything, which can cause me any trouble. 

As the April approaches a scare in my heart starts looming around as I always have the problem in April. I scare that lest the hydrothorax recur. I am very anxious when the pain starts in the chest. I just do not want anybody around me. You give me such a remedy so that I should be alright before this April. I have great anxiety. I cannot sit because of anxiety. I just do not like any noise or even any visitor . 

I always keep on planning, if in any case it happens 'What to do?' 

Many times it happens with me, whatever I think, happens in reality, especially something bad about my health will surely happen. I take lot of care to keep myself fit but my health doesn't improve. I become sad. I am giving you all the information in the minutest detail so that you may be able to help me out. 

I never want to go to the hospital, but when the problem occurs I get confused, doesn't know what to do? And What to tell? The severity of the pain is so much it makes me mad. 

Patient was bed ridden, unable to move. Little movement causes the patient out of breath and tired. She was unable to do any household work. General health condition of the patient was in a very bad shape.

History given by the patient is quite lengthy and exhaustive. Patient was explaining the things to the minutest detail. It is the feel of the patient that she was treated in an inhuman way at the hospital though it may not be the case. The procedure of aspiring fluid from the lungs time and again was giving her a lot of suffering, which she was not in position to bear. Already she was having so much of pains. It seemed to her as if the hospital staff are adding fuel to the fire. On the contrary her need is a very gentle and warm touch.

CARRIED - desire to be carried - caressed; and 

It is not merely the services, which she needs, but it should be gentle, patting, affectionate and loving. Not only that, but FAST as well. Just because of this reason she opted Homoeopathic treatment this time. She is fed up from others and from the repeated torture she had been given in the name of treatment. She doesn't like the way or road, which leads to that hospital. She doesn't visit even the nearby areas of the hospital.

FEAR - suffering, of 

I asked her, "Why you want to get alright so soon." She told me, "The thought process and the feeling that it has been happening every year and it can happen again gives me a lot of anxiety.

AILMENTS FROM - anticipation

She starts visualizing her future because of the above stated qualities. This makes her anxious and restless. That's why she is so CAUTIOUS. She doesn't take many food items, because they may aggravate her sufferings. During the pain in the chest she is in a great anguish. She just closes the door, doesn't want to see anybody.

COMPANY - aversion to - sight of people; avoids the

Because the people whomsoever comes starts giving consolation which aggravate her condition.

Aconite patient gets suffering from the slightest of trouble, which causes extreme anxiety, anguish and fear. Aconite himself is a very weak and cowardice person. The most scaring thing for her is DEATH. During this episode of pain she feels as if one is dying and the ultimate moment is very near. This causes delirious state because of which she talks of death and presumes that the moment of death is unavoidable and she predicts even date and time of death.

ANXIETY - driving from place to place
DEATH - agony before death
DEATH - dying, sensation as if
DEATH - presentiment of 

Patient becomes very impatient during the pain. 

She is very cautious and takes lot of care to improve her health 

During the trouble, the patient gets confused and chaotic. The fear and anxiety are so much so that they take away the composure, patient himself doesn't know what she or he is doing. Always very impatient and impetuous. Does opposite what he wants and says opposite what he think. And later on she realizes that she said wrong, her internal intentions were not so.

Patient keeps on giving information in detail, because her purpose is to get a solution and assurance. This is something which Aconite patient seeks. It ameliorates the anxiety and fear of the patient and ultimately he goes into the state of indifference.

LIGHT - desire for
ANXIETY - cold - drinks amel.
ANXIETY - followed by - indifference

The assurances given by the physician acts as cold drink and then the patient gets into another state and has the 'DELUSIONS - sheep - driving'.

This rubric is very important to understand the full picture of Aconite. Patient comes between the two stages of anxiety and indifference. Here the patient approaches the doctor in a state of anxiety, if he gets a positive assurance and a touch of caressing it works as a cold drink which ameliorate all the anxieties and the patient gets an impression that his disease is like a 'sheep' means "nothing serious".

Sheep - A meek unimaginative and easily lead animal
Driving - Forcing along, riding, pushing briskly sends always with force, tending towards a point.

Inference - The person feels that the job in hand is like a sheep, which can easily be taken care of.

One of my distant relative has the problem of asthma, pain in chest, Hypertension, etc. He was taking allopathic treatment. But he keeps me aware of his every problem. Another problem he had was panic attack. If some where stuck in traffic jam he would think on about his various problems repeatedly. He would think if anything happened to me now, what would happen? He gets panicky and leave the car and rush to the hospital. Even if he gets slight pain in chest for fraction of second he would panic. He would explain me everything on telephone, how the traffic got jammed and he had felt pain in chest and he ran into the hospital.

I asked him, " I am not giving you any treatment. I cannot do any help to you when you panic in traffic jams. Then why do you explain all these things to me? Many times if he had just the feeling of pain for a fraction of second he makes it a big story, go for ECG and other examination and checks his BP repeatedly. At the end of the day he narrates the whole story to me. I could'nt say him anything. 

One day I told him, "Please don't disturb me for no reason when I have nothing to do with your problem. I would listen to you only if you take treatment from me."
He told me, "actually I wanted to take the Homoeopathic treatment only. But things occurs so suddenly that I want immediate solution that's why I go to hospital. I keep you telling everything so that you also should be informed in case of any emergency. Now I would take only Homoeopathic treatment."

I explained him that, "emergency can also be tackled with homoeopathic medicines."

He got very happy and said, "I would take this medicine only. Actually the way you give me assurance make me calm. I feel that nothing is the matter with me after talking to you. I become certain that you will cure me. But when the attack recurs I get panic and becomes hopeless."

The most significant point in this case is 'Why this person used to ring me up every time when he gets attack, even when I was not his attending physician. This was something unusual. I picked up this point and asked him, "after all what he wants from me?" 

"The assurance he gets from me helps him a lot, gives him courage to swim through the problem. In fact he gets magnatised by my assurance which ameliorates his suffering."

LIGHT - desire for
Magnetised, amel

Communicative - his whole motto was just to talk to me about his sickness

To go into the minutest detail was EXPANSIVE.

When he communicates and gets assurance from me he becomes hopeful but the sudden fear that something would happen again shtters the patient and he becomes sad and dejected. 
MIND - HOPEFUL - alternating with - sadness
HOPEFUL - alternating with - despair

Aconite patients stays in deep anxious state because of the panic but when thay get assurance from the physician that the problem can be handled easily they become indifferent.

This is ANXIETY - followed by - indifference.

A young boy of 17years was taking treatment for the problem of Alopecia. Day by day the hair fall is increasing. He tried various treatments but without any marked result. He left all the treatments for quite sometime. He came to me on the advice of his father. He continued treatment for 3-4months, but there was no satisfactory result. One day he told me that he is very much discouraged and didn't want to continue treatment but his father sent him forcibly to me.

He told me, "I don't feel good. Everybody joke with me wherever I go. My relatives and friends pass sarcastic comments. They say why don't you take treatment from somewhere else, because homoeopathy is not going to make any difference. It would work when all your hair would go off. It is upsetting me. I really feel ashamed , what answer should I give them? They start pointing out my weakness. Actually when they start giving me sarcastic comments I get confused. I can't answer them and forget what should I say. Then a number of ideas come to my minds that I would do this and that so as to get the desired result. Further, I can't leave you doctor, it is only you who gave me some assurance that I would be alright, otherwise none else. I am convinced by the kind of labour you are doing for me, I am baffled why there is no progress. I am sure I would be alright one day. I can't listen even a single word against you. But doctor to continue the treatment there must be some change otherwise these people would compel me to leave your treatment. When I come to you I feel that this problem is not so serious and will be cured soon. But people at home discourage me.

Rubric & case analysis:

I analyzed the whole case, the basic feel of the patient is that he should have some improvement, which is not there. Because of this he listen to sarcastic comments from the relative and friends. To face his relatives and friends is not easy. He is unable to answer them back. In other words, he just listen to the remarks from outside but unable to reply them as he is not having any improvement.

REFLECTING - inability to reflect 

As they start telling me Ganja (baldy) etc. I feel ashamed very much. They just expose me before every body.
SENSITIVE - light, to

Joke to can't take (JESTING - aversion to)

Sensitive to all those remarks and reflecting inability to give him feeling of INDIGNATION 

Otherwise he is very funny. Whenever he gets chance he also passes sarcastic comments to make others realize his capability. 

He has such a strong belief in his doctor that he doesn't bother about his health status. He just forget whether there is any improvement or not. He continue taking his treatment. He is convinced with the doctor's performance and efforts. He would not listen even anything dishonor his doctor. (AUDACITY, PERSEVERANCE )

In fact the assurance given by the doctor, mesmerize him so much so that he becomes ignorant and forgets his anxiety. (ANXIETY - followed by - indifference)

If the Indifference State is very long, he is least bothered about his health. He just continues with the doctor. He has the feeling that his doctor is competent enough to make him alright. (DELUSIONS - sheep - driving, SOMNAMBULISM ) 

But when he comes into his conscious state then he realizes that his health is in bad shape. (RAGE, fury - alternating with - consciousness; return of , SADNESS - health, about the, DISCOURAGED)

Because of the enthusiasm he continues taking treatment for long time but he needs some light to make him persevere the treatment.

LIGHT - desire for; 

Finally he feels that the light he gets from the doctor is not sufficient to pull on in an adverse condition where in he has to face his friend's and relatives who are against taking the present treatment. He tells, please do something quick so that there is some visual change or else I will stop taking treatment from you soon.
LIGHT - desire for, CARRIED - desire to be carried - fast, DEATH - presentiment of.

How do he relates death here? Death means any condition or experience thought of as like dying or being dead, to the extreme.

Here the patient feels that the process of tretament is going to end now as there is no desired progress and he may not be able to face his friend's and relatives further.

If the scenario get bit stronger it come.( DELIRIUM - death, talks about)

I prescribed him a dose of Aconite 30. Immediately after taking medicine patient got relief. Just in 10days time the hair falling stopped completely and then the new hairs started growing. 
From this instant it is very clear that the potential of this so called short acting drug can shine brightly if we logically use it on the basis of STATE OF MIND.







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