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Allium Cepa


FEAR - pain - of the pain - distracted from pain; that she will become

FEAR - pain - of the pain - unbearable; that the pain will become

Distracted : to draw (the mind, attention, etc.) away in another direction; divert 

to draw in conflicting directions; create conflict or confusion in 

to drive insane; craze 

From : Starting from, beginning with out of, 
- Derived 

Pain : a sensation of hurting, or strong discomfort, in some part of the body, caused by an injury, disease, or functional disorder, and transmitted through the nervous system 

great care or effort !to take pains with one's work" 

an annoyance

D/D- Suffering :- To experience pain, harm, loss, a penalty.

To bear up under endure;

To allow, permit, tolerate, evil, injured etc.

It is neither Cautious nor carefull: 

Because the onset of the problem is so abrupt. It doesn't gIve him any time to think over & the mind stops working all of a sudden. He remains indifferent (General) before onset of the problem. But afterwards become extremely sleepy & Dull.

Mrs Suprinder Kaur 38 years had very sever pain in the right leg. It is so fast runs up & down along the leg, difficult to explain & very intense as if some body is in hurry. Extreme anguish. It has been the same . she had pain in lower abdomen since 1 year & pain knee since a long time. wh 

A case of arthritis came hardly age 40 year acidity . she 

A lady of 25 years had sever acute pain in lower abd. She was taken to the Hospital was done. It was diagonosed as a case of tubo - ovarium macs. Now this happen quite often . it is indescrible . so severe I just get out of myself. The pain is so severe I just can't even think of think. Many a times I do take medicine. Just at the thought of , Because the pain I use to have is so . so it make me irrit & I just forget everything what to do . who is who. 

Sensitive to pain 
Recognise , doesn't his relative

Commer - All.c. & Op 

1. Absent minded 
2. A/F disappointment 
3. A/F - Mortification 
4. Anger 
5. Anxiety 
6. Concentration Difficult
7. Confusion of mind 
8. Despair 
9. Discontented 
10. Fear 
11. Foolish behavior 
12. Indifferent apathy 
13. Insanity
14. Recognize , doesn't his relative 
15. Restlessness
16. Sadness 
17. Sense dull 
18. Torpor

Allium Sativa

1. Fear medicine taking too much of medicine 
2. FEAR - medicine - unable to bear any kind of; of being
3. Fear being pursued 
4. Escape attempts to (sensitive)
5. Sadness alone when
6. Fear alone 
7. Anxiety 
8. Morbid 
9. Despair recovery of

1. Absentminded
2. A/F- disappear 
3. A/F- mortification 
4. Anger 
5. Confusion 
6. Foolish behaviour
7. Indifferent to loved one 
8. Insecurity 
9. Re
10. Misanthropy
11. Torpor







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